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Naruto gay story am date female that wants reading

In the Naruto series, one of the things many Blackmail femdom stories often wondered was whether Sasuke was gay. And it runs deeper than shipping or fan fiction because the story featured him rebuffing a lot of women, especially as he got older.

Naruto Gay Story

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It was the hottest day in Konoha history. The sun was merciless against Kiba's pale skin.

The air itself was warmer than his own lungs, even here in the shade of Tit abuse stories dense Konoha forest. A droplet of sweat dripped down to Kiba's chin, ran down his neck and to his exposed, slightly burnt chest. Akamaru lay asleep in his arms, unable to handle the heat in consciousness.

But all was not lost. Kiba smiled a huge, gigantic smile whenever he thought about it. There was a small creek who's water came from underground, it was always cool, and always perfectly pure. No one knew about it but Dragon story breeding cheats. His body ached in anticipation, and he swore aloud.

Waves of heat were rising off Kiba's body. A sparkle appeared in the distance. If he hadn't known better, he would have mistaken it for a mirage or a heat induced hallucination. But then the twinkling evened out to the sound of slowly rushing water, Kiba could barely contain himself. He couldn't contain himself, his legs didn't seem to want to listen, even in the painful heat he started running, feeling more and more sweat gather in the small of his back and soak his waistband. Pants and all Kiba felt the heavenly current push him. His legs gave out a moment and he was pushed under the water.

His mind clouded momentarily, but not long enough to let him drown. He poked his head out of the water and moaned as loud as his heat strained lungs would Pasiphae and the bull story. Steam was escaping off the surface of the water, but underneath it was cool and and fresh.

His pants were getting heavy and his legs were too weak to move them, he forced his tired arms to pick him up, out of the creek. Akamaru Naruto gay story half in the water, half not, clinging to the shore with one side of his body and Giantess butt stories aimlessly against the current with the other. He seemed Wife sharing true stories more alive, but still completely incapacitated.

Kiba wrinkled his nose at the thought of Cuckold cum stories a in a few hours. Maybe he'd be able to hide it with his chakura. So buck naked, Kiba submerged himself once more.

The world seemed to become at peace with itself, though the he had to keep dunking himself to keep his head cool. Birds sung, the water trickled, and the American dad sex stories slipped behind a tree, lowering the temperature a few degrees. He laid his head down on the shore next to Akamaru, who had fallen asleep, and closed his eyes.

Narutoxsasuke stories

He dreamt he was Whiteshadows nasty stories a hot spring, steam lifting off the water like smoke. Someone rubbed against him. Tiredly he lifted up his head. It was Hinata.

He was completely naked. His face grew hot and he looked foreword, keeping his eyes off the girl he loved like a sister. But Shoe salesman stories grabbed his cheek and pulled him to face her, so he was looking at her face. She leant in closer, mesmerized, Kiba tried to pull back but couldn't.

She placed her lips on his was started to kiss him. Hotwife stag stories opened his mouth in shock and she started to perform some erotic kiss, doing some amazing things with her tongue. His crotch betrayed him. Naruto gay story hand started to travel expertly, but gently across his chest, stopping on his abdomen where it started to draw little circles in his skin. He shivered, but he felt like he was a vegetable in a very sexy stew.

Then the hand traveled downward, gripped his hard-on firmly and started to professionally jerking him off. He started to pum- Akamaru growled loudly, barking at something downstream, his hair standing on end like there was a predator near. Kiba jerked awake like a Ninja should, at the ready. Then Kiba realized it was just a dream, his own hand was wrapped around himself and he'd been jerking in his sleep. Slightly unnerved from having half-sex with Hinata, he turned and stared downstream to where Akamaru was Black impregnated wife stories. It was Naruto, equally nude, asleep against the shore about three dozen feet away.

Kiba wondered whether or not to go see him. The blonde rolled over in his sleep, sunk a little deeper- too deep. He choked and sputtered and woke up drowning.

Laughing, Kiba let the current help him downstream. Naruto jerked his head to face Kiba, surprise evident, but it quickly turned to a smile and he walked against the stream to meet him.

Akamaru, who never really liked Naruto, barked but otherwise Cowtaur tf story silent on the hot shore. Naruto smiled at the pup. Kiba felt his shoulders were starting to burn, he bent his knees alittle lower but kept his face above water.

Without even noticing, he drunk in Naruto's well built, well colored body, stopping at the blonde's crotch. Naruto was sporting a boner to match Kiba's. Naruto only just noticed this, the blonde blushed and tried to cover himself. It was only now that Kiba realize he too had a boner. This seemed to elate Naruto Beastiality impregnation stories he uncovered himself. Kiba didn't feel too embarrassed, two manly guys, sitting about.

Nothing to be ashamed of.

Akamaru laid on the shore next to Kiba's head and took a nap. Naruto yawned, then Kiba yawned.

They started talking. But of course, they were both horny teenagers, and it wasn't long before they started a discussion about breasts.

I saw them once on a mission. Naruto looked mildly surprised. Kiba nodded, his dream coming Thevalkyrie com new stories to mind and his boner twitching once. Kiba coughed. Naruto smiled. But then again, I suppose not all boys have one track Wedgie stories true. The little dog made a canine whine much like a purr and rolled onto his belly, tongue out. Sakura of course. Naruto looked at Kiba like he had two he.

Kiba raised an eyebrow at the quizzical look. I gave up on Sakura ages ago, Im gay. Kiba was silent for a moment. Then let out a wild laugh. The thought was just too ridiculous.