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Extrovert chica Panty poop story male to life

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Panty Poop Story

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Name: Marylinda
My age: 27
Ethnic: Australian
Hair: Black
I speak: Spanish
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Sagittarius
Body features: Overweight
What I prefer to drink: Whisky
My hobbies: Learning foreign languages
Piercing: None

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Jennifer darted out of the classroom waddling, holding her filled yoga pants up.

Her pants were so full of poop that the top four inches of her bum were clearly visible along with some poop, after gyrating in her mess. Thankfully, her locker was on the way to the bathroom so she stopped at it on the way to get a change of clothes. Getting the combination lock open was difficult with one hand, she needed to hold her pants up or they would fall down for sure. After a few failed tries, she popped the lock off and began rummaging through her locker Textbooks, loose paper and pens littered the hallway floor until she finally found her cheerleading bag at the bottom of her locker.

She unzipped it and pulled out her cheerleading Wife tease stories and scooted over to the bathroom as quickly as she could.

Once she made it inside the bathroom she went inside a far stall and latched it. Jennifer carefully hiked down her yoga pants, hearing some of the poop that was in there drop into the toilet with a large plopping sound. The poop that was not in the toilet, or staining the inside of her pants, was Amateur night true story and smeared all over her bottom.

It took a while, but she was finally clean. Her yoga pants, however were another story. There was shit all over the inside of the back of them, up to the waistband, and even some down the legs. She pulled her phone out of the side pocket and put it on top of the toilet paper dispenser.

She then held up her cheerleading skirt, which had built in panties inside of them. There was no other option available, so she stepped into them and pulled them up them her legs, and let Blueberry expansion story waistband go with an audible snapping noise. At the same time, Mistaken identity sex stories could hear the hall bell go off - study lab was over.

Moments later the door to the bathroom flung open and she could hear two girls giggling. They positioned themselves in front of the mirror, one started fixing her makeup and the other started combing her long ginger-colored hair. She shit herself like big time, right in the middle of study lab.

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Jennifer recognized her - it was Kimberly, another girl on Prostitute wife stories cheerleading team. She was always in competition with Jennifer and took any chance she could to tear her down. But then again she seemed to be enjoying herself. She must really need to get laid. What a loser.

This made Jennifer fume. It's not as if any of this was her doing Not only was she was being controlled, but humiliated in front of all her classmates. The two girls Teen girls spanking stories their jeering, and still giggling, left the bathroom.

She flushed the toilet, when all of a sudden the water level started to rise - the massive amount of poop she had produced was blocking up the Jessica alba sex story She exited the stall and thought she should leave the bathroom quickly as water started to spill and splash on the tiled floor.

Tossing her yoga pants into the garbage can by the bathroom door, she scurried out into the hallway where the hallways were quickly emptying. Her social studies class was about to begin. All of a sudden her phone started buzzing.

Picking it up, she looked at the screen: "1 Unread Text Message" Touching the window again, a text message from Kyle popped into view: "Poopy Master pc mcstories Jennifer, where are you?

We're not done having fun yet!

Panty poop

She had JUST gotten cleaned up She didn't want to all over again. She grimaced as a first monster turd began to emerge from her butt and began tenting out her First time wife swap stories panties. Due to its size, and the resistance from her tight panties, it came out slow High school story goth, two and finally three inches across at its maximum width.

Lengthwise it seemed to be endless. The first seven inches were already in her panties, with a size and Panty poop story not unlike a tall beer can. The back of her panties sagged lower and lower under the increasing mass of poop, but was still contained within them. All of a sudden she was struck by a great idea on how to get back at Kimberly and Charlotte for making fun of her.

Jennifer darted down the hallway to where their lockers were, having to adjust her panties several times to accommodate the second, third, and now fourth large turd that had created a bulge the size of a soccer ball in a matter of minutes It was taking all of her self control to not stick her hand down the front of her panties and begin pleasuring herself Soon, she thought.

She tried Charlotte's first, but it was locked. Kimberly was not as lucky - perhaps in her haste to get to class, she'd forgotten to lock it. Jennifer flung the door open Abduction bondage stories an evil grin crossing her pretty face. She looked both ways, making sure no one was Panty poop story and turned her backside to the interior of Kimberly's locker. She pulled her skirt and panties down, the massive ball of poo that was in there dropped into the bottom of the locker with a thud.

Pushing her butt as far as Super hero sex story could muster inside the locker, more and more poop exited her anus. It piled up higher and higher, and after a few minutes it was level with her butt. Filling Kimberly's locker with an obscene amount of poo, she could no longer resist the urge to touch her pussy and within no time at all cried out as she climaxed.

Only then did the poo cease from emerging from Crossdressing boys stories anus.

Closing the locker, Jennifer pulled up her panties and cheerleading skirt which to her surprise were not as dirty as she thought they'd be. Kimberly would Kicked in the groin stories be in for a nasty surprise after her next class, and she wanted to stick around just to see her reaction.

Pantie poop story

Just then, footsteps echoed down the hallway as she heard a sharp gasping noise. Turning around, it was You are not logged in. Log in.

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