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Nude Cousin Stories

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Rich sent this story about skinny dipping with a muddy twist: I grew up on a farm. There was either a large creek or a small river—however you want to describe it—that ran along one boundary.

Name: Cristabel
My age: 53
Ethnic: Czech
My gender: Lady
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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback Cl casual encounter stories issues you experience or suggest improvements. Aunt Helen told me my cousins were down by the river, "swimming," she said. Somehow, I doubted that, and when I found them my suspicions were confirmed. I followed the windy, half-mile trail through the woods from the Tousled's brick rambler to the swimming hole, a short, narrow strip of sandy beach that intruded upon an otherwise steep, tree-lined bank.

But before I reached the brackish green water, I turned onto a Nude cousin stories discernible path that led to a tiny clearing in a slight depression not more than ten feet from the river bank. Last summer, my cousins and I had used machetes to hack out that clearing, and we had spent Pet play erotic stories better part Nude cousin stories two weeks in July there, sucking and fucking and getting high, when we weren't skinny dipping in the river.

Tammy and Tommy Tousled, age 19, were identical twins. They had just graduated from a small rural high school and, to all outward appearances, they were the All-American teens, all 5' 10" of their blonde-haired, blue-eyed, creamy-skinned selves. During Wedgie stories fake senior year, Tommy had captained the wrestling team to a district title while Tammy had led the girls' basketball squad to its first winning season in years. They also had been honor roll students and members of student council, Embarrassing boob stories all their teachers — and parents, too - thought they were so innocent that butter wouldn't melt in their mouths.

But I, their year-old cousin from the "big city," knew better. I saw them just before I reached the end of the path, and what a sight it was! Their svelte bodies were stretched out, naked, on a frayed, green and yellow picnic blanket that just about Diaper regression story the little clearing.

Tommy lay on his back with his head between Tammy's legs, and he was fucking her blonde-fringed pussy with his tongue. Tammy, her hair tied up in pigtails, straddled him on knees Making love stories romantic night elbows.

The hard nipples on her perky breasts gently grazed his abdomen as she sucked on her brother's stiff pecker like it was a Blow Pop. They were so caught up in their incestuous 69 that they didn't hear me approach, so I decided to enjoy the show before I ed the action.

As quietly as I could, I dropped my shorts and pulled out my own sizable penis. Up and down, up and down, in time with Tammy's bobbing head, I stroked it until it was every bit as long and hard as the one in her mouth. It was a hot, humid July day, but the air in the glen felt cool and refreshing as it tickled my sweaty balls. As I breathed in the sweet fragrance of honeysuckle mingled with the river's dank odor, I listened to the sound of birds chirping and water rippling gently against the large rock just off shore.

Tommy stopped tongue-fucking his sister and began to lick her bottom from cunt to ass. He nuzzled her anus with his nose, no doubt getting a full whiff of its intoxicating scent, before slipping in his middle finger up to the Furry diaper stories knuckle. She bucked when it first probed her Forced corset stories hole, but then she relaxed and allowed it to gain entry. In return, she reached under his ass, spread his cheeks, and poked her middle finger up his butt.

Nude bath with my hot cousin sister

The two hot teens moved rhythmically as if they were a well-oiled, finely tuned machine. Dressing room sex story Tommy's head licked up, Tammy's head bobbed down, her pigtails slapping her rosy cheeks. When his tongue slid down to tickle her clit, her tongue slid up to lap at his glans.

As I watched them work up and down, up and down, I was reminded of the workings of a Texas oil derrick as it slowly but methodically brings up the crude in the heat of the noonday sun.

It wasn't long before my naked cousins brought in a gusher. I thrilled to see Tommy's cum spill out from between his sister's hot sucking lips while Tammy's pussy juices sprayed all over his thin Cancun sex stories, nose and chin. The lewd spectacle of my naked cousins passionately slurping each other to orgasm was too electrifying for me to watch passively any longer. Very quietly, and without missing a stroke, I knelt in front of Tammy, who was still drooling over the cock in her mouth, and blasted her with several ropes of hot, thick spunk.

The first one glanced off her forehead and landed in her hair. The second one hit Giantess scat stories squarely in the right eyelid, while the third one went mostly up her nose. She had her brother's cum bubbling out of her mouth and my cum streaked through her hair and running down her face. Her spastic reaction caused her to plant her bottom on Tommy's face so that his tongue was trapped in her cunt and his nose in her Jessica alba sex story, and I could hear him gasping for breath.

I was laughing too hysterically at their predicament to be able to answer straight away. When I finally stopped, all I could manage was, "Surprise, surprise! She slapped me hard.

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By this time, she had removed her naked butt from her brother's face and soon I was eye to eye with my male cousin as well. What a wondrous sight we must make, I thought, as I knelt there, my shorts down around my ankles and my naked cousins sprawled lewdly before me. As sperm dribbled from my half-hard cock and from Tommy's, more of our jism dribbled from Tammy's face onto Sex arcade stories creamy-white boobs.

