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I want the smallest waist possible with this new corset".

Penis Gag Stories

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Beth and Tony had been married for more than True stories of tie up games years. Beth was still stunning having stayed slim with her blond coloured hair kept in a mid-length up-to-date style. She had always been pretty and age had made her more so if in a Loose pussy stories mature way. Her figure was a little rounder than years before but not so much that chubby entered the discussion. The changes were mainly in her rear and chest, both of which Tony approved of. Tony had not put on weight but no longer looked like a young guy.

Name: Inessa
Age: 31
My hair: Dark-haired
Body tattoos: None

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My friend, Jill, and I had been friends for a long time. She and her husband lived down the street and she was a big comfort to me during my recent divorce. Last month, my divorce became final and Jill said that we should go out and celebrate. And knew that Jill sometimes played around on her husband and so Lesbian stripper stories thought to myself that not only did she think I should get out but that she wanted to go out and have some fun too.

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I talked Online stories about mother and son incest Jill and she said that she had some things that I could wear and that she would bring some things over to my apartment before we went out and we could both decide what we would wear.

Jill and I were a lot alike. Both of us were 36 and wore size 4 clothes. I was a little surpised when I saw what she had brought — a lot of leather.

To cut to the chase, she told me that there was a new fetish club in town and that it would be fun to try it out. I put on a very short Girlfriends mom sex story skirt, black leather boots and simple white blouse.

Wanting to look younger than my age, I put my red hair up in a pony tail. Jill was a little more daring and wore a long, tight leather skirt I think they call it a hobble skirt and black leather bra. The darkness of Lesbian sex toy stories leather went well with her blonde hair.

It comforted me that the lights in the club were very dim.

If there was someone there that I knew, they might not be able to tell that it was me, especially given the way that I was dressed. I realized that Jill had already made some arrangements when a man approached us almost immediately and said Feminized husband stories to Jill. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him and then introduced him to me as Bob. I saw Bob look me up and down and although I was a little embarrassed, it did feel nice to have a man look at me that way. I saw Jill Crossdressing stories india Bob look at each other and smile.

‘penis gag’ stories

It was explained that most of the action and fun went on in private rooms in the back. Bob said that he had reserved a room for us. We went to a door near the back of the club and Bob showed some sort of ticket to a guard Women seducing boys stories and he opened the door for us. We entered this long, very dark hallway with a of doors along each side. Bob opened the door and Jill led me in. I was shocked to see a large room with a of chains, whips, ropes, and a heavy, padded wooden table with rings attached to it.

Milking machine sex stories looked at Jill in obvious surprise and she simply smiled back.

We are here to celebrate your divorce. Bob quickly hooked a rope to both of my cuffed wrists and pulled my arms straight over my head until Futa muscle stories was on my tip toes.

I felt my skirt, which was already very short, ride higher up my thighs. I was then surprised when Bob put leather cuffs on Jill and pulled he up in the same way that he had done to me. We were both standing on our True shemale sex stories toes with our hands pulled above our he.

We were facing each other and standing only Sexy cheerleader story three or four inches apart. I could feel her breath on my face. Jill then surprised me by leaning forward and kissed me. I had never really thought about being with Jill in a sexual way but a thrill ran through me as our lips touched.

I had forgotten about Bob but now I saw him holding this strange looking black rubber thing. He then grabbed me by the hair and forced the other end into my mouth and secured it behind my head. Jill and I were now gagged with the same gag. Our lips Young exhibitionist stories touching. Our eyes looked into each others from about two inches. Neither of us could move our he since we were strapped together. I felt our hips touch and knew that neither one of us had worn any panties.

It appeared to be a dildo but, like the gag, it looked like it both ends were deed to be inserted. He cinched it tight so that our bodies were tightly together. He then put another strap around our Public vibrator stories and cinched it tight. This forced the double dildo deeper into both of us.

‘penis gag’ stories

We were strapped tightly together and sharing the gag and dildo. We could Barebottom spanking stories move much, but I felt Jill begin to work her hips on her end of the dildo.

Each time she moved, the end of the dildo that was in me moved too. I lost track of time as both Jill and I moved our hips. Each movement gave both of us pleasure. We were fucking each other. We both tried to scream into our gag as an orgasm swept over both of us at the same time. We looked into each others Wintermute spanking stories and we both knew that this would College femdom stories be the last time that we came to this club together.

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