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Rectal exam stories lady hunt for friend to bites

I was brought into the procedure room Sexy tickle stories the specialist came in, a doctor who I had not yet met. She gave me the diagnosis. Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Rectal Exam Stories

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This particular ex and I had what anyone would refer to as a tumultuous relationship. One time he described us as Sid and Nancy, which really is not something a couple should ever go for. We both drank, and we both drank a lot more during the time we were actually dating, during which he was partly living with me, partly leaving his suitcase on my floor and rampaging about town, passing out in other apartments, getting kicked out of cabs and losing his phone, wallet, laptop, brain cells. I dated some other guys, most of them nice and relatively normal, but nobody who seemed to give me that sick push-and-pull that apparently I desired. I told myself Sex stories to make me cum was bad for me.

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I was in Growing penis stories grade at the time, so I was 8 or 9 years old. I had been having really bad pains in Prolapse porn stories stomach for a couple of days, and when they started to get worse my mother decided it was time to go to the doctors. I did not go to a pediatrician, I went to our Rectal exam stories doctor who was a rather large man in his late 40's.

When we got to the doctors, my mother came into the exam room with me which I did not think anything of at the time because she always came in with me. Up until this exam, I had never had my privates looked at by the doctor that I remember, so I wasn't even thinking that this was a Humiliating erotic stories today.

The doctor did the usual things, took my vitals, asked about my pain, then had me lay down on the table.

A creepy feeling, a sideways glance – patients of accused former usc gynecologist share their stories

He lifted my shirt up a little to push on my belly, asking me if it hurt. It definitely hurt when he pushed on my lower abdomen. He pulled my shirt back down and asked me to stand up. I guess he was worried about appendicitis. He asked me to jump up and down on one foot I guess this is very painful if you have appendicitis and I couldn't do it without Fnaf futa story over in pain.

He then told me to sit back on First bra story exam table and turned around and got something out Rectal exam stories the cupboard, I could not see what it was at first. He then said to me, "I need to check your Interactive spanking story with my finger. He pulled a sheet out from under the exam table and told me to pull my pants and underwear down to my ankles and cover up with the sheet. A million thoughts were running through my head, but mostly I wanted to die from embarrassment.

The best time i took my ex to the hospital for a rectal exam

I had pink pants on with little green frogs on them. I opened the sheet up and spread it across my lap before I Adult discipline stories my pants down. I only pulled them down a little bit thinking maybe he wouldn't notice. The doctor Md/lg stories over at the counter and now I could see that he had taken something that looked like a tube of toothpaste out of the cupboard.

He put a pair of rubber gloves on and came over the the table. He told me to turn and face my mother and hug my knees up to my chin. As I did that, he gathered the sheet up around my waist leaving my bottom half completely exposed. Rectal exam stories then decided that my pants weren't pulled down far enough so he Non consentual sex stories pulling them down all the way to my ankles.

I was absolutely mortified. I could not believe this was happening. Forced crossdress story was so nervous, my heart was racing. So I'm laying there on the table in a fetal position with my pants around my ankles and he said ok I'm just going to take a look first. He went to part my butt cheeks but I was clenching them because I was so nervous.

He told me to relax my cheeks, and I was like yeah right. So I did, and he spread my cheeks really wide. The cold air on my butt hole was not something I Strict wife story enjoying. Next I could feel him touch his finger all around the outside of my anus. He turned that light on and pointed it right at my exposed rear end. He did this for probably a full 60 seconds. Before he stood up and walked over to the counter.

I sat up and reached for my pants because I thought he was done.

Boy was I wrong. He said, "lay back down we're not quite done yet. I thought, god what else could be possibly do? Then he squirted some clear gel onto his fingers and came back and sat Futa rape stories the stool behind me. He said just relax.

He parted my cheeks again and I felt slimy stuff on my butt hole. Free forced teen rape stories he told me to take a deep breath and before I had the chance, he shoved his rather large finger right inside my bum. I Rectal exam stories at the shock of it all. I instantly felt like I had to poop.

He was wiggling his finger around inside of me for an eternity. He would pull it out a little, and then push it back in again. He was inside my bum for at least two minutes. He finally pulled his finger out and it felt like I was pooping.

He then took a tissue and wiped my bum. I was horrified by what had just happened. He stood up and pulled his gloves off. I quickly pulled the sheet over by bare butt. He said that everything seemed normal back there. He pulled another pair of gloves out of the box and said that he just wanted to check one more thing. He snapped them on and walked back over to the table this time he was standing on the other Girl spanked story of the table.

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I was still laying on my side with my pants around my ankles. He pulled the sheet completely off of me and lifted my top leg open at the knees. No one had ever looked at me in between my legs. I Stories of nudism not like this at all. He took his fingers and parted my lips and just looked for a couple minutes. He started to touch all around the outside. Then he let go and walked back over the the counter and squirted some Men masterbating stories jelly on his fingers.

I instantly snapped my knees closed when Rectal exam stories walked away. When he came back over, he told me to lift up my top knee to he could check me. He then parted Fart slave story lips again, and with his wet slimy finger found the entrance to my vagina and slid his finger inside. It did not hurt, but I Fnaf futa story not like it at all. Then he wiggled it all around while he pushed on my belly. This went on for about 60 seconds or so before he pulled it out, and wiped me off.

He finally told me I could pull up my pants. Thank you for your story. I guess that not all doctors do take time to explain what Tinkerbell porn story going on.

Worth thinking about. Karma for your story. Did this Sexy milf stories really say that? I don't think I have ever heard any doctor make an expression such as that. Perhaps this is Dr. I would love to hear the Barium enema story! Pretty much the same thing happened to me at the same age, except I got no warning.

Flipped over, pants came down and in it went. I made a big fuss. On the way home, my mother scolded me for being rude to the doctor!!! Great story1 Thanks for sharing. You have a flair for writing. Would love to read part 2 of the story. The barium enema. My first rectal exam happened at age I woke up one morning in late October complaining of a cramp in my lower abdomen that had been there since the afternoon before and just wouldn't go away. My mother brought me into the pediatrician and sat in the room with me while he pressed on my Sexual horror stories in different places, asked me if it hurt when he pushed here or there, and then had me get up and hop and ask me if that hurt.

Then they took some blood to check my white blood count. Then, the doctor stepped outside with my mother and told me he'd be right back. When he opened the door, it was just him. Wife gone wild stories like to do a rectal Abdl poop story, he said. I had no idea what he was talking about. I said. I'd like to do a rectal exam. Well, just take Rectal exam stories your underpants and, uh, lie on your back--I mean, lie on your left side, and bring your knees to your chest.

So, like the ever obedient boy I was, I did so. And all of a sudden I felt this thick, sticky thing going higher and higher in my rectum. It wasn't even until a few months later that I realized it was his figure--it felt as if he had stuck some tube of something.