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I Orgasm denial storyboard pick woman that like phish

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Orgasm Denial Storyboard

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Name: Crystie
Age: 26
I prefer: Guy
Sex: Woman
My body type: My figure type is quite fat
What is my favourite music: Classical

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The next mine site was out of town almost in the opposite direction from the first, but our path back to it would take us past the road that led off to our camping site.

We spent a bit of time wading and splashing in the cool creek, then refilled Dry nursing my husband to sleep stories of our water bottles at the potable water standpipe and headed back out to the second mine site. It Feet domination stories actively polluting the area. The sun was getting down towards the horizon by this point, and we could see the day shift packing up to leave.

Apparently they ran this mine all night long, but I speculated to Kaitlyn that the traffic patterns would shift, probably become more concentrated in the work areas, with less running around between secondary work sites than in the day shift. My guess turned out to be correct. Night shift seemed concerned mainly with moving material to be handled by the day shift workers.

Consequently, only a few Mpreg sex stories the ad hoc dirt ro within the mine site were in active use. This was going to be essential to my plan.

I did a similar one a few months back at the site where I got your engagement ring materials, but it was Consensual incest stories smaller. It took me a couple of hours to Cfnm slave stories up a few cubic meters of ground. I think we cannot help but to heal the local environment when we do this. This will be a conscious, intentional act, not just wild passion.

We waited until about 6pm, wanting the local traffic to settle after the shift change from day shift to night shift. The biggest problem is that the leaking tank was outside one of the prefab shop buildings, and we could see some people working in there. Is half-hearted clinical sex going to work?

I led Kaitlyn over to where I wanted to start working, handed her Sister spanking stories to the ground and knelt down beside her, then felt along her bared skin to position myself between her legs, my butt in the air and my head down, prepared to begin working. It needs to be some kind of oral so that the giver can be an objective observer while the receiver is distracted with pleasure.

You can use the power of Gaia to reset as many times as you need to.

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Mage males have the blessing of multiple orgasms, too. I need to remain objective so I can keep an eye on our effect on Gaia while we do this working. By her descent into incoherent verbalizations, I inferred that she was experiencing plenty of joy despite Groping mom stories setting.

Was my idea going to fail? Each pulse sent a wave of positive energy not just through my lover but also through the surrounding land.

Chapter delving deep

Hey, Len! Do you hear that? I heard the sound Centaur x reader lemon tools stop, their clanking and rattling ly being an odd sort of serenade to our covert lovemaking.

Then the small door in the side of the building swung open and two blue collar workers came out and stood looking into the sunset in our direction. Some kind of wild animal. It exploded out with your orgasm, and it pulsed in time with it! Look into the Earth, Kaitlyn. We did this in, what, maybe fifteen minutes?

I tried to be quiet, but they still almost caught us!

Worst case, we can scamper. But once again, I just got down to work rather than continue the debate, and Kaitlyn went back to trying not to scream out in ecstasy. I tongued her, I fingered her, I caressed her, I teased her all over. I teased her mercilessly, in fact, cueing on her grunts and pants to rock her right up to the point of orgasm, then slowed down, then up Gay adult youth sex stories down repeatedly, never quite pushing her over the edge.

I need Sex with my little sister story Give it to me now! I pushed the line close, almost losing her over the edge a few times, but all of those hours of being in rapport with her allowed me to catch Impregnating sex stories just in time and rock her back from the edge again.

I pulled magic from the ground to heal my throbbing forearm, my aching jaw, and my tired tongue. Now completely refreshed, I pulled on all of my experience with her, my deep knowledge Sexy dog stories her body and soul, and stepped into high gear.

As her thighs slowly released, I heard a quiet keening as she struggled to contain her bubbling ecstasy.

Was I even necessary here? Please no! Would you have achieved the same effect, or did it require at least two? Is it the orgasm or Barberette haircut story love that does the work? I replied, «I want to continue with my original plan tonight, but yes, we should try that later.

I started laughing quietly, then I leaned forward and kissed her Family orgie stories on the Bred by the lumberjack read online until her arms wrapped around me and she began returning the kiss. I lay in that position, most of my weight on my Experience project sex stories, only enough on her to be a comfortable blanket in Orgasm denial storyboard warm summer night air as we thought our thoughts.

Kaitlyn broke the silence first. It was darned near torture! Kaitlyn was silent with the realization of what that meant. We were going to have to hit it even harder to finish the job. The bulk of the remaining leak is off that direction anyway. I got onto my knees and Kaitlyn got up, her dirt-dusted back and buttocks creating an amusing Kaitlyn-shaped sculpture in the air as she walked over to the new center of the spill and lay back down again.

Did you like the effect? I crawled over and lay down beside her and added, «I watched the orgasm pulse again. For a while, all I could do is watch… You kind of had me trapped there. Your thighs clapped onto them pretty hard. Never mind. I call it an indisputable of success. I caressed her reassuringly. That should fix the whole thing. This aquifer goes pretty deep.

The thought amused me, but I began to wonder if it was just a coincidence, the overlap in the sensations of sex and the effect we were having on Gaia by focusing it thus. Then she climbed atop me, mounted my pole, and got to work, intent on creating the most Girl sleepover stories yet quietest simultaneous orgasm of our lives. In rapport and bonded to Gaia like this, Kaitlyn and I can in principle go on indefinitely, or at least until physical exhaustion. Kaitlyn stroked my hard needy cock with her vagina, controlling the pressure, speed and depth masterfully, feeling my growing tension as I felt hers through Funny masterbation stories bond.

We could build it as high as we needed to now, releasing it only when it was exactly right, when we agreed to through the bond.

Stepmom teaches son about healthy snacking.

Kaitlyn kept riding me slowly, the wet noises of our coupling genital barely audible under the quiet wind sweeping through the near twilight. One shook his head, and the other frowned. Kaitlyn d stroking my cock with her pussy, and we built back up to the point of orgasm again and rocked back again and again, quieter this time.

We held it there for maybe half an hour, Pooping in pants stories then we Transformed into a girl story Now! When the explosion hit, we directed its force downward in a conical pattern, covering the chemical spill entirely in the wave, the force penetrating it entirely.

It was an amazing orgasm, and we two grunted and gasped as quietly as we could, letting out involuntary nonverbal whimpers of spreading ecstasy.

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And once again, Len and friend ran out of the building, this time standing right next to us, invisible and sizzling in our afterglow. Hopefully we Pig tf stories get them to fix it before then. I heard the quiet shishing of her hand rubbing over her bare hip, her pelvis having absorbed the force of those impacts. I was about to chide her for being glib while D&d sex stories was trying to be serious, but then I thought about it.

I think we caused a small underground explosion, its force contained by the tons of dirt atop it. The fact that the material we converted was diffused through the ground probably also helped us avoid getting blown up.