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He could see she was breathing heavily.

Octopus Sex Stories

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Name: Roxie
My age: 34
What is my ethnicity: Malaysian
Iris tone: Dark brown
What is the color of my hair: Golden
I know: French

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Introduction: On the last day of her business trip to Thailand, Molly decides to take the rest of the day off, and enjoy what the town has to offer. As the midnight approaches, a glimpse of a flashing - a blue octopus - brings back Pantie sniffing stories memories from the past.

What is The Blue Octopus?

What sort of people gave it such name? And lastly - is it really the place she's heard so much about, or perhaps, a completely unrelated one?

I was on a business trip to Thailand, due Men jacking off stories a request of meeting face-to-face from one of our company's potential clients. I work for a company in the U. After much laborious talks the deal was ed, which meant my job there was done, and I could head home.

I had sex with an octopus

However, instead of Dd/lg stories the next flight out, I opted for Adult nursing relationship stories one leaving early next morning, so I could take the rest of the day I had left and enjoy the city and what it had to offer, something I didn't have much chance to do during the couple of days that I've spent here.

I took a barefoot stroll along the sandy Nai Yang beach, and watched the sun set over the sea, before I headed elsewhere. I found my way to one of the nearby restaurants, and seated myself. It was very tasty, and not particularly spicy for a curry, something I had no objection against.

I had sex with an octopus

After the dinner I walked around and found myself at Bangla Road; there were Male stripper sex story a lot of people for that time of day. I ended up in one of the bars having a drink or two and watching a group of gorgeous, what turned out to be ladyboys, perform, then cheered and clapped along with the smitten locals once the show was done.

Thailand was a wonderful place to visit, the locals were friendly, the sights amazing, and the entertainment surprisingly fun. I only wished I could have stayed a bit longer. It was 11 o'clock when I headed back to the hotel, which meant there was enough time for me to catch some sleep and wake up for the 6 am flight the following morning.

I was walking along an empty street, and as I passed by an alleyway, I happened to look towards it and catch a glimpse of something unexpected. With another step, it was gone. I took a step back and another, until I was almost standing at the corner of the building, and that's when I Stallion sex stories it again - a flashing of a blue octopus above a storefront, on the street across the dark alleyway.

I made my way around the block, and smiled when I Best cheating revenge stories reddit stood in front of the building; there was no doubt about it - it was The Blue Octopus!

Now, you may wonder Tempest erotic stories could a place, in a town where I've never been before, have to do with me? But my connection with The Blue Octopus goes all the way back to my college days. Rachel and me were in our dorm room, on our beds, and our friend Natalie was with us.

We've had Extreme young start smoking fetish stories bit to drink, and we were considering ordering some Chinese food. It's a massage parlor I've been to a while back. What kind of a person names their massage parlor 'The Blue Octopus'?

It sounds like a place you'd go to if you wanted to get groped a lot," Rachel said, and I laughed. She looked at Rachel, then at me. It was literally out of this world. When the weekend came, we took the bus to get all the way across town, then walked on foot through several streets and alleys, before we got to the part of the town that was recently rebuilt.

We walked around for a minute, before I asked, "Where is it? Octopus sex stories of my childhood Flesh light stories brought it up, how she heard about it, and wanted us to Mousepad foot stories together since we haven't seen each other in months, and I agreed.

Yet, when we arrived at the address, the place was empty. She was confused just as much as me - she claimed she heard about it two days back, and even had a coupon. Places usually don't disappear overnight, do they? Well, c' est la vie I thought, and we went elsewhere. The last time was several years back. It was my friend's birthday, and another friend of hers decided to surprise her with a trip to The Blue Octopus, the wonderful massage parlor she heard about.

We came with her, only to end up spending 10 minutes in front of an empty Octopus sex stories. It was baffling, and at times it felt like someone was playing a joke on me that was years in the making - Reddit real incest stories was expecting someone to jump out, laugh, and say, "I've got Gender bender sex stories The Blue Octopus doesn't exist; did you Forced nudity sex stories think someone would name their massage parlor like that?

It piqued my interest enough for me to decide and find out more about it as soon I had a chance. However, for the time being, we went to a nearby spa and had a good time - especially the birthday girl.

The octopus

What little information I have Male gynecologist stories to find, wasn't particularly helpful. Octopus sex stories, there was this one person, a woman that reviewed it on her blog, 'spoiler free' as she wrote, whatever that meant. She claimed it was a magical, once in a lifetime experience that everyone should get to experience. She gave it 10 stars, and described it as fulfilling in every possible way. I was naturally skeptical, especially since it was some kind of a paranormal blog, but I contracted her through her address, and asked her to tell me more about it and how I could find it - as well as mentioning that every time I heard about it, and went to its address, the place was gone.

She responded eventually. This was Transformed into a girl story response: "Dear Molly, I'm saddened to hear about your experiences with The Blue Octopus or lack thereof so far. However, I'm not surprised. The key factor when looking for The Blue Octopus is to keep your mind open, since an average, prejudiced person would surely run out screaming or crawling, depending on the person.

People tend to be scared of the unknown and unfamiliar, and while it's a natural response, it's also counterproductive. But, as long you keep an open mind, I'm sure you'll find it - or shall I say, it will let you find it laugh. Sharing my husband sex stories regards, Alice.


And if you tap your foot three times by the tree behind your house, a secret passage will open up, leading to a room full of treasure! I must Gang rape fantasy stories read her reply a dozen times.

I'm not Filipina wife horror stories what I was expecting, to be honest; perhaps some info about it, someone I could call, or something along those lines, but I would have settled for something that at least made sense. I kept looking for The Blue Octopus for a while after, but ultimately I gave up and it became a weird, distant memory.

Until now. There was light inside, and it appeared to be open. Girls humiliation stories opened the door and-- It was nothing like I expected it to be. As soon I entered, a wave of hot air hit me in the face, followed by some weird kind of smell. I couldn't tell what it was. The floor looked Inflation popping stories it hadn't been cleaned in days, and blue paint was peeling off the walls.

I realized I may have rushed to the conclusion; was it really The Blue Octopus?

Octopus sex stories videos

Was it even a massage parlor? Next to the flashing of a blue octopus, there was an inscription I couldn't understand, so all I was going off was a - which might have been foolish. I took a few steps forward, then approached the desk to the right, behind which an older Asian lady was sitting. Her feet were Body swap fiction stories on the desk, and she was watching TV that was placed Dragon story breeding cheats the far right side of the desk.

It didn't appear she had noticed me, so I cleared my throat, and said, "Hi. Is this The Blue Octopus massage parlor? If so, I'd like to get a massage, if at all possible. Then it occurred to me that I was, after all, in a foreign country, and that perhaps she didn't understand English very well.

‘octopus’ stories

She took her feet off the desk, and smiled. Yes, yes! I took 20 bucks out of my purse, and handed it to her. She walked me to the Cat transformation stories, and pointed me to the second door to the right, and gestured me to knock.

‘octopus’ stories

I walked up to the door, Painful wedgie stories after brief hesitation, knocked. I heard someone answer, though I didn't understand what they said. I assumed it meant 'enter', so that's what I did. As I walked in, I couldn't help but notice how much cooler and cleaner the room was than the rest of this place, although the weird smell was still present.