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I liked seeking men that wants Poppers sex stories

Share your story. It felt amazing just being used like a sex object.

Poppers Sex Stories

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I was still holding the bottle of poppers and he took it from me and held it under my nose. I breathed in deeply with each nostril and all the reflexes in my throat that might have reacted to his huge helmet were Seducing my mom story and his cock easily entered my gullet Poppers sex stories I felt his balls rub against my chin. He then started to fuck my mouth. I used my tongue on his helmet and closed my lips around his shaft to add extra stimulus to him but I couldn't manage any actual Nipple orgasm stories. He continued fucking me in this fashion for about five minutes, a couple of times stopping to allow me to snort some more poppers then he pulled out of my mouth altogether. I didn't know whether I was glad he did or not as I would have loved for him to have deposited his cum in there.

Name: Jackie
My age: 44
Languages: Spanish
What is my body features: My body type is quite fat
My piercing: None
I like tattoo: None

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The conversation

Please or up free. In Up. We Puffy nipples stories have stories with more being added every day. It was a Thursday afternoon and I was bored and horny.

I had been away from Sisters masturbation stories and my usual routine for sex. I decided a trip to the adult bookstore was in order. Even if I couldn't connect with someone, I'd at least be able to beat off.

In the back of this one store, there was a room with a large screen TV and chairs. Not exactly a Story swapping pussy theater but as close as you could get in this town. I was sitting in the back watching a pretty fair video of some young studs on vacation who took turns fucking everything in sight as well as each other.

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The few other patrons in the place weren't much and it looked like my dick and my hand were going to have to treat each other Niece blowjob story. I took a hit of poppers and was getting ready to open my jeans to get down to business when the door opened and a hot guy of about 25 walked in.

He sat down next to me and proceeded to get comfortable.

To this guy that meant being practically naked. He dropped his pants and pushed his shorts down to his ankles.

He took his t-shirt and pulled it up over his head and tucked it behind his neck. When he sat back down I noticed his Wife breed stories ring.

‘poppers’ stories

I immediately popped a Eating cream pie stories We both started stroking slowly, enjoying the action. I was a little surprised and totally turned on by the fact that this hot stud was sitting in a gay video room with his clothes off stroking eight of the thickest uncut inches I've seen in awhile.

Attached to 5'10" of lean, muscular good looks and you've got a picture of what was sitting next to me. He stopped stroking and opened his own bottle of poppers and took a huge hit then went back to stroking.

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The guy kept repeating this sniffing and stroking for about fifteen minutes. His cock looked Seeing mom naked stories hot as he pulled the foreskin up over the head then skin it all the way down. After a few minutes I noticed that every time he pulled the skin up, a good shot of clear lube came out of his slit and slicked the cover nicely.

I was keeping pace and was trying to figure a way to get that meat into my mouth. The next time he Couple masturbation stories go of his cock to take a hit of poppers, I reached over and copped a feel of his meat and balls. He looked over at me, smiled, and offered me some of the poppers.

It was wild. We kept this up for a while, trading poppers and stroking. After another half hour or so, a guy on the other side of the stud who had been watching our stroke show rather than the video, stands up and Bondage vibrator stories a load all over the floor. That was pretty hot and the stud and I stop everything and watch the up close cum shot.

Poppers sex stories

At that Stormbringer sex stories, I thought the guy was turned on enough and was ready to shoot so I leaned over to offer my mouth for his use. He smiled again and said thanks but he'd rather do it himself. And with that he stood up and pumped as hard and as fast as he could and blew an incredible load. If I had been sucking him I would have had to swallow twice. That did it for me, I stood next to him and shot at the same time.

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The really hot shot happened that as I stood up, he turned to see what I was doing and the third, fourth and fifth ropes of cum landed on my hand and dripped onto my leg. When Plaster body cast stories was done, he put his clothes on and then he reached over and wiped up the shots that hit me with his hand.

He licked his fingers, smiled one more time then left. Now I think of him every time I see a bottle of poppers. Copyright SMI-Help.