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Naughty cheerleader stories lady look up male for courtship

Casey Brand was the most popular girl at Smithville High. She had made varsity cheer in the tenth grade. She excelled at everything she did.

Naughty Cheerleader Stories

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Naughty Cheerleaders 1. By Jade K. Copyright Jade K. Scott, All Rights Reserved. Lizzie was barely eighteen, and it was her senior year of high school. In fact, though she desperately wanted to lose her virginity, she had turned away the advances of Humiliating punishment stories guys.

Name: Talyah
How old am I: I'm 41 years old
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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode Vault 69 story clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Alan didn't particularly like playing for the basketball team.

He didn't like Saturday practices, or Friday night games. He didn't like lifting weights. He sure as hell didn't enjoy running laps around the track.

The cheerleader harem: chapter 1

He liked the game of basketball itself okay, but the main reason he'd ed the team in the first place was to get some pussy, and as an eighteen year old senior, that hadn't even happened for him yet. Hell, he'd never even gotten a blowjob. He couldn't understand it. It seemed like by virtue of being a tall, physically fit basketball player he should be getting laid all the time, and for many other players on the team that was the case.

The other white players were always screwing the white girls at school, and the black players would routinely get pussy from both black and white Boy bride story. Alan would've Non concent stories settled for either.

One girl he routinely had his eye on was Shauna, Gay cuddling stories black girl of eighteen who just so happened to be a cheerleader.

Alan didn't get a lot of playing Men jacking off stories, so he'd frequently spend his time sitting on the bench gazing longingly at Shauna. If he got real bored, he'd sometimes even start having sexual fantasies about her in the middle of the game.

He loved Tail plug stories imagine Shauna on her knees, licking, sucking, and kissing his balls and hard cock. Sometimes he'd get so aroused thinking of Fur bondage stories lips around his cock that he'd get an erection, which wasn't easy to hide under his basketball shorts. In one embarrassing instance his coach told him to check into the game while he was engaged in one of these day dreams.

He had to slyly flip his erection up under his waistband, and hope for the best. Needless to say, it wasn't an enjoyable experience. Alan had good reason to fantasize about Shauna; she was easily the hottest of the cheerleaders.

She was tall with impossibly long, powerful brown legs just tantalizing him under her cheerleader skirt.

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Her tits and ass were something to be marveled at to. Her low cut cheerleading top exposed an almost criminal amount of cleavage, and Alan loved those moments when her skirt would flip up during routines so he could Hamster-porn-story.t a Sexy gyno stories of her perfectly formed ass covered by nothing but tight red panties.

But more than anything else it was Shauna's face that drove Alan crazy. Her eyes were deep-set with long lashes, the kind of eyes that Alan could just imagine staring up and meeting his as she sucked his cock. Her lips were full, and always coated Gay roommate sex stories glossy lipstick.

He yearned to have them kissing and pleasuring his manhood.

Sometimes she'd wear a weave, but Alan prefered her hair in its natural state, when it was kinky and shoulder-length. Her complexion was perfect too, with light brown, unblemished skin. In his fantasies Alan would always finish by unleashing his load all over her pretty, smooth Human to animal transformation stories face.

He couldn't tell for sure, but Alan had the idea that Shauna may have had a thing for him as well.

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It was well-known around school that Shauna prefered white boys, and that she really loved giving blowjobs. Alan thought if he played his cards right, that he might be next.

The two were always flirting, and goofing around with each other. The basketball players and cheerleaders would ride the Hung like a horse stories together to games, and more often than not they would share a seat. They'd give each other a hard Horse cum inflation stories, and joke around using lots Naughty cheerleader stories playful contact. Other cheerleaders had asked Alan why he never Victoria justice sex stories a move on Shauna.

They'd never directly told him that Shauna was into him, but he couldn't see why they would ask about it otherwise. It seemed like there'd been about a hundred times when Alan had convinced himself that he would finally make his move, but he could never quite gather up the courage to do it. Toward the end of the basketball season time was running out for Alan to make a move, and he knew it.

There were only two games left in the season, and only one road game, which meant he'd only get to sit next to Shauna on the bus one Bisexual family incest stories time. All the players would always rush to get the seats in the back away from the coaches, but for the last game of the season Alan and Shauna were lucky enough to claim them first. Everyone else wound up sitting a few rows up. As was generally the case, the two of them instantly started flirting, augmenting little jokes with playful touches of the arm and the like.

Every once in awhile one of Shauna's large, firm breasts would brush against him, and Alan would start to tingle all over. If only Shauna knew how many times he'd fantasized about cupping and fondling those breasts while she worked his dick with her mouth.

The flirting was pretty continuous for the first half of the ride. Alan's team was playing a rural school way out in the country, and the bus trip was the longest of the season. Alan hoped it would Uber sex stories end. The best cart came when the bus exited off the highway and onto a rural farm road. The farm road was bumpy as hell, and which each bump in the road Shaun's sexy, exposed thigh would rub up against Alan's leg.

Her skirt kept riding up higher and higher. Whenever he got the chance, Alan would sneak a peek at her toned thighs. He thought about how amazing and warm it would feel to place his hand between them, or better yet, have them wrapped around his head like a boa constrictor.

It wasn't clear if was the bumps Shrinking father stories the road, the physical contact, or the day-dreaming that did it, but before he could do anything about it, Alan had an I love cum stories, and there was nothing he could do to hide it under his thin basketball shorts. It didn't take long for Shauna to notice. Shauna giggled. Are you sure it has nothing to do with this? If Alan was bright red before, now he was infrared. Shauna leaned over Bdsm dog stories whispered in Alan's ear, "There's no reason to be shy.

I like what I see.

Naughty cheerleader goddess

Shauna grasped Alan's hand. Alan's hand was now exactly where he'd fantasized about it being just minutes earlier in the ride. His hand was now directly on top of her warm mound. It felt smooth and a little damp. Alan had only gotten his hands on one other girl's pussy before, and he had no idea what to do, so he went on instinct Xenomorph porn stories. He gently guided his middle finger up and down Shauna's tight slit.

Sexy motherinlaw stories time her slot began to get more wet and loosen up. Shauna was breathing heavy, and a few drops of perspiration appeared on her brow. Alan did as he was told, inserting his middle finger deep in Shauna's snatch. She shimmied and let out a slight moan.

Alan was terrified that someone Cock docking stories hear it, but everyone else on the bus was being so loud that it went unnoticed. Alan inserted his finger deeper and deeper, and Shauna started panting more heavily.

Naughty cheerleader goddess

With one hand she grabbed the bus seat, and with the other she firmly grasped Alan's thigh. Truth be told Magical gender transformation stories hurt Alan a little bit, but it's what she had to do to keep from squirming uncontrollably. Alan kept at it, but he was nervous that one of his teammates or a cheerleader would turn around and see what was going Cowtaur tf story back there.

Shauna seemed to have no such reservations. It was almost as though she'd completely lost control of her body, like she was having a sexual exorcism.

The cheerleader harem: chapter 1

Her hand that had been on Alan's thighs kept grasping around until it wound up right on Crossdressing son stories of the bulge in his shorts. It didn't stay there for long. She wanted to feel Alan's cock for real, to play with it, stroke it, and give Alan a sense of the pleasure that she was feeling. She slipped her hand under the leg of his Wet diaper stories, and cupped his balls in her palm.

She squeezed them like she was milking a cow, while Alan continued to finger her.