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If it hadn't been for my research into polygamy for Asia Sentinel recently, see: Polygamy in MalaysiaI would never have stumbled across one of Kuala Lumpur's best kept secrets -- polyandry, one woman married Incest sex revenge stories several men.

Polyandry Sex Stories

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Name: Latrena
My age: 43
My sexual orientation: Male
I have tattoo: None

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Hello all friends. I am Savita from Delhi. This is a true story of my life. First let me describe about me.

I am 29 years True cougar stories married, housewife. I belong to a upper middle class family. My husband is a businessman. His name is Rajesh and he has a good business of his own. We live in a flat alone without family.

The polyandry penali village (concluding part)

We do not have Forced pussy licking stories children yet and planning now. But he loves me a lot and always cares for me. Before marriage I had many sex relationship with other guys, but after marriage I am completely dedicated to my hubby.

He is an average man in bed too, and never tortures me in bed too and always believe in easy sex.

Polyandry stories

It has been 4 Years to our married life and life goes easy. I am a housewife but I have done M. So I have a good communication skill. I use computer on house and I have internet on my pc. So I keep reading all these stuffs Female masturbation first time stories net. Now not taking your so much time I come direct to story. One day when we Illustrated crossdressing stories having sex my hubby said me immediately that I know that I am not enough for you in bed.

Two husbands

I thought this is a normal talk and did not responded on this. My husband said again that Savita why do you not have sex relation with any other man too as I am Nudist story tumblr enough for you. This time I was stunned and looked on him. He had love for me in his eyes and repeated the same thing again but I had not any words on my tongue.

‘polyandry’ stories

In the morning he went to his office normally and we did not talked much. After my hubby left for office I could Thevalkyrie com new stories forget his words and even I could remember his every word just like he said to me right now.

The most importantly I was afraid of the thing that why did he said so? Had he become to know any of my pre marriage sex relation? Had I done anything wrong or flirty with any of his friend or with anyone else?

Had anyone said him anything wrong for me? And all these stuffs and on and on and on………. When did the time passed in all of my these thoughts I did not know and when I got up of my bed First time young lesbian stories was evening I had not done any of my household too and I did not eat anything and still I was not filling hungry.

I got up and started my households and made food for dinner as my hubby was about to come. He came on the normal time and looked very normal. I was happy to see him normal and when he saw me in the Lesbian mormon stories dress which I was wearing in Leg brace fiction stories morning. Why did you not change and did not took a bath?

Erotic stories

But this was enough for me I could not control myself anymore. I hugged my hubby tightly Wife tied up stories started weeping loudly. This time he was stunned and could not recognise why I was weeping so loudly. He asked me again and again what happened and I could not stop weeping and crying. After about ten minutes of full tension I broke the silence and said what mistake I had done so that you are saying that you are not enough for me.

After dinner when we were in bed again my hubby loved me a lot and after sex he started his last night thoughts Polyandry sex stories and said to me that I am neither joking or leg pulling you nor I am saying all this with any wrong intention, I just want to explore our and specially your boring sex life, so that we both and mainly you can enjoy sex life fully. This time I did not take his words otherwise and started thinking about what he said to me right now. Overall the main thing is that after a lot of conversation I said to my hubby I will think positively on it when he pressured me Cfnm bdsm stories lot for any other man.

Next day in the morning Rape fantasy short stories left for office saying that think over the night topic for which we both were arguing so much. I just nodded and he left kissing on my forehead and said all the best, smiled and left.

After doing my all households I started thinking over it and still in my mind was a little bit thing that may be he was just wanted to know that may I have sex relation with other man.

Polyamory 2

But suddenly in mind came one thing which I have read in various stories on ISS there are many people who have the stuff of this kind and may be my hubby also want this all in real. I thought for a second and finally made the decision that in case if he seriously want this all to happen what should I do then. And only this thought made me horny and I started remembering all my sex relations, Diaper poop story made me more Possessive alpha mate stories. But the main thing was with whom does my hubby want me to do sex or make relationship.

Then finally I made my mind that if he wants it all to happen then I will not say no to him, because I was also board The wifes story lesson plan this regular and normal sex life which had not any excitement. Then I fingered my pussy thinking of all it and now I was felling very lighter. I said him do you think only about all this for the all day. He smiled and repeated his words. After dinner we went to our bedroom and soon we both were in our birth Puck bunny stories and today my hubby was looking like an aggressive person in bed and had a really very good sex after a lot of days in my life and both were very tired at that time and we felt sleep soon.

In the early morning my hubby woke up and started kissing me badly and this Polyandry sex stories First boner story too awake and we had sex again. After sex I went to become fresh and then my hubby to freshen himself.

Till then I prepared tea and we both had it together. Like any other power is driving us and we are just flowing.

‘polyandry’ stories

I tried my best to my hubby that this is only a one way there is not any returning point after we had done it once, but still my hubby did not listen to me and started telling me about his affairs which he had before marriage and I asked my hubby have ever had sex with any other women even after marriage. For all of my surprises he said YES. For a long time I did not believe him but when he also gave me some proofs then only I could believe him.

Then my hubby said everyone in this world want to have sex with maximum persons which he or she may have, so I want you to enjoy the life fully. And in this way Polyandry sex stories will also have satisfaction that only I am not cheating on my wife she is D&d sex stories enjoying the life.

These words made me speechless. I had no any other option except saying him yes. Now the biggest thing was with whom. And this was a question which had no any answer neither on my side nor my hubby side. For long we talked over it and finally the decision was made that I will have to chose the right person. The days passed like this and my hubby continued to ask me have you found the right person and my answer was always no. Because I also could not make decision whether it should be one of my affairs or a new one.

In my affairs Watching my wife fuck story could not found any one suitable for all this and which Forced to orgasm stories, they were out of reach now a days.

Polyandry stories

So the only option up to me was a new one, but who new. One fine evening of Saturday my hubby came back early from his office and again he had the only one thing to discuss that with whom I will have sex. But Akash was one of the smartest Jds man stories in all of them.

He was young, tall and with athletic body. But his nature never impressed me. So I said no Torture and rape stories all of them. Now this was making tension for my hubby which was very eager to do all this. I have decided. Rahul is new to our apartments, he is alone, unmarried and a real stud.

He was a good looking guy with 6 feet of height good body and most of all I really liked him because of his nature.