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I was reading the paper after I got home from work, and the first thing she did when she came through the door was run to my chair, flop onto me, and give me a big wet kiss I was surprised as much as I was pleased, especially the expert use of her tongue- and I asked her if this was a celebration? I was a slow Forced chastity belt stories as far as my breasts were concerned.

Playing Doctor Sex Stories

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But for now, she would just wait and see what happened next. His hands almost did it instinctively, but he stopped himself. As gently as he could, he started at her forehead. Little fingers probed, then slid down the sides of her face. They had massaged each other before and she liked to have her head rubbed, Sex stories nxx he began doing little circles on her temples.

Name: Salli
Years: 28
Ethnic: I was born in Denmark
Iris tone: I’ve got bright brown eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Hair: I've bushy auburn hair
I prefer to drink: Gin
What I like to listen: Latin

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This is my first and real life story so please excuse me for the errors. This story is little lengthy so I will break it in two parts. This story is between me and my cousin mosi whose name is Pinky which happened a long Big brother and little sister sex stories. My nanaji are 7 brothers and Pinky mosi belongs to 6 th Nanaji and she is youngest of all mosi that I have.

I and my mosi are close to each other and she is my favourite. She is just 5 years elder to me. At that time internet just came dot com boom also smart phones and mobile internet were not present.

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My mosi was 20 years at that time doing B. I and mosi would play different games, watch TV, go around the city at different places, malls etc. Similarly, as usual I Catfight sexfight stories to her house in the morning. Nanaji was already gone to shop. I, mosi and naniji were only at home.

I and mosi were watching movies on the TV. So I and mosi were at home. Mosi then told me that today we will play some different game. I said what is that game? She mentioned that we will play doctor-doctor. I told her who will become doctor and who will become patient? Mosi told turn Cuckhold creampie stories turn we both will become doctor and patient. Then we went to her room and I told first I will become doctor.

Then I place a study table near her bed and I sat on the study table chair and mosi came and sat on the bed.

Doctor-doctor by someone

Using some conversation in the Hindi that we spoke while playing the Warm fuzzy story short version for creating excitement. Me : Open your mouth and bring your tongue out. Mosi did as I said. Then I told her to turn around and show your back. Then I grouped my fingers together and considering it as stethoscope, I was touching at various places on her back and asked her to take deep breathe. Me Male chastity storys Ok.

Please lie down on the bed and let me check. Mosi lie down on the bed and I pressed upper part of her chest and asked her is it paining here? Me : Seems like it is acidity problem. Take medicine and it will be alright. Mosi goes and comes back again in few seconds. Mosi understood that I am confused now what to do next. She Erotic succubus stories mentioned to me to tell me I have to check by removing your dress.

Candy plays doctor

Me : Ok mosi. Then I asked her that I will have to do some more examination. So please remove your top and lie down on the bed. Mosi removes her top and lies down. Then I asked her Halloween transformation stories remove bra also. Mosi then removes her bra and covers her boobs with hands and lies down on bed. Mosi was naked from the top. Her boobs were firm, round with brown nipples pointing hard.

My god what a fascinating it was to look at her.

Let's play doctor/patient (dr,doctor,medical porn,xxx,stories)

This is the first time I was looking and going to touch naked boobs of any girl. I was feeling uncomfortable in my pant and my dick was getting hard and creating tent on the pant. Me : I then pressed her boobs little harder and pressed the other as well. Is it paining now? Then I started pressing her boobs Age regression machine story.

Grabbed her both boobs and started pressing harder against each other. Rated r short stories pinched her nipple little bit. Mosi started making noises ahhhhhh ummmmmm bahot maja aa raha hai aur daba Ratan ufffff…… ahhhhhhh……… keep going…… ahhhhhhhhhhh. This content appeared first on new sex story.

Mosi then held my mouth and pressed it against her boobs in her cleavage… I Cum in her pussy stories getting intoxicated. Mosi ke body ki smell was loving, pleasing. I was getting more hard on. I kept pressing her boobs. Then I started sucking her one boob. Mosi was moaning heavily ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Ufffffffff… keep going. Then I started Diaper nursery stories her boobs one by one and pressing the other one with hands. Mosi : chuso Ratan aur chuso…… ahhhhhhhhhhh……. Bahot maja ara hai… thoda jamki dabao… ohhhhh god………. My dick was very hard and was feeling little pain there and was asking me to make it free from the pants. I bite her nipple little. Mosi shouted Human pets stories and moaned in pleasure ahhhhhhhhhhh fuck Ratan that was great….

Now my turn was to be a patient and her as doctor.

So she sat on the study table chair and I came towards her. Mosi gave a little smile. And touched my dick from the pants. I was confused why she is smiling and asked her what happened? I then Breast touching stories on bed. Mosi came and released my pant and brought it down till my knees.

I was then feeling little relaxed.

‘playing doctor’ stories

Mosi pressed my dick from the underwear and started rubbing it. This is the first time someone has touched my dick and that too by my hot and beautiful mosi.

My breathing started increasing. I was feeling good though.

‘playing doctor’ stories

Mosi then removed my underwear also, at that time I felt much relaxed as my dick was released from the cage and it gave a salute to my mosi. Her eyes widened looking at my dick and she gave sexy smile and said tu ab bada ho raha hai with the winked expression…. Mosi then Male to female fiction stories my dick and started stroking it.