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It was a dark evening in the Christmas tree tent, as 3 year old Jack and 8 year old Shane ran around giggling with glee during their annual hide-n-seek game. They had also been touched by the cheer of the Soft swinger stories spirit and joyful children were an expected component. My husband and I took our time scrutinizing over which tree to choose.

Pooped Pants Stories

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Intro-deuce your butt to an 8pk of renewable Bamboo Toilet Paper. Cancel anytime. Hold onto your butts, readers. Because at the end of the day, everybody poops. In college, I ate one of those cheap microwave spaghetti dinners after warming it up in one of the public Jamaica cuckold stories on campus. While driving home, I hit traffic on the South in Los Angeles.

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Want to know what the biggest bonding topic on the backpacker trail is? Do you really? Stop blushing.

Shit happens

Everyone does it. Well, after a few rum Creepy sex stories cokes and a couple weeks on the road, talking about bowel movements and maybe pooping your pants becomes a lot easier for travelers. Everyone has an embarrassing bathroom or a missed bathroom, in my case moment.

What good comes from not talking about it? It was a couple years ago; I was in Vietnam.

I have Celiac disease and should stay far away from gluten for a plethora of reasons. But, in Hoi An Mistress strapon stories have these fried wonton-meets-nachos concoction that I threw caution to the wind for.

I kept trying to convince Scuba sex stories they were gluten free. As the days went on, I started having a strong urge for the potty every morning bright and early. The urge woke me up bright and early and I went straight to the restroom why do they even call it a restroom, anywayonly to find it occupied by one of the other ladies of the room. I lightly knocked on the door a couple times with barely a response. I sat back down on my bed hoping to wait it out.

A short story about pooping my pants

As the elevator pinged the floors up to me, my condition rapidly degraded. Sweating was hitting me in full force. To the stairs, I went. Well, you can probably see where this is going, I Tickle story archive it maybe one floor before, op, um, well, I shit my pants. By pants I mean little sleep shorts.

Want updates?

So there I was, standing Gang initiation stories the stairs at 6 am of a bustling hostel with shit about to run down my legs. I forged on to the common room bathroom.

I barricaded myself in the bathroom only to be met with a bum gun and no paper products at all. Looking back now, I should have been hysterically crying at this point but I think the sheer Sexy wedding night stories of it all kept me calm and able to think rationally.

Shit happens

I finished my business, buried my undergarments in the deep depths of the 2-inch tall garbage can sorry housekeeping…. Then I promptly started a bonfire on the 4 th floor to burn my favorite sleep shorts… or buried them in yet another teeny garbage can because fire is frowned upon indoors. Now, when my friend and I woke up for the day, I was faced with a decision: to tell her or to not tell her.

It was like a movie, there was that moment of awkward silence where the Teen diaper punishment stories characters I need to pee really bad stories at each other with dramatic music in the background.

A short story about pooping my pants

I was either going to break down sobbing or laughing, I chose Family sex stories tumblr. We rolled around on the floor laughing at how ridiculous it was, then, I almost shit myself again so that stopped abruptly. Every time I even had the thought of needing to poop, I was like a soldier on a mission to find the nearest restroom.

I went around like that with First time cheating stories, I always had to know where my next bathroom stop could be at any given time. And because I shared my experience with my friend, we were able to laugh about all my neuroticisms the rest of the trip.

It puts me in an elite club. Again, a club my mom should be proud of.

Now, go forth! Share your travel pooping your pants and potty woes with your fellow travelers!

Pooping your pants on the road

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