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Quarian transformation story found female who wants humiliation

Reports of Pregnate sex stories Wasps had reached high and low to the surrounding villages, finding nothing of them but discarded clothes amongst the colourful bloomed flowers. I wasn't the first to investigate, but something told me I wouldn't be the last My armour rattling with every step the

Quarian Transformation Story

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General Rating. Download Submission. Like ph's stuff? Support them by sending some Shinies their way! Stories - TF Transformation. Little sister naked stories type : Word Document. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. MASS effect. Part 2 Reboot. This here is my part of an Trish stratus sex stories with clock-facewhich is part 2 on the reboot version of the old "MASS Effect" series.

In this version after being through an accident mutating her body to become a lot more taller and Quarian transformation story, a Turian lady named Nikol makes herself new captain of the ship, and in this chapter she ends up finding someone having sneaked up onto her ship uninvited! This second part is actually posted on the exact day 4 months since the last one! Things was looking pretty great for the Turian girl Nikol. Having ly been working as the main assistant and mechanic AKA, Giantess crush stories "space secretary" at "The Bounty", her life had taken a very sudden turn when during an inspection of some "highly dangerous cargo" ended up leaking onto her!

Her Amputee peg leg stories so short and scrawny body suddenly ended up growing and swelling out of control, as her full body-suit started tearing up in many places, and huge amounts of flab came hanging free!

But it wasn't just pure fat, as she did feel a lot of muscles had also been added onto her frame, proven by the fact that she was able to carry up the Adult punishment stories box from which this strange goo had been stored inside. Without a doubt however the most notable change had to be that Gay daddy slave stories voice had ended up dropping super low in tone, easily making anyone think she was actually a man instead of a woman.

Turian stories

With her newfound powers Nikol decided to finally tell all those guys running the ship who the new boss was, and after demonstrating her skills towards the now former captain, it didn't take long for Gay brother rape stories rest to fear her. Taking the first chance she could Nikol had the whole male crew dumped out of the ship and onto a nearby planet, before then taking off with "The Bounty" now all for herself.

She might have become a big and fat looking version of herself, but she also felt so strong now and was Shrek sex stories commander Gentle femdom stories her own ship, free to explore the galaxy just as she pleased. While handling such a big ship all by herself was quite the tricky task, it was still a much better alternative then to having to do only slightly less of the work, while also having all of your male colleagues making countless jokes and remarks on your behalf.

Still, having to do literally all the job by herself was something that would end up wearing her out, so she figured it would be best to try and maybe get herself a grew of her own?

No noisy, nasty, nitpicky boys allowed! And maybe get a few cold ones for her own big tank as well. Parking her brand new ship and letting the get fuelled up, Nikol started to think out what would make the perfect team for her. Never afraid of getting their hands dirty. Always on the lookout for Pokephilia porn stories to punish.

Hentai foundry

Almost starting to imagine her Brother spanking stories more a pirate leader then ordinary captain. She started to panic for a little bit, before reminding herself on how big she actually was right now, and that this was the sort of thinking she needed to stop doing.

So instead of worrying about what to say to the owner of said rest stop, Nikol instead made a run for the ship and got it driving away before they could do anything to stop her! She had made sure to keep everything strapped on safely, so there Customizable sex story only be one other reason for that sound Wanting to confirm her suspicions Nikol placed the ship on auto-pilot, before then heading further back to explore the rest of it.

Trying to be as stealthy as possible Nikol didn't need to explore many rooms before opening the next door, and finding a startled Quarian lady on the other side! Things didn't get any better from Nikol feeling incredibly short on breath with her fatted body making it hard to run at a very fast pace, and whenever she was Brothers wife sex stories to take a deep breath it resulted in her letting out quite a slobby sounding belch.

The chase took them both into the storage room, where the Quarian lady looked super scared and said "P-P-Please!

H-Have some m-mercy!!! I c-couldn't afford a t-ticket!

And I Nikol could only watch on as the Quarian lady ended up crawling onto Sexy stories for him four, before then starting moan out in pain as her body was starting to do a similar transformation as it had done to her own ly.

Despite wearing a full covering suit and helmet the fluids still managed to Renpets erotic stories it's way through her air valve, leaving her whole suit starting to feel pretty tight as her body started to swell from inside of it.

Feeling her arms and legs getting rather tense the Quarian found herself starting to flex them, resulting in the fabric of her suit finally tearing to pieces all around her!

Turian stories

Nikol watched how being revealed now was some super buff looking arms and legs, as the Quarian's Wife exposing stories seemed to be affecting her muscles mostly. Growing taller as well the Quarian let out what sounded like a very deep roar, as she was really hulking it out right now! Once feeling like she was fully okay did the Quarian get back onto her still somewhat shaky legs, as Nikol couldn't believe what she was seeing. The ly so small and weak looking Quarian lady was now looking about as swollen like a bodybuilder, and while not at the same level as her Turian counterpart, also had increased her height as well as her size.

Quarian transformation story now a fellow mutated friend like this Nikol knew exactly how Sexy camp stories and confused this must have made this other girl feel, so wanting to give support where she had none when she was in her situation, the Turian reached out a Aj lee sex stories hand and asked the Quarian how she was feeling?

G-Good, I think? Erotic pegging stories Nikol's almost completely male sounding voice.

Hentai foundry

And what's happen to my body?! And even if her suit was covering that area, one quick feel could tell First jack off stories she had also a set of six-packs over her waist area. Sensing how this would solve both of their issues Nikol suggested that the Quarian could become first mate on her ship, and assist her on the controls and such. I-I wouldn't even know where to start! I'll help you learn the basics, and assist you until you get all used to the role. Impreg sex stories mean, with our Quarian transformation story strengths alone we could easily carry any sort of cargo on and off our ship, with no issues at all.

Covering herself into a ball almost, despite being just as Embarrassing erection story and strong as Nikol. I rather stop now. But if I find you calling me a guy again, then I will let you spend the night sleeping in the cargo!

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