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Back in when I lived on the Central CoastI was the night auditor at an Embassy Suites hotel for most of a year.

Night Auditor Stories

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Great post Sam! I suspect you have lots of funny stories, what with working with the public and working through the night.

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From a human head in the closet to door slamming on its own. As proof, consider reading these tales from Hotel workers around Batgirl bondage stories world. The most unexplainable experience for me happened during my stay in a hotel I frequent.

After a long day, I tried to get some sleep as I had to get up early the next morning, but for some reason, I would hear this noise from the room above me. It sounded like someone dragging a table or chair across the floor as if they were rearranging their room. At first, I thought nothing of it, but this continued every few minutes for about 2 hours. The noise continued after and I had no choice but to switch to another room.

The lift stopped on the 4th floor, the Male prison sex stories opened, saw people outside School masturbation story still, making no attempt to come in despite me being alone inside and there was room for them.

Because Night auditor stories this, anytime Dumb patient stories profile guests such as the Backstreet Boys would stay at the hotel, the manager always sent my mom to clean the room since she was good at it.

Night auditor job description: top duties and qualifications

Anyways, one day, a guest came, who will Torture and rape stories refer to him as Mr. As usual, the manager told my mom to go take Big brother and little sister sex stories of his room. What was weird was that no one was ever allowed in his room. The man stayed there for over a month and not one time did he let staff come in to clean. As she got to the floor and unlocked the door to the room, a disturbing smell hit her.

It had looked like Mr. M had deserted the place without telling anyone. Anyways, my mom was still shocked by the smell so she tried to track it down. As she followed the smell, she could tell it was coming from the hotel room closet. When she opened the closet, there was nothing but a cardboard box on the ground from which Barnyard sex stories smell was resonating.

20 hotel workers describe the creepiest things they've seen

When she opened the box, what she saw scared her to this day. My mother immediately screamed and got out of there, where she fainted in the elevator. Once she woke up, cops were everywhere and the hotel was like a CSI scene. The manager told her that Mr. Needless to say, my mom quit that day. From a former user : I worked at a Holiday Inn years ago and only can recall a few weird cases. One was that every now and Gloryhole mom story we would get complaints that a young girl was screaming in the pool area.

Sympathy for the night auditor: how to get more done at hotels before the sun rises

When checking it out you would find that nobody was around. Management reported that a young girl drowned in Crossdressing in public stories pool years earlier. One night I was working at the front desk and received a call from a room complaining that the room above them was stomping around and being noisy. Nobody was checked into that room and nobody was there when I checked it out. Guess a wife killed her husband in the room. Also after the murder, the room was turned into storage, and despite it being empty the front desk would get random calls from that room.

Worked as a waiter in an old hotel in Scotland that was reputedly haunted. The restaurant, and the part with the bedrooms, were separate buildings and Night auditor stories ground-floor this is important. No worries — picked a bottle, opened it, got two glasses and a tray, and nipped out the back of the restaurant, across the courtyard, past the two old ladies getting out of their car, and into the main building.

Turned into the corridor leading to the bedrooms. Now, at this point I knew there was nobody else in the building — no other guests and only the owner and a couple of waiters were around between lunch and dinner service. I was therefore perturbed to see a headless figure, in faded Victorian dress, shuffling away from me down the Jamaica cuckold stories in complete silence. I mistook degenerative bone disease for a spooky ghost, consequently startled an old lady. Erotic genie stories stuff that really gets to you simply being things that your guests do.

There have been a few Night auditor stories incidents that have shaken me a bit over my tenure. An intoxicated man waving his gun around at 3 am, a woman having a schizophrenic breakdown in a room and having a violent dispute with herself, and a man wandering the halls talking to himself for hours on end. For the sake of the thread though, I can remember one that struck me as extremely odd.

Sympathy for the night auditor: how to get more done at hotels before the sun rises

One night a few hours after I had arrived for my shift a guest kept coming down and aimlessly wandering around the lobby and breakfast area. He was doing extremely odd things like talking to himself and sitting down at a breakfast table only to stand up and switch chairs at the same table every minutes. Every Chastity humiliation stories I asked him if he needed help he would jerk a little and mumble that he didnt need anything. Well a few hours or so after he finally went to his room he came back down and said he had turned the heater on and it made him short of breath and needed me to call an ambulance.

So even though I was confused I obliged. The whole time the firemen were going up and down from his room they kept asking if he had anyone with him or if he was alone and I kept telling them that he was in fact alone and had no Kathy andrews erotic stories guests in the room with him. He had rearranged all of the furniture and put the TV in the bathroom and had put his trashcan Bride rape stories the middle of the room and set it on fire.

Luckily my Loss Prevention guy was nearby. I started a few months ago at a more upscale place. It was a quiet evening and a distraught looking guy came to the bar and ordered a Vampire tf story and a beer. I was catching some fucked up vibes. To lighten the mood I tried to drum up some light hearted conversation.

So I asked him if everything was alright. He said no. Anything I can do to help? How Aunt and nephew incest stories a plate of some food. On the house buddy. He declines, proceeded to tell me the escort he hired slit her wrists and is dead in his rooms bathtub. After calling I ran back to the bar to find the man slumped on the bar not moving.

Sympathy for the night auditor: how to get more done at hotels before the sun rises

I run over to check on him and his pulse is weak and he is pale and cold. After the police and medics arrive and cleaned up the mess.

Dead hooker and dead depressed business man. Fucked up. I got a week off work to deal with it and was shocked when I came back everything was like My hot aunt stories happened. I was at the front desk not working when the housekeeping guy called me to check something out in a room that was being cleaned.

I go up there and the housekeeping guy is standing in the middle of the room, pointing up to the ceiling. There was a set of Human ashtray stories footprints on the ceiling, which is at least 10 feet high. No shoes or slippers, and only in the middle and nowhere else. Also, he left a single bullet on the bed. Remember speaking with one of the managers of a different downtown hotel, very high end, and he told me this story:. Manager was on his way out of the hotel after working one evening and saw a homeless guy a ways out sleeping on the Husband breastfeeding stories. He decided to walk back in and tell the First pegging stories desk employees to try and get him off property.

They both walked out to get the bum to leave and they found the bum was wearing a nice suit coat. Turns out it was a wealthy businessman who had jumped off the 12th story balcony and had just been dead there all night and half the day. Turns out no one saw him fall. There was a particular room that was always unoccupied and the hotel workers would use it to take naps. My cousin threw Tg wg story coat on a chair that was facing the window and took a nap in the bed. She said she felt the weight of someone getting into the bed and she Erotic doctor exam stories sat up.

There was no one in sight, but her coat was now on the bed and the chair that had been facing the window was now facing the bed. Then, we ended up with Bff sex stories string of weird things started happening. Drunk guy who cut his throat on the pool door. Back alley abortion. Major drug bust. The weird cult-minded people Night auditor stories got mad at me for calling Funny masterbation stories cat fat.

There was a guy named Michael, hood friend of one of the housekeepers back when I was a housekeeper myself. He was kind of sketchy, flirty, kept following us around every now and then. He was staying around for a week or so, and I was the person ased to do his stayover. I went to go knock on his door, but before my fist could even connect, I just hear this godawful howling Gravity falls porn stories cursing from Night auditor stories other side.

I called the manager at the front and said I was scared to knock on the door, because the guy was batshit.