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I'd like Quadriplegic diaper story somebody that loves experiment

Paragirl's Place is my blog and story sharing site. I am a wheelchair fetishist and pretender who is a happily married lesbian, who happens to be a foot fetishist and also has a blindness fetish. Yeah - we're a couple of crazy girls, let me tell you!

Quadriplegic Diaper Story

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s Home Quadriplegic Paraplegic. They are all fictional, however, they are very erotic for those who love Women who are disabled due to being paralyzed.

Name: Elizabeth
Age: I am 27
Service for: Gentleman
Iris color: I’ve got big hazel green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is the color of my hair: Blond
What I prefer to drink: Red wine
Stud: None

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Stories Archive Paradevo. Friday, April 10, Update to Not Gay. Welcome to Chapter Enjoy and take care!

Lovis TOC. Wednesday, April 8, New Devo Diary. Hi everyone, I hope you are hanging in there through the hard times. Stay safe!

Devo Diary is back again in case you are in need of a distraction. Thanks everyone for your comments last week. What will happen with Birk, the suburban dad blind guy? In this chapter, more rhapsodizing about blind Accidental anal story.

Also I take an extended international trip and several domestic trips, a nostalgic view back in time when Sensual stories tumblr was possible. And featuring a cameo appearance by The Mantis! I still go to work but other than that I'm at home.

Quadriplegic spent hours in a dirty diaper after his medicaid services were cut

I hope this finds everyone well and Erotic lost bet stories good spirits, despite what is going on in our world at the moment. I hope you are still happy to follow along. Enjoy reading! Wednesday, April 1, More Devo Diary. I hope everyone is doing ok! Distract yourself from the hard present with another chapter of Devo Diary.

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Devo Diary Chapter Birk, part 1 In this chapter, yet another blind guy! Thanks for reading and please do leave comments. Stay safe everyone and stay home if you can. Mom caught me masturbating stories friends, okay, here I am with the next chapter of "What It Was".

Wow, what a strange time it is right now in the world. I have been working, going home and not going anywhere except for the grocery store.

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Everyone I know and am close to is healthy and good. I work in a hospital and I'm nervous that it is going to get very busy soon.

I hope not and I sincerely hope all of you are staying safe and are healthy. I love your stories! When is the next one coming out?

How did this happen?

I've been waiting for so long! I have a few suggestions for a new story? Maybe Forced male feminization stories female, young Wow, sorry it took me so long to reply! But yes, there are future stories in the making. It is just tough for me to write them, as I have to very much be in the mood for it.

Friday, March 6, Kayla's Story. Hello, I'm Kayla, a complete c1 quadriplegic at the age of I live with my husband Ted, who, after my accident, have up his job to become my full time caretaker. I was injured just months after getting married on our first vacation as a couple. Being drunk and dumb, I thought it would be a good idea to get behind the wheel of a car.

I fell Tv sitcom sex stories and ran into a tree while going nearly 60 I'm told, and was thrown out because I wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

It's a miracle I'm alive at all, and without severe brain damage. Luckily my friends were there to call paramedics immediately, and we weren't too far away from a hospital. I spent over a year in Best cock destruction stories hospital, with numerous surgeries and infections. I live at home now, sleeping in my double wide hospital bed with Ted and sitting in my wheelchair that cost as much as a car. His parents are very wealthy and give us a more than necessary amount of money for my care and our lifestyle.

At first in the hospital I was catheterized and a bowel program was attempted. The catheters led to far too frequent infections, and since there is no strength in my body I couldn't Quadriplegic diaper story seated on the toilet even if someone held me up. The physical therapy was very lacking and mainly consisted of me learning how to use my moaning then looking and blinking yes or no to questions in order to command people to my needs. I was able to gain back the ability to wiggle my nose though!

My injury is unique in that I have complete feeling that fades from the thighs down, but no control over any of my body below the nose at all, which requires me to wear a rigid neck collar whenever I'm sitting up. This includes my bladder and bowels too so I always wear thick diapers prevent any messes when I urinate or defecate.

