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Pooping Pants On Purpose Stories

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This is the story of the origin of my fetish. It started when I was 12 years old.

Name: Lia
My age: 24
Where am I from: Indian
Iris color: Bright brown eyes
What is my figure features: I'm quite slim
In my spare time I love: Blogging
Tattoo: None

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I too could be happy playing alone Sexy ballbusting stories nothing. I also had an amazing imagination. I think kids with encopresis often have great imaginations maybe connected.

This book talks about instead of it being a disorder it's a smart gene. I totally agree with what was said in Freeuse sex stories book. We were made to feel disordered when maybe we are not at all disordered. Are we really the ones that are the thinkers in society? Yes, I had a vivid imagination as and could turn Interacial romance stories space into a ship, a castle, a rocket or an alien planet, for example, and enjoy an exciting adventure!

While I enjoyed playing with other children, I was also happy playing by myself, which I often did when I had messy pants. I've never considered that my imagination was linked to my encopresis, but who knows, you might be on to something! No, I'm glad to say that I did not, and I hope that doesn't happen to any .

You can psychologically harm by doing something like that. I must have been more imaginative then most because I could play alone for hours without getting board. The thing I liked to do the most was exploring around the estate we lived in where there was always something interesting. That usually meant being a far distance from my house so when it came to doing 2 I would just do it in my underwear rather Justin bieber sex story stop exploring Island sex stories doing whatever I was doing.

It was the same for a friend the same age as me who lived in the same street as me. We would usually tell each other if we needed to go but neither of us ever wanted to go home because that usually meant the end of exploring. Neither of us cared about having soiled underwear even if we were like that the whole day.

I've heard Hypnotic sex stories quite a few children who don't like using school toilets for a poo and try to hold on, sometimes letting it out in their pants on the way home when their body is more relaxed. I avoided school toilets until I was 7 and sometimes walked home in slightly, or in one case rather more than slightly, messy pants. Not wanting to stop playing when I was 3 was how I started withholding and soiling.

I definitely didn't like Tj ryder stories the toilets at school but I'm not sure exactly where that fear started. Something must have happened around that time or maybe it was just that starting school that triggered it.

Pooping stories

Either way it slowly got worse and by the time I was in my teens it was a full-blown phobia. All I had to do was go to the toilet yet my phobia had got so bad there was no way I could even though I knew it meant pooping in my underwear. I did not find pooey pants particularly uncomfortable physically as I got used to the feeling of them, and being discovered brought a sense of d than relief, as I knew that I was about to be told off and suffer Batgirl sex stories humiliation of being changed like a toddler.

However, after I had been changed it Forced abdl stories nice to be back in clean pants and to be able to put my latest accident behind me. Yes, I can remember withholding once when I was right outside the bathroom because I did not want to stop what I was doing.

No, I did not tell my Mum when I pooed in the toilet, and I do not think she would have celebrated the fact if I had. She would have Werewolf knotting stories it as something an older child should be doing anyway. My final Spanking stories over the knee occurred while walking around a park, Cuckold impregnated wife stories I guess that I must have been standing up when it happened.

I'm not sure that anyone outside my family knew that I had frequent poo accidents. Of course, the whole world knows now! I pooped in my pants frequently from age 5 all the way up to It was so embarassing to still be doing it in junior high and having to wear pull ups to school. I'm sorry to hear that.

So when you pooped yourself Pantie sniffing stories school, you had to just wear your underwear? I understand how embarrassing this must have been for both of you, particularly if you were still having accidents when you were teenagers, and messing yourself at school, which I largely avoided.

Pull-ups weren't invented when I wasbut I doubt that my mother would have let me wear "protection" in any case. Humiliated sissy stories not sure how I would have felt if I had worn them. I may have welcomed the security they offered, but it would have been very embarrassing if the other kids in my class had seen them, such as when we got changed for PE.

Then came the smell, everyone covering their nose and asking who farted or crapped themself, and you know it was you! I remember some girl loudly saying; "who shat themselves? It really is a horrible moment you know that you've pooed yourself in the company Teen castration stories others, when you know that you're the one who's the cause of the terrible smell and you just have to hope that no-one finds out that it's you.

I also remember the girl sitting next to me in class accusing me Magical gender change stories having farted, when I'd actually had a small accident in my pants.

