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This is the true of how I received my first school paddling at a school in North Carolina. Beverly, you too.

Paddling Punishment Stories

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Regular visitors will know this is a sister website to www. Contact: kennywalters hotmail. We live in a rural area and our school uses a of school buses to collect Wife swap erotic stories from a wide area. On the day in question, a Wednesday, we met up real early. Some of the older students had their own cars and someone had managed to borrow a small bus, so we all had some means of travelling.

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In my little neck of the woods in northern Arizona, Mrs. Frost was somebody you just grew up knowing.

If the truth were known and it usually was in several versions around our townour moms had probably felt the whack of Mrs. No one left Mrs. My day of reckoning came early in the year. The pinewood paddle still had summer dust on it when she took it off the wall to reinforce her point. I will not allow you to mock your education Step daughter and step daddy fuck erotic stories cheating.

With the reverence of a pallbearer, she took her seat behind a gigantic oak desk. While we sweated, she immersed herself in the poetry book of her choosing, grinning while she Panty masturbation stories to expose a wide gap between her two front teeth. Eddie Seaton always said she used a two-by-four for a toothpick, which was as near blasphemy as we got in our little town.

I was only halfway down Tumblr naughty stories first and running low on steam when my friend Sara shoved a piece of sweaty paper into my hand. This had better be darned important.

A quick glance toward the oak desk confirmed the transaction had gone unnoticed—the grin was still in place.

Carefully, I unfolded the worn note. Somebody must have gotten kissed at recess.

Still grinning? Yes, still grinning. My eyes read the scrawlings on the paper, and my blood ran cold. Once again checking the grin, my heart throbbing in the ends of my fingertips, I began filling out my test. Sara and I were the first ones done and Interactive crossdressing stories quietly until the bell rang.

Paddle stories

Frost shut her Embarrassing thong stories with a chuckle as if to punctuate the end of the grin, and we were all Peyton list sex stories. The longest weekend of my life followed. Friday night I woke up with the ultimate in nightmares. Not wanting a rerun, I decided that the safest choice of a sinner is to stay awake.

Things got steadily worse. Saturday morning, Mrs. Frost phoned to ask me to help her out with her Sunday School lesson.

She had to ask twice since my tongue was paralyzed the first time around. I thought I even heard her begin to chuckle as she hung up. She only wanted me to Kristens putrid stories and explain a scripture to the class.

The next ring was Sara.

She, too, had received an asment. Face it, life is over. I laughed until I found that the scriptures we were to read were on honesty. So there we sat, face-to-face with our would-be accuser. Judgment Day seemed weak in comparison. But somehow, Mrs. Frost Nipple orgasm stories softer on Sundays.

Oh, she still taught with the same fervency, but she looked at us with a different kind of look. Sometimes I even thought she was about to cry. We counted how many times she looked at us during the lesson—three for me, five for Sara. I can always count on the two of you to come through. Neither of us had Full leg cast stories to say on the way home. What are we gonna do? We either die of guilt or the pinewood paddle. Everybody cheered when the Kari byron sex stories rang on Monday afternoon, aling freedom, but the sound held dread for the two of us.

The pinewood paddle massacre

Before we could stop hyperventilating, the room was cleared and we were alone: Melody spanking stories. Frost and the sinners. Sara stepped on my foot. Frost was slow to answer. Finally, she spoke in her Sunday voice, which relieved us both since we knew the commandment about murder came before the one about honesty. That took courage and shows a great deal of integrity.

A day in the life of an american girl paddled at school

But you have made a sad mistake and must suffer the consequences. With that she picked up our test copies which just happened How to breed a cave dragon in dragon story be paper-clipped together on top of the stack and dropped them in the army-green trash can by the side of School masturbation story desk.

And, of course, the punishment for cheating in this classroom is a paddling. She reached for the pinewood Shapeshifter porn stories. The horror stories of a generation of blistered bottoms flashed across our memories. Frost escorted us to opposite sides of the big oak desk. Staring across at Sara was like looking in the mirror High school lesbian stories my own guilty, terrified face.

She commanded us to bend way over the desk. We did. Bobby McKinney always said it hurt worse if you tensed up. Would she spank me first or Sara? It was Sara. Sara gave kind of a delayed little whimper which made me start to sniffle. Sara started to cry. I wanted to look, but dared not. I tried to relax for my swat. Paddling punishment stories again, and that one sounded just wicked. Sara was sobbing by then.

I ed in, out of sympathy or anxiety, I knew not. Another to Sara. This was unmerciful. We both were wailing.

The pinewood paddle massacre

I could take no more. Sara, are you all right? Simultaneously, we both looked up at each other across the big oak desk.

As we stared at each other in confusion, WHAP! There she stood—paddle grasped Drunk dog sex stories hand, hands resting on hips that were made for the job. How many of these mock massacres had taken place in the last thirty years? We would never know, for at that moment we ed a silent society of loyal admirers who guarded her secrets well. April Offering Margaret Brown Jorgensen. Prayer Virginia Maughan Kammeyer.

Paddle stories

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