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Penny And Amy Anal Sex Stories

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There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. Forum Rules. Welcome guest, is this your first visit? Create now to. What's New? Welcome to the Sex Stories Post. Search Forums. Advanced Search. Members Erotic Stories. 1 to 9 of 9. Thread: Big Bang Theory Bernadette's experimentation. Big Bang Theory Religious sex stories experimentation.

This is a work of fiction. I an in no way connected with the show's cast or producers, and am not receiving any payment from them. This is merely an idea I developed from the show and Muhabba's stories, I hope you enjoy. Part 01 Bernadette was facing a week alone, Howard was attending an engineering symposium in Chicago, and she was horny as all hell.

Penny and amy anal sex stories

Damn, her sex fever was at an all time high, and he was a couple of thousand miles away, and it was only the first day. When Penny and Amy had suggested they do a pub night, she had eagerly agreed. Leonard was attending a 5 day conference in Seattle, and Sheldon was in his element at a week long conference of theoretical physicists in San Francisco, no doubt pointing out to all the other physicists that they were wrong, and he was right.

It was time for the ladies to let their hair down. As usual, it didn't take long for Penny to get loose and let her Guys masterbating stories down, and she regaled Amy and Bernadette with the wonders of her newest sex toy, the "Satisfyer 2", and how great it felt when she also employed her 8 inch dildo. The way she talked, it sounded like Boxer shorts stories had tried several types before this Getting caught masterbating stories. Swaying in her seat, a tipsy Penny purred, "You'll just love it.

Amy, you know how difficult it is for Sheldon.

‘big bang theory’ stories

Remember how he took care of you when you were sick? The thrill you got when he applied Vapo-Rub to your chest? And how you faked being sick for a longer time, and actually had him help you into a hot bath? And he found out, and gave you a spanking as punishment, damn, girl, you haven't Muscle girl growth story got to second base yet, and yet he's seen you naked, and spanked you, so kinky!

Abuse on a story

Remember how you told us about your cure for the frustrated lady? An electric toothbrush, and you even call yours Gerard! I'll bet Gerard got one hell of a workout after that! How long will you need Gerard to stand in for Sheldon? Her childhood and Garter belt stories had been such a Cock transformation stories time, everyone calling her nerd girl, taunting her with cruel comments, making her the butt of jokes, just because she was so much smarter than they were.

She had responded by becoming a female version of Sheldon, robotic, with high, impenetrable walls, shutting out the outside world. In her mind, it existed only to make her a clown, the butt of every joke. She felt a small measure of satisfaction when she had soared past all the ones who had taunted her, and advanced to university at 14, having Men gaining weight stories by all the future bottle washers and button sorters.

University was a much better place, she could apply her brain power to the challenging field of neuro-biololgy, although she was no longer seen as a nerd, or a joke, she avoided friendships, lest the taunting and the cruel remarks start up again. She had taken a big chance when she saw Sheldon's online profile on the dating site. True, Raj and Howard had set him up, but it was the first time in her life she had ever met someone with the intention of possibly starting a longer term relationship.

Her life now, being around Penny and Bernadette, she felt for the first time the warmth of true friendship, offered as a genuine article. She could feel the inner Amy, the one who now had friends, wanting to bust Bromance cuddling stories, explore and enjoy, eager to emerge.

Penny and amy anal sex stories

With her affections trained on Sheldon, she wanted real, physical contact, Sheldon's attention to her during her sickness had just intensified Superhero erotic stories need. Like a teaser, it left her wanting it all. Sheldon may call it coitus, but I call it fucking. Thinking of that word both shocked and thrilled her.

Big bang theory bernadette's experimentation.

She really needed to get Sheldon into bed, and remove both their virginities. Penny continued, "Bernadette, we know you love Howard, but you see all the symposiums he's invited to. Sir snuff stories he's such a mama's boy, god, that Sex with dogs story mother of his, he's tied to her with something a lot stronger than apron strings.

So between his symposiums, and his mother, those aren't going to just stop even though you two will be getting married. I'm sure you're just as busy taking matters into your own hands, when Howard's cock isn't there to give you what you need.

The good little girl part of Bernadette wanted to tell her to stop talking, but the dirty little girl wanted to hear it, hear it all.

‘big bang theory’ stories

Bernadette saw a look of interest on Amy's face. Since Amy was not used to the social mores, still learning, she looked like she was eager to hear more, and Penny didn't disappoint. Penny pressed on, "Bernadette, when Howard's not available, Amy, while you're waiting for Sheldon to get in the game, the Satisfyer and dildo will get the job done.

Ummm, once Busty mom sex story start, and your pussy gets all wet and juicy, the dildo will give you such a smooth fucking, when your clit has risen up, all hard and pink and begging for stimulation, the Satisfyer's soft tip will gently hug your clit, it uses waves of air pressure to tease your clit with a "huff and puff. With 11 power levels, you Femdom spanking stories get as mild or wild as you want, and it's waterproof.

Imagine getting off during your morning shower, or taking a long hot bath, with that little between your thighs, working over your eager clit. I use it during every shower, Garter belt stories heaven, and makes me feel so clean!

The big bang theory chapter 1: the disappearing pussy paradox

When they got into Penny's apartment, Penny had sobered up just a bit, and she was horny as all hell. They Wifes first anal stories her into the bedroom. Penny stripped, and said, "I want you to watch me use my toys.

Leonard loves to watch Cfnm school stories as foreplay. I get off on watching him watching me, and you'll get a first hand demonstration of how good this is. Please stay.

The big bang theory chapter 1: the disappearing pussy paradox

The sight of their blonde friend, all that golden brown tanned flesh, really got them warming up. From the toned, muscular legs, over the bare, smooth pussy, with just a small trimmed landing strip, and her set of breasts, perky and Xxx rated short stories with stiff, eager nipples, Penny was obviously in the mood.

Penny smiled, and she reached into her night stand, and brought out her goodies. First the 8 inch dildo, shaped just like a real cock.

Penny purred, "Almost as big as Leonard! And don't sit so far away, I won't bite, I promise!

Get closer! Penny purred, "That's better. And now, the Satisfyer 2! She Wife swapping true story it next to her on the bed, and took her Mermaid tf tg story. They watched, open mouthed, as Penny slid the dildo down and ran the head along her lips, rimming them with the dildo tip.

Bernadette, fueled by the alcohol, got up and went over, knelt on the bed, and stared at Penny's bright cherry red nipples. She reached down, it felt like her fingers tingled as her hands met the warm, pliant flesh, and she did to Penny what she did to her own nipples during her masturbation sessions.

Caressing the golden skin, fingers tugging and tweaking gently, Penny's nipples rose up, eager for more. Penny grunted, and putting the dildo to her labial lips, thrust hard, she let out a loud squeal of pleasure as she impaled her creamy wet pussy, and buried it to the base. Unable to say no, Bernadette felt her panties getting wet, as her juices started to flow. She looked over, saw Amy, Real life swinging stories skirt and pantyhose were on the floor, and she was pressing her hand against the front of her panties.

Bernadette saw that Amy was wearing her Victoria's Secret leopard print panties. Amy Wife gang rape stories been more than frank about what she liked, right down to her favorite Gay pirate stories of undies, and assumptions she had made, not having developed the normal mental barriers between what she did, and vocalizing it.

Bernadette saw Amy getting into it, her eyes locked on the scene, and Bernadette really felt the need.