Tammy's anger at being jizzed in the face subsided considerably when I Ugly girl stories a long, fat t from my pocket and lit it.

I had turned them on to the joys of smoking dope the summer, and the shit I could score in the city was far better than anything they could obtain locally. By the time we finished the t we were giggling uncontrollably.

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Marijuana is a turn-on in more ways than one, and it certainly was making me horny, especially after watching my naked cousins in action. Apparently, it was having the same effect on Tammy, too, as I could see her eyeing my burgeoning stiffy with a wide-eyed look of unadulterated desire.

Soon we were sitting side Breast expansion x male reader side, stroking each other's thighs and kissing passionately. When I worked my hand through her blonde pubic hair to frig her damp pussy, she wrapped her hand around my prick and stroked it slowly.

The next thing I knew I was sprawled naked on top of her with my pecker plowing the moist furrow of her young cunt. She caressed my buttocks as we humped, just like Wild family sex stories had so many times last summer. When she pulled them apart and squeezed them, I felt the slightest breath of a warm breeze wafting across my puckered anus.

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Then she rimmed my asshole with her finger, something she hadn't done before, until it was relaxed enough to accept one knuckle. She wiggled it around for a bit and then pulled it out, wet it with her saliva, and reinserted it, this time up to the second knuckle, twisting and probing until my bottom tingled. Oh, how naughty it felt, Grandpa taboo stories have my anus diddled by her frisky finger while my cock banged her willing pussy!

And that's when Tammy paid me back for shooting that load of cum on her face without permission. Or rather, I should say, she and her brother, for no sooner had she withdrawn her finger from my butt the second time than Tommy replaced it with his stiff prick. At first, I didn't know what was happening. But Forced shemale sex stories I felt his powerful thighs pressed up hard against the back of Nude cousin stories and his strong hands clenched tightly on my hips.

Oh, my god, I thought, I'm being raped! I tried with all my might to extract myself from between Tammy's thighs, but she had already pinioned me with her muscular legs so that I couldn't escape. Tommy's cock felt enormous. I'd had Slime girl x male reader in my ass before, and I rather liked the feeling, but this was awful.

As his cock pressed Kari byron sex stories against my virgin sphincter, it felt as if I were being split in two. Then he jammed it into me with the might of a championship wrestler and my insides seemed to melt into jelly as they burned with an unquenchable fire.

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His rude thrusting drove me deeper into Tammy, and as he did she thrust herself up to meet my cock with Soiled panties story abandon. In no time we were a trio of sweating, grunting teenagers, thrashing about on an old, worn, cum-stained picnic blanket in the woods down by the river. And in the middle of this hot mess was me, getting the first sandwich fuck of my life.

My naked cousins were fucking me hard, her from the bottom and him from the top. Tommy's cock pounded my virgin asshole every bit as hard as my cock pounded his sister's cunt. But the warmth of her pussy wrapped around my pecker was no match for the god-awful fire raging inside my rectum. And then, just when I thought I could stand it no more, that horrible, painful sensation in my tortured ass turned, slowly Hedonism sex story inexorably, into an indescribable kind of pleasure.

Before long, I found myself thrusting back against his long, fat, slippery cock in an effort to get even more of it inside me. By the time we were done, I couldn't tell which Fertile valley sex story thrilled me more, fucking her or being fucked by him.

Eventually, the double pleasure became too much for me to take and I came, squealing like a stuck pig. Tammy soon followed, her high-pitched yelps of pleasure ringing in my ears. Tommy came shortly thereafter, grunting and swearing, and as he pulled out of me I could feel his cum, wet and sticky, dribbling out of my asshole onto Nude cousin stories balls. We washed off in the river.

While my naked cousins laughed hysterically at my predicament, I spread apart my butt cheeks so that the cool water could put out the fire in my rectum. I was amazed at how good it hurt, and I knew that, from now on, I would never pass up an opportunity to get a hard cock up my ass.

It looks to me like the surprise is on you. Your asshole kept winking at me every time you screwed my sister, and it just turned me on so much I had to do something. When I told Tammy about it, she agreed Femdom ponyboy stories help me. I hope you're not Nude cousin stories. Soon it was time to head back to their house to get some of Aunt Helen's superb country cooking. As we rounded up Dad and son fuck mom story clothes, I wondered what other surprises my naked cousins had in store for me this summer.

Identical twins, he has breasts in wrestling team and she had a penis on the girls basket ball team fun equipment for the team to play with in the showers.

Mmmmm identical I think not. Burgeoning stiffy?

Cousin comes to visit us

Unadulterated desire? Puckered anus? Sandwich fuck? My, my, aren't you stretching it a bit? Good stuff.