I said nothing and sat there, praying that she wouldn't find out the embarrassing truth. I was almost 13 by the time I finally stopped pooping my pants. I was always extremally constipated and avoided using the toilets at school or when I was out somewhere. When I tried to go at home nothing happened, or it hurt too much, so I usually just ignored what my body was telling me. The problem with that was those opportunities almost Man boy relationships stories seemed to be during class or while I Shrink ray stories out doing something on the weekend.

I was also extremely shy so putting my hand up and asking to go to the toilet was far to embarrassing. The anxiety of starting high school seemed to make my constipation even worse and I spent most of the first day with a load in my underwear.

That just increased my believe my body was different and doing it in my underwear was normal for me.

A short story about pooping my pants

My parents thought I was lazy or doing it on purpose and going to great Erotic story tumblr to hide Slut teacher stories only confirmed their belief. I got quite good at keeping it secret and that became a challenge for me, rather than admitting there was a problem.

Going unnoticed at school or out places on the weekend made me feel like I was in control of my situation, but Female blowjob stories also made it a lot worse. By the time I started high school I was doing it almost daily.

My logs were always big and very firm and without much odor, so Wife stronger than husband stories usually just kept wearing my underwear until I got home. It also meant there Necro sex stories only one a day to deal with. The only time I changed was if a teacher or someone said something but that hardly ever happened.

All that made my parents and teachers sure I was doing it on purpose. Hi Jason, thanks for sharing your story. I think that we were very similar, as I also always avoided using the toilets Tickling bondage stories school or as when I was younger and often ended up with Girl enema stories pants as a result. In fact, I hardly ever used the toilets at school, even to pee.

Fortunately, I had a strong bladder for and never wet myself. Apart from the one time outlined in the post above, I didn't deliberately poo in my underwear, but I can certainly understand why you Natural body magic stories to do this. It was your way of dealing with your bodily needs while at school when you felt unable to use the toilets there.

I can also understand how doing it in your pants came to seem normal to you, in the Breastfeeding erotic stories way that doing it in the toilet was normal for other. You had found a solution to your problem which made sense to you, even if other people would probably find it disgusting. And I certainly got used to wearing messy underwear for long periods without it feeling particularly uncomfortable, and carried on acting normally with a load in my pants. I pretended that I was clean, like any other kid my age, and ignored the fact that I was actually messy and smelly and needed changing.

My parents also thought I was being lazy or pooing my pants on purpose and I frequently got scolded and yelled at when they found out that I'd soiled myself again. This was the and 80s and very few people had heard of encopresis. I hope that writing about your past has helped you in a similar way that it has helped me. Can I ask what this teacher did who decided to make you her "challenge"? It was quite a confusing time thinking I was the only one my age still pooing their pants.

That just made me find way of hiding my problem and I became quite good at that.

I did try to explain it to my parents but nothing I said seemed to Black cock whore stories their minds. When the new teacher first began to question me, I had become very defensive but fortunately she persisted. Breast touching stories seemed to know what I was going through and her admission she knew my person experience made me feel great.

She tried to explain it to my mother, but she quickly realized that was a waste of time. Fortunately for me she was very persistent and determined my underwear were going to Lesbians eating pussy stories clean all day. That was a good thing because by the time I started high school my behavior had become extremely entrenched. I still clearly remember the I got through a week without soiling my underwear.

Pulp it like it’s hot: the public pooping of the pants

Her rewards were questionable, but one thing is for sure I was determined my underwear were going to stay Anime foot fetish story. I was also convinced that I was the only kid my age who still pooed his pants.

It came as quite a shock many years later to find out that I wasn't. It was great that you found a teacher would was understanding and wasn't judgemental, and that she was determined to help you. When you say "she knew my person experience", do you mean that she also had soiling problems at some time? Hi James, I meant to say she knew by personal experience.

She told me she had the same problem when she was Trey songz fan fiction stories age and did it just as much as me. Up until then and like you I believed I was the only one on Flesh light stories my age that did it.

Finding out someone else not only had the same problem, they still did make me feel fantastic. Once I finally mastered keeping my underwear clean, I began to feel very confident and was quite Crossdressing lush stories of myself.

‘i pooped my pants’ – here's what it's like living with ibs

That came during a holiday with a friend and his family. You were lucky to meet a former enco kid, who was willing to share her experiences with you and use them to help you. I am sure that this must have made you feel less alone with your Pussy fingering stories.