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When the new government had decided to crack down, as it were, on the misbehaviour of miscreant youths, there had been Wedgie stories fake rush of sentences under the new Judicial Punishments Act. Under Section 34, to be precise. Which is where I fit into the equation. As an approved Officer. Senior Warden, to be precise. Cherfield Girls Remand Centre.

Ready for duty, sir. When the Breastfeeding adults stories came into effect at the turn of the year, there was the predictable rush of cases, my Home Office-approved tawse and cane both quickly being worn in on a succession of young ladies of ill-repute.

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First time dog sex story 20, 20 and 19 respectively. New names, for sure. Maybe the magistrates were finally waking up to the deterrent effect of their new powers, at last. Not even the offence — I guess the theory was that I was simply the disciplinarian, the one to administer the sentence that the courts had handed down.

But even then I knew more than the intended recipients. Set up under some more liberal regime. Never works.

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Waste of time. Presumably the logic was that if they knew it was the latter, they might never turn up…. I studied the form, and noticed that the first two shared an address. And the third — in Castle Morton as well, but this time in Tumblr hotwife stories Park, indeed. Home to Cherfield University. Tickle strip story there was a turn-up for the books.

I wondered… could it be that my three visitors were students? Six or seven thousand of them, hundreds of miles from home, living a life of non-stop parties and drunken debauchery.

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Or so it seems to me. Well, if I did have three young undergraduates to deal with, that was fine by me. I glanced at my watch. They should be here by now. In Bdsm snuff stories, they should have been waiting for a few minutes. That was good: it was no bad thing for them to be kept in suspense, contemplating.

Kept worrying. They were all supposed to turn up at the same time, 2.

Sitting there nervously, glancing at one another: trying not to show their fear. Wondering whether she knew what might be in store for them. I wondered what they would have been doing that morning — pacing up and down, no doubt, worried sick about what might be to Sissy pegging stories. I reached into my pocket, and selected a key, opening the wooden cupboard at the side of the room. I took out the tawse and cane, laying them on the table at the back of the room.

I arranged the furniture, leaving my chair behind the desk, but moving Bisex incest stories other chairs to one side. I sipped from my glass of water. Then I opened my desk, and took out the folder with the paperwork for the punishment procedure. Checked it, quickly.

All the right forms there. I closed the door behind me, and set off down the long corridor to the reception area. I smiled at the receptionist, then turned Accidental penetration sex stories look at my three customers for the afternoon. I looked at them, watching them return my gaze nervously. I glanced down at the piece of paper in my Hot role play stories. Baker, Miss A.

Porter and Miss C. We reached the door of the punishment room, and I glanced down at the paper again.

You others wait outside until I call you. I held the door open, and the tallest of the girls walked past me into the room.

I closed the door behind me, and Halloween crossdresser stories her to stand facing the desk. I, of course, sat down, and opened my file. Slowly, I looked up at her: pale, shaking. An attractive girl: light brown hair, slightly built.

An air of prosperity about her: smart clothes, tidy haircut, nice necklace. Funny how the judicial system could bring everyone to the same level — this educated, middle-class lass about to be dealt with in exactly the same way as some of the young tearaways who usually came my way.

She gasped, and rocked back on her Giantess buttcrush story. It was just high spirits after our exams, and we were only singing a few songs.

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In the town square. At three in the morning.

And the police came and arrested us for being drunk and disorderly. As Senior Warden of this institution, Widows sex stories am an Approved Officer under the terms of the act, and as such am required to administer your punishment First gay relationship stories laid down by the court.

Do you understand the sentence, Miss Baker? I continued. I would therefore ask you to remove your clothing and any jewellery that you may be wearing. And it never failed to bring home the gravity of her predicament to the young lady concerned.

Shaking, she walked over to the chair and took off her jacket, and turning away from me unbuttoned her white blouse. She lifted off her necklace, then stepped out of her shoes, undid her skirt and folded it on the chair. She hesitated now she was down to her knickers and bra, before these too came off.

I walked to the back of the room, and Abduction bondage stories up the black leather tawse — a nice instrument, well crafted, heavy. To the traditional Scottish de, I believe.

Included within the new Act so that our friends North of the Border voted for the regulations when they went through parliament. And a nice instrument for those whose behaviour did not quite merit the stick. Most effective.

I laid the tawse on the desk, and called her over. You are to it, to indicate that I have explained the nature of your punishment to you, and that there are no valid reasons why you may not be disciplined this afternoon. Do you understand? And that was before she had First time gay gloryhole stories been thrashed: these middle-class lasses really were ridiculously timid.

She bent forward, her whole body trembling.

The punishment position that had been determined by the Act really was a most satisfactory one, I thought to myself, looking down at her. I picked up the tawse, and moved to Naked sibling stories left side.

I looked with satisfaction at the red outline that the tawse had formed — perfectly horizontal, right across the centre of her buttocks. Very good, I thought to myself: practice clearly does make perfect. The other thing about the first stroke, of course, was the impact it would have on those waiting on the other side of the door.

Well, they would know now, Embarrassing naked story right. I liked to deliver the second and third strokes in quick succession, aiming them directly on top of one another, below the first mark.

With young Samantha, these were beauties, and she let out a cry of surprise as the third stroke descended. Her breathing was deep now — trying to keep control; trying not to give in to the ever-increasing pain. Over the desk spanking stories paused, making sure the strokes had had their full effect, and building the tension in the room as the girl braced herself for the next blow, not sure when it would land. And then… a beauty. Low down. Very satisfying: I do like the sound of the tawse as it cracks across its target.

And a real Wife fucked at party story from the young offender, as the blow struck home. five. The penultimate stroke. One knows, of course, that at this stage the young lady — if she still has her wits about her — is counting down.

Only one more after this, almost through, if I can clench my teeth and bear just two more… that sort of thing.