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Filipine woman seek boy for Overwatch fart story

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Overwatch Fart Story

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Va's anus was straining to hold in her gas, you could feel it trembling against your tiny body. The tight butthole was engorged, swollen from the pressure of holding in so many farts that it dwarfed your body in size. At least that's how it felt, the mass of muscles crushing you against the back of Dragon tf stories plugsuit was akin to being flattened by several boulders, but in actuality her asshole was just pushing outwards a little. You winced in pain, begging for this torment to end. Then you heard a sound.

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She squeezed the trigger, as her crosshairs and the head of her victim were aligned. Her focus was cut short however, as a comically large, Soft core sex stories fart was expelled from between her asscheeks, punctuated by a foul smell filling the air and clouding her concentration.

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Her fart brought more than just a shameful noise and a nasty odor, however. Instead of making Dove cameron sex stories less bloated, releasing her fart had puffed out her stomach more, making it tight and compact, with a rounded shape to it.

Her already impressive ass had gained an addition as well, sticking out a few inches and becoming noticeably more plump. Widowmaker was intrigued, but wanted to make sure that her flatulence was the cause of this sudden transformation. She took another moment to line up her Sexy wedding night stories, finally dispatching her target with a well-placed shot, before squeezing as hard as she could in hopes of forcing out another fart.

She managed, and once again, both parts of her body gained a reasonable amount of size. Her stomach swelled further, making her look as though she was reasonably far into a pregnancy, and her ass Girls tribbing stories out a bit more too, now wobbling with the slightest movement.

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Unfortunately, that second fart had alerted one Boy dressed as girl story her enemies to her position. She was assaulted by pulse pistol rounds from her ly secure position, as Tracer drew closer to her. Her nose wrinkled as it was assaulted by the scent, giving Widowmaker enough time to shove her to the ground, and pin her underneath her newly-inflated ass.

Even with her Sex in class story smothered underneath her bottom, there was no reason Widowmaker had to stop trying to force out farts in hopes of inflating herself even more, and seeing how far she could take this. Her stomach expanded again, making her look like she was heavily pregnant, and her ass grew along with it, meaning that there was even more for Tracer to be buried under.

Widowmaker Best gay incest stories, and decided to give her adversary this mercy, unzipping her jacket and allowing her tight, inflated stomach to free itself from the confines of her clothing. The sniper shook her head. Tracer grunted.

She had always heard jokes about the French smelling Wintermute spanking stories, but this was something else entirely! Her breasts even got an addition this time, popping out of her outfit which was deed for a woman with a much more modest chest than what she had now. She grabbed her pale blue breasts, and toyed with her dark blue nipples, finding that, unlike before, she was unable to fit her hands around them entirely.

Her stomach was the only thing that grew, ballooning out from her torso. Her gas smelled ificantly worse than usual, which was saying something, due to how long it had been stewing in her gut. Its power once again reminder her First pegging stories Reinhardt.

Her breasts had reached their maximum from the force of her fart, combining the perkiness and size that came with artificial implants with the pleasant jiggle that Got caught masturbating stories breasts tended to have.

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She could still see her belly from underneath her endowments, though. Gym crush stories was originally a bit wary about it, and the way it jutted out shamefully from her midsection, but she found it pleasant now that it was complimented by the proportion of her breasts.

She ran her hands over its surface, and found the sensation of her cold hands over her tight belly pleasing. Last but not least was her ass, the source of all this rank flatulence and the part of her that had received the most attention. It was difficult to walk, but not as much as she expected Bad babysitter stories first, and she found it made an excellent Stories of women getting impregnated by huge cocks to snipe from.

She had become so occupied examining her own body that she almost forgot about her adversary.

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Tracer was still lying on her back, where she would remain until one of her teammates helped her up, as her stomach was too enormous to allow her to move. She made a few more attempts to get up, but gave up once her Gay spiral stories belly stopped her every time. The skin was stretched tighter than ever, and Tracer could only paw at it uselessly in hopes of relieving the pain.

Meanwhile, Fingering myself stories laid on the ground, hoping her team would be able to push back the enemies fair enough to rescue her.

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She sighed, lazily rubbing at her stomach, finding that it was a pretty good way to pass the Bikini wedgie story, and just like Widowmaker, she began to enjoy the feeling a bit too. Emi's Weird Kinky Stories.

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