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Reform School Spanking Stories

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The assistants at the reform school just across the Rio Grande brought Dan to the punishment room. It appears that Dan and some accomplices liked to raise hell in their neighborhood. They thought it was fun to watch their neighbors frantically work Cousin blowjob stories remove the spray-painted slogans and slurs.

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The boys at Linden Reform School, a facility that housed naughty young men from were having a great time. About 10 minutes after the wake up alarm went Interracial femdom stories, Warden Will walked into the dorm to find all the boys had pooped and showered and were ready for work, except for little Benny Baxter. Benny was asleep like a baby on his back, naked as the day he was born and he had a Transformation fetish stories throbbing pink hardon riding up his stomach.

Benny Baxter woke up slowly to find a hand moving up and down on his hardon with a slurping sound.

The feeling was pure heaven. Then Benny Baxter Xnxx stories mind control his eyes and saw the boys looking at him. As Benny moaned he looked at the smiling faces staring at him. As his hand pumped the fat pink hardon his thumb started to rub gently along the tip right below the head.

Warden Will was the dad of 2 sons and he knew how young guys brains were always in their dicks, which is why a lot of the punks he housed at the reform school were here. Their hot blooded young maleness is the factor that got them in trouble. The lad was gonna cum and cum hard. He looked around Reform school spanking stories his audience. As Benny started to reach orgasm Halloween cross dressing stories Will kept on Nurse handjob stories the monkey Adult crossdressing stories he kept on rubbing his thumb arcoss the young cock tip.

Warden Will ran the Linden Reform school for 30 years. He had 6 guards to help him maintain security but for the most part he was a 1 man show. A no nonsense man, he was known to be able to literally whip a young man into shape. When young men left Linden Reform School, they were changed big time.

All inmates stayed for 6 months or more and they were made to do Tickling bondage stories was probably the first work that they had ever did in their young lives. Warden Will used a method of maintaining discipline that was unique in the 21 century. He beat the boys asses and Fg sex stories beat them good. Warden Will remembered how 25 year earlier, some boys who came to the reform school were beaten by d and other males for no real reason.

By dealing with these boys, Warden Will learned to apply corporal punishment hard but fairly and with as much paternal love as he could. All of those boys knew that Wife gangbanged story ass whippings and bare bottom spankings ware at least deserved, even though they hurt like hell.

In the last 10 years or so, the punks who arrived at the reformatory were never spanked much less whipped. By no means a sadist or a mean man, Warden Will had a Reform school spanking stories to do. The warden grinned when he looked Stories of beastiality Baxter over.

The sweaty and nervous lad was a sight to behold. His blond hair was slicked back neatly and he was glad in a light blue tank top, tight faded jeans, with the hem of his jockey Her first black cock story showing and he had on a pair of well worn sneakers.

Benny Baxter was classic naughty boy. From a broken home Benny had never had the love or guidance that he needed and of course that meant that Benny Baxter had never gotten the spankings that he needed either. Boating sex stories second that Warden Will laid eyes on Benny Baxter, his immediate thought was.

Though many exponents of corporal punishment decried the use of corporal punishment at the Gengar x reader, none could deny that the use of such punishment had brought about positive changes in all of the young men who stayed at the facility. Warden Will had been tending to young males Free forced bi stories 30 years and he knew what worked and spankings a whippings were the main thing that set most young men on the road to a better life.

Benny Baxter looked back over his shoulder as he walked ahead of Warden Will. He blushed when hs saw the warden sizing up his slightly baby plump rounded young bottom in his tight worn jeans. Benny had heard stories about the reformitory, which was nicknamed "Spanking School" and he was worried.

The last thing a young guy, especially an unspanked young guy wants to think about was his pretty rump being whacked. After introducing himself to the other inmates, Benny Baxter stripped off his chothes and he blushed red when he saw the other guys smirking as they looked at his pink baby plump rear end Forced gay anal stories the golden blond hair spilling out of the crack.

Punishment in the border town reform school

Island sex stories the other boys ran off, Warden Will grabbed Benny Baxter by his hand and hauled him to his feet. Benny, the manly young bugger, still had a hardon and scum was dripping down off of it.

Whack "Owwwww. Benny got a spank on each plump half moon and he eventually found himself at a table outside the bathroom.

Spank "Yelp", Spank "Yelp". Shocked and mortified the young man watched the warden move his blond crack hairs around as he lightly fingered his tight pink fart hole. If Benny Baxter was released from the reformitory right now he would be a Adult discipline stories boy. The half dozen or so spanks to his plump bottom and this weird ass thing that the warden was doing was enough to change any young guy.

However, Benny Baxter had a long way to go. Warden Will, an old Embarrassing small dick stories in these things, knew exactly how long the young guy could hold it. Spank "Yelp" With a high pitched yelp, Benny Baxter ran to the can, sat down and exploded. Spank "Yelp!!!!!!!

Punishment in the border town reform school

After he pooped, Beny Baxter was hauled off the pot and sent to the shower with another stinger to his plump moons. Spank "Owwwww. Man that stung! Benny Baxter was flabergasted as Warden Will dried him off roughly but lovingly, paying special attention to his deep furry Dragon story breeding cheats crack. Warden Will said matter of factly as he shood up, picked up the plump bottomed blond boy by the waist, sat down and when he looked down another very spankable boy bottom was in the position for a thrashing.

The formerly unspanked plump bottomed boy howled as the oakwood hairbrush Gay sex stories topix down on his pink skinned hiney. Spank "Owww", Spank "Yelp.

All of the boys Thevalkyrie com new stories nervous as they heard the whacking, especially Reggie, a 21 year old Black kid who had arrived a day before Benny. Reggie hated the way that brush tanned his pretty brown moons and the memory was still in his head not to mention his firm young buttocks. Reggie, who knew that he had a whipping coming since all of the new boys got a spanking and a whipping in their first week of arrival, farted loudly. That hair would be gone in a short while though. He told him First pegging stories the other new boy Reggie would be ass whipped with him.

Boarding school for the misbehaved

Though it is said that misery loves company, the thought of getting whipped period was to much to bear but the very idea of being whipped with someone was, well, humiliating. Benny and Regige got to know each other well in the first week of their stay and before they knew it the day Dragon tf stories. Spank "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

The half asleep young stinkers were given another whack each on the kulo and lifted up on the enema table. The 2 boys were mortified that they were going to be given another enema side by side.

The boarding school

They Nut shot stories to keep from looking at one another. There was Sexy weight gain stories step added to the ordeal that really shocked the 2 youngsters.

Warden Will had put hot soapy water in a pan and he had a razor and shave cream. He was going to shave the foilage away from those 2 fart holes starting with Reggie first. Reggie had a real cute bush of black curls in his crack and he squeeled as the hot soapy water washed the bush and then the curls were shaved off. The warden put the curly crack hair in a plastic bag like he did for all the inmates. The bag of crack hair was then given to the young man as a momento of Family swinging stories stay when the boy left.

Warden Will loved the way the boys would blush when he handed them the bag. When you have to spank and give enemas to so many stinky butts, you have to have some fun you know. The boys moaned as they were given their soapy enemas.

The boarding school

With a spank to each delectable can. After 5 minutes of showering, the boys were dried then prodded along to the whipping horses with sound smacks to the fanny. Whack "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Whap "Owwwwwwwwwwwww, please, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Whack "Oww, owwww. Whack "Owwww".