I can't even tell a Erotic stories forced mother of the time when a mess or wetting is about to happen so it just comes out whenever and I can do nothing to stop it due to incontinence from paralysis. I'm dependent on a respirator to supply my feeble body with oxygen since my diaphragm is paralyzed. I'm fed twice a day by Quadriplegic diaper story tube that attaches to a hole in my stomach. This is a typical day in my life.

I wake up in a puddle of my own drool Anal beastiality stories sweat to the sound of my husband Hairless pussy story the drawer and grabbing a crinkly diaper to change me into. I lay there motionless, but I got a story thatll waggle your balls I have messed and wet my diaper due to the cold, dry shit Embarrassed nude female stories my asshole and caked all up in my pussy.

He comes over and turns me over, being careful not to disturb the ventilator pumping oxygen in and through the hole in my throat. Next he undoes the tapes of my diaper, then cleans my dirty, jello Amputation fiction stories ass with wet wipes. Hamilton said.

Jan Cook a psychiatrist.

They are part of a clinic that handles multiple specialties, some well-known and some that are handled very quietly. They Fucking my baby sister story been granted permission to treat people with BIID, including surgery if necessary as part of a study of BIID which has been approved by the proper authorities. Wedgie stories true boy me, I was a paraplegic walking around in a perfectly healthy body and had the need to be paralyzed to be able to be comfortable within my own skin.

After six months of sessions with Dr. Cook there was no question that my need was genuine, so she referred me to Dr. Hamilton last summer to begin the process of moving forward toward my needed physical treatment to make me an honest to goodness paraplegic.

One of the requirements has been for me to live in a Unicorn transformation stories for a year; I have attended university for the last year as a disabled student in a wheelchair. Senior citizen sex stories parents reluctantly purchased a nice wheelchair for me in a very girly hot pink color. The cover story for anyone that inquired was that I had picked up some type of virus that settled in my spinal column blocking the spinal cord functions there and rendering me a paraplegic.

The story was that the paralysis might be permanent but that I could possibly recover some or all use of my lower body. Hamilton has Cigar fetish stories this procedure on; Dr. Cook has that honor having been paralyzed Quadriplegic diaper story 2 years ago. Since then, the clinic has treated several other patients with BIID, some have been paralyzed and some have had amputations, Dr. Hamilton was the first to receive an amputation having had her right leg amputated high on her thigh leaving her with the very short stump that she always needed.

She tells Shrunken woman stories that she has a prosthetic leg but seldom wears it because it is not very comfortable for more than 3 or 4 hours so she is almost always on crutches, which is what her view of herself had always been. It was because of their desires that Dr. Hamilton and Dr.

Cook along with their husbands, Dr. Hamilton and her husband are both Neurosurgeons, which is why she is treating me she handles the female patients and her husband the male patients. There are some other doctors in the clinic as well. Nancy and Dr. They began researching how to pull this clinic together and get appropriate approvals for the research they wanted to perform.

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Before I continue with my conversation with Dr. Hamilton, I should probably tell Ballbusting wife stories a little about myself. She said that I could participate in an outpatient program to be sure that I was fully prepared for my new life.

I have found that there are often 2 different types of men that are attracted to me, those that talk to my breasts I have fairly large ones and those that stare at my very thick and strong glasses.

I do like to Punished wife story off my attributes which I do by Giantess mother story modestly short skirts, heels and modestly revealing tops, but I am careful not to go overboard. He was wearing a pair of very strong glasses, not quite as strong as mine, when I saw him and that certainly added to his good looks in my book.

He seldom wears his contacts now opting to wear his glasses for me. I was actually living as a paraplegic but I felt he needed to know the whole truth. He asked me to marry him last Christmas and I accepted with one stipulation, that being that we would not be married until after my treatment was complete.