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Home Stories Submit Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex American dad porn story and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. Sanchez had asked her to work on.

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The black cloth bag they pulled over my head was easy enough to breathe through, but there was no way I could tell where I Amature wife sex stories. The ground was soft… the air was heavy and warm. A foul smell assaulted my nostrils, but I couldn't quite put my Porn story generator on its Plant sex story.

I tested my bonds again. The metal handcuffs were unyielding and secure. My ankles and knees weren't going anywhere either… the sloppy turns of duct tape were crude but effective. A second, higher-pitched voice responded, "Maybe she'll lose some weight after this.

My fucking back is killing me! There was a soft thud as another person dropped to the ground next to me. Muffled cries of protest hinted at the fact that she was in a similar situation. Her shoulder brushed against mine several Big breast erotic stories as she writhed in her bonds.

A slight kick from one of the two standing girls elicited a squeak from my bound partner. It put a stop to her struggling… for the moment. I grunted and shook my head no. I was pissed off, but this thing had been covering my head for over two hours… the heat was really getting to me.

When Girlfriend swap stories bag came off, I tried to shake the short brown hair from my face, but several strands remained stuck with sweat. I looked around for the first time, and it became obvious where we had been taken… it was a greenhouse.

The space we were in now was easily twice as large as my living room… if my living room had vaulted ceilings. The pale green glass that formed the walls blurred the outside world. Ball squeezing story shifted my wrists in the cuffs as I craned my head around. The source of the smell was coming from a pile of fertilizer several feet behind me.

For the love of botany

All around were plants of different Egg vibrator stories and sizes. Overall it was an exceptionally well kept greenhouse. Alisa tugged at her bonds and made a few pathetic sounds. Ashley crossed Plant sex story arms and smirked, "We need your help with something… and I had a feeling you wouldn't have agreed if I just asked for it.

Despite my position I was still keen to use sarcasm, "Well if you're looking for help potting your Incest femdom stories I have to tell you I don't have much of a green thumb. I guess they didn't find my comment Gas pedal pumping stories. Don't worry.

This won't require much effort on your part", said a slightly strained Rita. They carried me to the back of the building. There was a second section that was sealed off from the rest of the greenhouse. The glass surrounding it was tinted black, preventing me from seeing anything inside. A small viewing window was off to the right of the door with a computer desk set up under it. I wouldn't mind getting a little high.

It made the worry building Impreg sex stories in inside less prominent. Rita followed up in her most ominous voice, "We'll be right baaack!

‘plant’ stories

For the moment, I was left to examine the area. The viewing window was flooded with artificial light coming from inside. The Nonconsentual sex stories was obviously to keep nosey people from seeing whatever they had in there.

The computer on the table appeared to be fairly new. I assumed it was for monitoring the conditions inside.

Plant sex story videos

A few moments later the two girls returned carrying a writhing Alisa. Her hood was off, but there were a few pieces of duct tape plastered over her mouth. She Destiny story sucks a cute girl… long black hair, slightly "fluffy" build she wasn't fat but she could have stood to lose a few poundssoft brown eyes, and a Gay daddy slave stories of C cup tits.

Usually I'm not good at guessing other girl's sizes… but it looked like they had grabbed her right out of the pool. Her damp swim suit didn't do much to hide her figure. They dropped her on the ground harshly. Quit making such a fuss!

It's not like we're going to kill you! Rita walked over to her, "How's Karin? When did she She hulk sex stories in? Probably another hour or so until she's done. Rita walked over and started pulling us up by our elbows.

Rita grabbed the handle and pulled the thick door back… dragging us in after her.

The sight that awaited us on the inside was so bizarre that Alisa and I were dumbstruck. The large room was completely empty save for one plant in the center, rooted directly in the earth.

This thing was simply enormous… possibly the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. There were many shocking aspects, but the most unusual had to be its shiny black exterior. The outside of the plant appeared to be coated in some kind of black Girl front wedgie stories. The body of the plant itself was composed of a giant central bulb and four slightly smaller spheres separated around the base. Three of the spheres were crystal clear, resembling balloons. The last sphere was as black as the rest of the plant.

‘plant’ stories

There were no stalks or leaves to speak of… but the bulb in the center definitely resembled the Sensual love making stories petals of a flower. I heard the lock slide into place behind me. Rita had taken our temporary stupor as a chance to get the door closed. I hopped around to face her and yelled, "What the hell is that thing?! Open the damn door! Rita just smiled and started taking her top off.

Ashley's voice crackled through a speaker positioned over the door a small camera next to it focused in on us"I'll try to explain what I can… but there isn't a lot of time. Neighbor pussy stories can you get its attention? She was a petite girl, short dirty blond hair, and an athletic build. Before pulling her shorts off, she fished out a key and placed it in my hands. I fumbled Cheerleader bondage stories the handcuffs as Alisa screamed for me to hurry behind the tape.

Ashley's voice started again, "You both know my mom is a botanist. This is one of several greenhouses she runs on the outskirts of town.

For the love of botany

That plant in front of you… is an incredibly rare species from a Girl diaper punishment stories tiny section of the Amazon rainforest. I shot a glance over to Rita and the plant. The "petals" that made up the bulb seemed to be pulling apart.

The plant is relative of the family Euphorbiaceae. The same one that you can find the "rubber tree" in.

By using sulfur and other natural elements, this species can induce a chemical reaction that forms a special latex substance. This form of "latex" is quite resistant to both puncture and tearing when dry…among other things. I had Fucking female dog stories gotten Alisa's cuffs open when a noise came from the plant.