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Looking for a quick steamy story to binge when you have time? New chapters release throughout the day, so Fraternity paddling stories can catch up on your favorite storylines whenever you have time.

Rated R Short Stories

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Fan fiction based on Johnny Depp's movie characters.

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Tomorrow's Never: Chapter Eight. Feet domination stories Eight Shadows Stephen breathed in rapid shallow breaths. Karen was lying on the cold asphalt. Her eyes stared into the nothingness. Stephen bought his hand up to cup his mouth.

He wanted to scream as loud as he could but he was unsure what was going on. The people he heard shouting were men, not Karen. Stephen stood up straight against the cab of the semi-truck and his heart beat pounded around his skull. The shot came from behind the truck. He quickly dipped to his knees and peered under the truck. A man fell to the ground. Cow tf story could see from the mangled face of the man he had just been shot in the face.

It was the man he had moved on from behind the police station. Black high heels now stood next to his head. Stephen had to compose himself but found it difficult with Rated r short stories at his side. The police training made his legs move and his gun moved to his chest while he moved to the threat. Each step to the end of hood of the truck was a fantasy to his mind Get paid to write dirty stories it was not conscious to him.

A living waking nightmare unfolding without his ability to control it or stop it. He been here before.

This situation was different but the feeling was the same. He rounded the hood and extended his gun. Red dust puffed on the bricks behind him. The bullet had gone through. Taz looked down at the gun now in Real sex stories tumblr hand.

His lifeless body crumbled to the ground. His feet twitched as the nerves fired inside him. Taz stared down at Bob while dark blood, black in the street lit sidewalk, pooled around his heels. The gun was warm to his blood drenched hands.

Droplets fell to the pool below them. Taz looked back into the street and saw a bulky man with thin legs pointing a gun at him. Wife gangbanged story had always been quick and his knees moved swiftly, followed by the heels being kicked off his feet.

His legs lifted and landed on the ground. The gentle breeze grew strong around his face as he ran fast, away from the man, away from Shemale escort stories and away from Karen. The gun grew cold in his hand. His mind struggled to sort out the event that just happened but the desire to get away stripped him of these thoughts. A large part of him forced it away as well.

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He knew how this looked. All the cop heard was the shot and him Blue bloods love stories above Bob. Cops had never seen his point of view. If they caught him, he knew he was going back to prison. The wig Taz wore loosened and flapped as he ran faster Snowballing sex stories faster. At any moment he expected a bullet to tear through his body but luck was with him. An unlit alleyway Rated r short stories him to dart into its welcomed shadows.

It was a frosty night and the opening of the white van doors made Taz shiver. Girlfriend spanking stories was the first day of a two year sentence for striking the cop at the park. He had never been imprisoned. A side of him was scared but he knew he had to keep that from the people around him. The other side was angry at being imprisoned for essentially being gay.

Taz lifted himself from the seat and the chains that bound him clinked and clanked on his wrists and ankles. There was only four of them in the van and he was the last to get out. Wet cunt stories other three had already formed a line to the white thick door ahead. Taz glanced back to the direction they had come from.

Fire escape – a new sexy story

The ten foot top barded wired gate had Weird transformation stories rattled to its locked position. The night sky was dark. The city lights kept the stars from his eyes and it was a moonless night. He had been unable to afford the bail and stayed in the county jail until his trial. The neighborhood he came from had always had a distrust of the police and this was his first encounter with them.

He could now see the distrust was well founded.

Rated r ~ one shots

A buzzer sounded and the red light above the door circled John d muscle stories. The door opened and the artificial light inside blinded the four for a moment. Wait to be called. You will be issued bed linen! Dominant female sex stories and the others walked through the door. On the side before the black bars, the entry into the prisoner, was a spare desk.

The prisoner working the desk grabbed a brown black blanket, white sheet and a white pillow. He handed it to the first one in the line and told him to stand in front of the barred gate near to them.

Quick and dirty [rated r - language & sexual content]

This was done until all four had bed linen. A rotund prison guard put the key in the lock and its bolt clunked back. The door whined as it slide back. The prison guard that had driven in the van with them and barked Desi crossdresser stories the commands undid their chains.

Once done they walked into the prison.

Short stories / series

Lights out in the prison had already been called and the hallways leading to their cells was dark. The gun in his hand. Stephen saw the red wetness on his hands. Human puppy stories sight of Karen competed with his ability to focus on the killer.

The hesitation caused him to not fire when he had Mexican gangbang stories person in his sights. That split second hesitation allowed the man to run, run fast. Stephen stepped in his direction but his legs froze. Karen was by his feet. Her blood still oozed from her stomach. A part of him seeing the blood still gushing from her gave him false hope that life was still in her but he knew it Big tit incest stories not.

Stephen slowly slipped to the ground and felt her face. It was very warm to his touch. Her eyes fixed just above his head. Stephen wanted her to blink and see them move again. His hand glided to her eyes and gently pulled the lids closed.

The distance thudding of feet against pavement trailed off to his ears.