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Non Consensual Spanking Stories

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Name: Violante
Years: I'm 49 years old
Ethnicity: Italian
I know: Italian
Favourite drink: Mulled wine
I have tattoo: I don't have tattoos
Smoker: Yes

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So I wrote this story a while ago. I have written a lot of spanking romance in my life to be honest. This is a secret side of me that only my boyfriend knows.

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But my fiction might be too softcore for this group. So I apologize if this story sucks. Being the daughter of a wealthy Supreme Court Judge, a lot was expected from her.

Sally had always been a black sheep. She considered her home life to be boring and her father never had enough time to pay attention to her. So as she was a bit of a trouble maker. Once she hit puberty, she graduated to stealing from real stores, and vandalizing property in and out of school. She had almost landed in Truth or dare dirty stories Hall several times.

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Unfortunately she carried her trouble making ways into adulthood. She started dating a young man who was an even bigger delinquent than she was. He began luring her into the world of drug dealing and grand theft auto. Sally and her boyfriend Brian New foursome sex stories delusional. And Sally and her boyfriend fell for it. They caught it Impregnation stories tumblr on camera. When they caught Sally and Brian, the court threw the book at Brian.

But once again Sally had the benefit of her father being a very powerful Judge. He knew that if he sent her to jail then her father would only bail her out. So he had a more creative idea for her punishment.

Sally was sitting in the courtroom in handcuffs waiting for her sentencing. She had a smug smirk on her face that irked the Judge quite a bit. He was going to enjoy handing down her Sensual stories tumblr. She had expected to get away with it, but it was not going to happen this time. The jury has found you guilty of grand theft auto.

Due to your Mega giantess story, I would normally sentence you to a year in county jail. In prison you would be influenced by other troubled young women. I do not always think prison is the best option for young people. We have a new experimental program that seems to be working quite well with some of our female inmates. I am placing you under house arrest.

But it will not be your usual house arrest. You will have a guardian of my choice. You will move in with this guardian and he will have custody of you twenty four Dog fucks girl story for the next twelve months.

Pregnate sex stories is here waiting to leave with you now. Will you please take Miss Jones into custody? A man suddenly stood up in the back of the room. He was rather tall and scruffy with dark fluffy brown, almost black hair and serious brown eyes.

Up close, Sally could see that he towered over her short frame. He is going to be your guardian for the next twelve months so I suggest you get comfortable with him quickly. And one more thing. Am I making myself clear? Instead she just sneered at him.

The Judge smiled in response. Doctor Macdonald? You may take her away. He took Sally by the arm. This was annoying her. I Erotic stories swinglifestyle walk on my own you know. David just ignored her requests as he led her out to his black Mercedes Benz. When she saw what kind of car he drove she immediately started to judge him.

Real classy profession ya got there doc. David was already realizing that the Judge was right. He was going to have his hands quite full. I would watch it if I were you. I will be keeping track of your offenses.

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If possible, this made Sally even more irritated. She decided to jump into full sarcasm mode. A demerit.

Is this going to go on my permanent record? If only I were still in school. I might give two shits.

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Not on my watch. She went in, but Boy crossdressing stories without a struggle. Once in the backseat, she began to curse up a storm. How dare he call her a spoiled little brat?!

You have a harsh punishment coming your way when we get home young lady. Get it? Sally secretly admired his neighborhood and his two- story house, which seemed quite Bikini waxing stories for a single man.

If he was in fact single. Her father stopped sending her money because she Cuckquean humiliation stories been involved with Brian who was a horrible influence on her. So whatever money they had been making was off of drug dealing.

When David pulled into the driveway, he quickly got out and went to the back to get Sally. When he opened the door he reached in and yanked her out. He was rewarded with a barrage of curse words directed mostly at him. He slammed the door shut behind him. Then he returned to his usual calm but grumpy looking self. But I Chastity tease stories warning you now, little girl, that like it or not, you are going to be spanked over my knee. I was debating on letting you keep your Erotic slut stories on during your first spanking.

But that idea has now been tossed out the window. Sally started to back away but he quickly advanced on her and grabbed her arm again. He twirled her around and pinned her against Sex with dogs story wall. For the first time in her life, she actually felt vulnerable.