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Nursing Home Visits by Jack onekackw gmail. That is not really that old these days. I had believed that retirement was at least another 10 to 12 years away and had not Persian kitty stories considered what I would do after there was no work left to do.

Nursing Home Sex Story

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Working in a nursing home sometimes can be very depressing. Most of Giantess scat stories residents have long term illnesses and are either bed ridden or are confined to wheel chairs. There are many different kinds of people that work at a nursing home. There are nurses, doctors, aides, dietary aides, maintenance people, and recreation coordinators.

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Posted Sat 9th of March Report. Nursing home adventures Hustler erotic stories I was young I had always wanted to be a Nurse, being a strong 18 year old male without formal schooling it was always going to be a battle, I had been turned down by all hospitals offering student programs but was told if I had a few years in aged care it would look Suck my pussy story on my next application, so I went to a few different nursing homes looking for a job.

When I had finished I pulled out and left the room.

The rest of the shift was uneventful. They both thanked me for a wonderful time, and I returned to my job. I then feared that this was the end of my job, but I was wrong he explained to me that if I continue to care for the residents like I Dominatrix wife story been doing that he would make sure that I could train to be a sponsored nurse for his facility, but once a month he would have to test my nursing care ability at his home, I immediately agreed.

The clients apologised for what happened and stated they would understand if I left but Old joes sex stories would love me to stay and that there was no film taken it was just a ploy for them to play. I have now been a nurse in aged care for 15 years Mr and Mrs Smith have both left me as did 2 of the other men, and now my nursing care is assessed by the boss, his brother and on a different night his recently married son, I have never spent more than one shift without my cock in a pussy or a cock in my arse, I have found that no matter what the age the sex is Cum in pants story.

Nursing home stories

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