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I'm date femme that like Peeing in panties stories

While this is a repost from there will be many who have not read Figging punishment stories before, enjoy. As I got out of the car, I sprinted to the house.

Peeing In Panties Stories

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Name: Bryna
What is my age: 30
My orientation: I love emotional guy
What is my body features: My body type is thin
Other hobbies: Riding a bike
Smoker: Yes

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Its been Cuckold marriage stories while since we had a pissing story and when came across this solo panty peeing Beastily sex stories, I thought some may enjoy. I looked around for the clock, but the bright light always kept us awake, so it was covered with my shirt and too far across the room to read without getting up.

I fished under papers on my messy nightstand for my phone and was blinded by the light as I read it: in the morning. I felt a twinge in my bladder and in my clit as I recalled it; in fact, I was parched again.

I slowly extracted myself from the covers without waking her. It felt like I was getting out of bed agonizingly slowly, and my need for the bathroom increased as my body My moms pussy stories vertical and gravity Peeing in panties stories its pressure on my First time swallowing cum story. Putting my phone back on my nightstand, I quickly fumbled on my bathrobe.

I stumbled toward the bedroom door with eyes not yet readjusted to the dark. The bathroom was all of the way down the hallway. Arms out in front of me like a zombie, I Sexy pokemon stories blindly as I slowly tried to find the door. Shooting pain suddenly attacked my foot as it found a heavy textbook I had left on the floor the night prior; in my shock, I felt a drop of my pee slide through and out of my urethra, wetting my labia and making a very small damp spot on my grey panties.

I immediately clenched up, and no more left me, but in that moment I felt the intense urge to just let go. I wanted so badly to just relax and feel my pee flowing down, coating my pussy and soaking through my underwear. We were on wood floors; the hot piss would make its way down the inside of both legs as I moaned in relief and pleasure, pooling quickly on the floor.

I had a large bladder, and the urine would likely Eating cream pie stories the book on the floor and possibly ruin the floorboards. My desperation suddenly much stronger, I hurriedly made my way through the door, better watching where I was going; my eyes began to adjust to the light.

Female desperation and wetting story

I was almost Melody spanking stories the bathroom when I wondered if I was going to make it. The drop of pee that I had released was just the first, and I felt as if some kind of seal had been broken. Before, I only had to pee a little.

Now, after standing up and allowing gravity to force urine downwards inside Wonder woman captured stories me, as well as the fact that I had startled myself and relaxed my urethral sphincter slightly and was apparently unable to completely retighten it, I was practically dancing my way to the bathroom. I put one hand on my crotch as I felt another drop make its way into my panties.

I clapped my hand tightly against my pussy, willing myself to not do it again. With the hand that was not desperately clasping my vulva, I Sex stories wattpad detailed for the door and pushed it open, then frantically sliding along the wall and turning on the light. The brightness shot into my wide open Hotwife stag stories relaxed eyes and I flinched, raising the hand on my pussy to my eyes to protect them from the light.

And with that, I began Batgirl unmasked story leak. A few drops trickled out at first; my eyes squeezed tightly shut still hurting, I fought to reach back and shut the door behind me, and barely succeeded; a few more, larger drops of urine soaked into my underwear and began to run down my leg, followed by more of the same volume. I was squeezing my kegel muscles as tightly as I possibly could, but the piss kept coming. I hastily managed to somehow make it all of the way across the room to the toilet before it started to squirt out.

A fair Peeing in panties stories squirt began to flow out of my glistening labia and I yanked up the lid and planted my butt perfectly on Wife swap party stories toilet seat.

There was one small issue. In my haste, I had forgotten to pull down my underwear. I felt warmth spreading across my crotch Donkey tf story would not normally be there when I was pissing into a toilet; the pee inside of me was now forcefully flooding out of my urethra, plashing and spraying through my now-soaked panties, all over my legs, and noisily dripping into the toilet bowl below me. I could feel my piss saturating my underwear entirely; the hot wetness spread across my butt cheeks through the fabric and I felt absolutely, Modification sex stories, embarrassingly soaked.

I was actively pissing myself… and it felt ridiculously good. As the pee flooded quickly through my poor, relaxed little piss-hole and out into the world, Free caning stories splashed against my clitoris and along my labia, some of it literally dripping into my vagina.

Wetting stories

The slightly open hole accepted my piss and soon, it was full and the drops were bubbling out. I could also feel drops trapped between my leg and the toilet seat on the side closer to the door; since I had already started peeing before I began to sit down, drops of my urine had landed on the toilet seat and would stay there, forgotten, long after I got up. My piss trickled into a smaller stream into my underwear now; I put my hand back down and pulled them aside to reveal my sex. With the movement, my pee that had not Tickle fight story fallen from the panties Stories of nudism out at once into the toilet bowl, making a louder splash.

My pussy lips still emitted a slowly dwindling stream of the faintly yellow liquid. I Yu gi oh sex stories it coming from inside of me as I held my soaked panties to one side.

I was wet, and not just with piss. Something about the taboo of pissing myself, of maybe the humiliation, or even just the feel as Mixed sex fight stories liquid forcefully sprayed against the underside of my clit, made me extremely excited. I felt excitement running from my clit to my stomach as the last few drops of pee left my body, dripping rhythmically into the water below.

Astonished by how good it had felt to piss myself likeI sat for a moment with my mouth open. Then, even more embarrassingly, I gave into my next urge and my fingers shot to my still-dripping pussy lips and began to massage it. I then took the side of Tumblr bdsm stories hand, pressed against my pussy through my panties, and clenched my thighs tightly around it.

My body was electric; I grinded against my hand and my sopping-wet underwear Brother fucking little sister stories were still soaking up a few more drips. The motion against my hand was intense, and I was horny.

I was cumming in seconds, and with it I felt one last, strong but small, The simpsons porn stories pleasurable squirt of piss shooting out of me and covering my hand in more of my own liquids. It might not have been piss; maybe it was female ejaculate- my cum. Maybe it was both. It was most likely both, considering I had just been dribbling the contents of my bladder hurriedly into my own clothing.

My orgasm, either way, was centered not on my clit but on my pee-hole, just below my clit. It throbbed as I threw my head forward and bit back a screech of pleasure. As the waves of my orgasm began to subside, my mind cleared and I looked around. I lazily climbed back in bed, my heavy Accidental incest sex stories falling into place.

My head hit the pillow, and I was instantly asleep. She made her way into the bathroom and was faced with my sloppy, naughty, accident. Piss Stories.

I'm debra, a pee loving female, here's my panties wetting stories

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