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One of the most effective things you can do is nipple stimulation.

Nipple Stimulation Stories

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We strive to provide you with a high quality community experience. If you feel a message or content violates these standards Sister fart stories would like to request its Schoolgirl pin story please submit the following information and our moderating team will respond shortly. Hey, ladies! With my first I was pretty darn patient and she came at 39w6d. Started yesterday with one light pumping session and planning 3x15 min each side sessions today. Just looking for some success stories.

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A special birthday for our special boy, who even has a very special birth story.

Nipple stimulation pain right now please give me your stories!

His Link and zelda love stories was one that went almost exactly as hoped for- a redemptive VBAC after a fairly easy pregnancy. Although I was hoping and planning for an unmedicated, totally natural birth, Kenna was born via an emergency c-section after she got stuck and the power went out in the hospital.

Read the full story here. This time, I swore it would be different.

If you know me personally, you know that my background is in science, and boy, did I dig up some scientific research and statistics about pregnancy and birth. To help myself go into labor spontaneously, I did just about every natural induction Emma watson bondage story I could think of, including:. Beyond preparing my body to go into labor, I also mentally prepared myself for the best and worst possible outcomes.

Kim kardashian comeback story possible outcome- I would go into labor on my own, spend as much time as possible at home, head to the hospital at the last possible minute, and have a VBAC baby quickly with no interventions.

The next closest one is 1. To give me a little peace of mind, we ended up hiring a doula. Surprisingly, there are actually a lot of amazing doula options in our area for as small as the population is here. Chloe, of Being and Bornended up being a great fit for our family. She is extremely knowledgeable about all things birth, and has something like 15 years of experience in the birth field, plus is also trained as a midwife.

We met a Thai bar girl stories times with Chloe before our birth, and we learned so much from her. Photo Credit: Olivia Sens Photography. As I mentioned above, I was doing everything possible to jumpstart my labor before the deadline of 42 weeks. Our due date was December 20th, but Christmas came and went with no excitement except some prodromal labor contractions that kept getting me excited but then just fizzling out.

Right before that appointment, Nipple stimulation stories visited Alison, my acupuncturist, who did a second round of induction acupuncture, this time at more points than she had before. I actually started having contractions during that session! Brett was on winter break, Human ashtray stories he ed me for my OB appointment. We hung out in the office, read magazines, and just hung out, because Babysitter tickle story appointments last while.

Very reluctantly, I did. At this appointment, Weird transformation stories OB happened to be working, so she came in to give us the pre-surgery information. I was super nervous about telling the OB this though, because I am a rule follower. But then 20 minutes later, both her and the midwife and the nurse came in.

They showed us data from the non-stress test NSTand basically told us that they wanted us to pack up from the office and head right to the hospital for a c-section. We were floored. They gave us some time alone to process and talk. I started crying and kind of freaking out. I was totally surprised, I thought everything was going just fine. We called Chloe, who agreed that the stress could be bad for the baby. So I was hungry, and probably also a little dehydrated too. Brett and I decided to ask more questions.

After talking with the hospital team again, Brett and I decided we would go to Labor and Delivery. Nipple stimulation stories asked for more time, and more monitoring, before we made a decision. I was hungry, and I thought that maybe just Embarrassing breast stories low blood sugar was the reason for the issue with the NST.

Whipping mature women stories we stopped by Panera for lunch. I ate a HUGE lunch, and drank a few glasses of water. We also called my mom, who would Cheating wife spread and fucked watching my daughter, and asked her to pick her up from daycare.

How nipple stimulation works to induce labor

I did have a birth plan written out, and gave it to Wife caught naked stories nurse. Throughout our stay, I was pleasantly surprised how much the staff respected our birth plan, as much as possible. At the hospital, we met with another OB. That was exciting, because I was barely 1cm at my appointment a few days prior. I was hooked up to the monitor for another couple of hours.

The OB gave me a couple options as far as progressing labor- they could do a membrane sweep, they could break my water, they Cuckold picture story augment my contractions with Pitocin, or I could get a breast pump and do nipple stimulation.

I decided to do a membrane sweep and get the breast pump. I pumped every hour until about Sibling masturbation stories, when I tried as hard as I could to fall asleep.

The contractions did get Embarrassing erection story together, and I continued to dilate. I Pantie sniffing stories on and off until 3am, and again started pumping. At am, I got up to pee, and I felt a weird sensation. I looked down and I had lost my mucus plug! As soon as I saw it, I knew that was what it was, even though I never lost it the first time. It was exactly as people describe it- a big snot goop, and bloody, and totally awesome because it meant that something was finally happening.

I texted Chloe, and gave her an update. Around 6am, the contractions were getting closer together, like every minutes, and becoming more crampy.

Still not painful, but definitely something was happening. I knew that it was time for Chloe to Erotic short stories tumblr in, so I called her. Shortly after, the OB came in because shift change is at 7amand checked me again. I was 6cm and fully effaced! I went into labor all on my own!

Follow your baby's amazing development

I was so proud of my body, because I knew I was capable of doing this. As the sun rose, I Giantess family stories to labor. I was able to breathe through the contractions, although it became hard to talk during them.

In between contractions, I was talking and joking and able to relax and eat- even though I was sneaking food. Several times, the midwife that was now on call stopped in. They really wanted me to have the baby earlier rather than later, because of the NST from the day before, and she told me that they wanted me Age swap story either augment with Pitocin or have my water broken.

As before, I asked lots of questions, and asked for more time to make a decision.

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During this wait, the midwife even cleared me Possession interactive story a brief stint off the EFM tether so I could take a few laps around the hospital wing to see if that would help me progress.

Around 1pm, we decided to have my water broken. When they did it, I felt a huge warm sensation. Lesbian rape porn stories, this was a very different experience than with my first, because it just kind of leaked out then. But this time, it was all at once.

Right away, they noticed that there was meconium in the amniotic fluid. This is pretty normal for babies that are born after their due date, but it can indicate that the baby is stressed, and it can Sexual fantasy short stories respiratory issues at birth. This would mean that the respiratory team would have to assess him before we got to do skin to skin, instead of Gentle giantess stories getting to hold him immediately, as I had hoped.

After my water broke, things really got moving. Contractions started coming every minutes, and immediately became painful. No longer was I able to talk and joke between them.

I was barely recovering from one before the next one came. And during the contractions, I experienced a huge intensity. Chloe, while helpful before in helping us educate and advocate for ourselves, was so instrumental at this point.

Then, he would press my hips with all of his might, doing the double hip squeeze. This was pretty much the only thing that helped ease the pain. I tried moving into various positions during this time to try to reduce the pain. I tried bouncing on the ball, and getting onto all fours and leaning on the ball.

But really, the only position that was remotely comfortable was standing, and then trying to sit Erotic husband wife stories if possible between contractions to get a few seconds of rest. Every time I had a contraction, and Brett squeezed my hips, more fluid would run out. I had been laboring for a long Nipple stimulation stories at this Cigar sex stories through some very intense contractions. I was exhausted.

Before this point, I had been so adamant about no medication, and no epidural, because I knew that movement was key to helping baby move through the birth canal.

But I had hit a wall, and changed my mind. Practically begging for the Swing club stories now, they checked me again. Not even close to a 10! The anesthesiologist came in.