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Renamon Sex Stories

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Note: This lemon is rated NC and contains digimon and a Male wg story having sex. If you are offended by this turn back now. For the rest of you, enjoy.

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Just here to pop in and say there hasn't been dramatic changes to the story, probably only a few name changes. BTW, this was the first lemon I have ever Warprize read online, and I was still a novice, just keep that in mind. If you are under seventeen or cannot handle sex or crossbreeding between a human and digimon, please do not read this story. But if you can handle it, be my guest and read it, the more the merrier….

I use their characters for my stories. Lee Jenrya, a Digimon Tamer, has been with Renamon, another Tamers' digimon, in a romantic relationship for almost a complete year. They have gone through many experiences that brought them just closer together: breaking the barrier holding them apart, Valentine's Day, and most importantly finding the meaning of true love and testing Erotic stories siblings against a evil digimon.

But there has been one experience they have not gone through, true intimacy. They didn't expect it to go very far, Spanking memories stories they have gone against all odds, and this was the last test of love.

They didn't expect it to come the day they expressed their feeling for each other for the first time exactly one year later….

Lee thought to himself in his apartment. He lay on his bed, thinking, since it was almost his and Renamon's one-year anniversary. And this was the only time he could think in his apartment since both Terriermon and Lopmon were sleeping as well as his younger sister, Shiuchon, was also Dick sucking stories and those three were always the loudest in the apartment.

It was his only peaceful quiet time. My one-year anniversary with Renamon is coming up soon…I cannot believe that we have been together for that long!

I seriously thought we would be split apart once Ruki and the others Proctoscope exam stories out, but Girlfriends mom sex story understand. And we have gone through so much: breaking the barrier of the digital world and the real world to be together, our first Valentine's Day, that incident when we were kidnapped and tested our true love…now it has been a full year.

I still can't believe it. How will I show how much I love Renamon? I have no idea right now…Maybe Takato has ideas….

Lee got up and walked down to the park to find Takato. He decided to ask him for help. He decided to leave Terriermon at home since he was sleeping and Cousin blowjob stories didn't want to disturb him. Renamon is perched on Ruki's rooftop pondering several unanswered questions, but the topic of love comes up and she realizes how long she and Lee have been together…. It has been a full real-world year since I have been with Lee. Lee has been caring, kind, and loving to me for a human year now.

I must repay him for his love…but how? Maybe I should ask Female blowjob stories about this…. Renamon got up from her current position and was about to leap off to find Barebottom spanking stories tamer when she felt an odd, tingling sensation near her lower abdomen and crotch area and started thinking things about mating.

Hentai foundry

Renamon quickly realized what the feeling was, but she did not know the technical term for it. I must find Ruki-san quickly…'.

Renamon jumped from tree to tree, trying to find her tamer and finally succeeding finding her in the garden of her home. Ruki felt Renamon's presence the moment Renamon arrived in a dark corner. And you show you still Tg stories crystal him to that very day. Thank you Ruki-san. Renamon decided to ask her partner about the strange sensation. Fart girl stories have been keeping it under control, and it did not even show up last year, but it showed up this year and it seems stronger.

It usually happened around the time when my species are mating…".

Ruki gave a short chuckle, "Renamon, have you been thinking, about mating when this happened every year? Renamon thought, "Yes, actually I did.

I always had the urge to mate for some reason…". Ruki gave another short chuckle, "it's simple Renamon, you're in Heat. But remember, your mate is like you lifelong partner, your one and only true love. And both you and your mate must agree that you want to mate.

It is a crime to force someone to mate with you in the real world, but that doesn't really apply to you since you're a digimon. And seriously consider this, Asn story board may already know this but it is a HUGE responsibility after you mate, Nylon foot worship stories if you have a baby…". I will think hard before doing anything. Thank you again Ruki-san.

You have helped me greatly. And I hope you find your true path to love and whatever you and Lee decide, I will always be here for you Renamon.

You are truly my best friend. Don't you live across town far from here? So I decided to come with him and visit you guys. Where's Monodramon? He's with Lopmon and Shiuchon sleeping. I thought Terriermon was your digimon? It was a year ago when we got together and we are still a couple, but I don't know what to do for an anniversary for a digimon…I don't know much about romance with a digimon much.

I remember that, and Rowan blanchard sex stories was out of it for a week Pegym success stories that kiss from Ruki.

Ryo grew a smile on his face when he realized what time of year it is and that Lee was with Renamon. Lee became nervous and sweat dropped, Female haircut stories barbershop be looking for a mate…". This happens to a lot of people who realize this.

I thought she was just going to ask to hang out, but I found out she wanted more…It's a long story, I'll tell you it later, not in front of the other guys. But technically, I half mated. Punished wife story lets go help Lee. Lee groggily got up, "Well, you guys keep scaring me about Renamon and her mating season…". I never said you have to do it, but Mmsa spanking stories will be looking for a mate, and you are her first candidate…think about it, but you don't have to.

One word of advice, Renamon species are real sensitive in a few areas, particularly the chest area.

Hentai foundry

That's enough from me…". Trust me, if she's anything like Ruki, she needs A LOT of pleasing to win her over, but you already did, so it's all up to you now. This is really making me nervous, our anniversary and all. So if you need anymore advice, just ask us. Ryo gave Sex arcade stories a stare, "Just joking…". I need to think about this now. See you guys later.

They may have rituals or something for respect. So respect what she does even if it seems weird. Bye guys".

Lee is caring and loving, but is he willing to Mature nudist stories our relationship to the next physical level? I must think about this hard, but I need to mate. I crave it…I must find a mate soon; I cannot hold it off forever. I know my mate has to be my true love and Lee is my true love, but is he willing to be my mate?

We've been together long enough, it is time to find out.

Renamon has decided that she will ask Lee to be her mate. She was confident and 4 stories in feet believes that he loves her enough to be her mate, the mate that will love her with his life and will never leave her. Not knowing, Lee was pondering the same question…. This is the most difficult decision I have ever faced. I love Renamon, but enough to mate with her? I know that if I Retirement home sex stories with her, I have a huge responsibility ahead of me, especially if she becomes…pregnant.

But can digimon become pregnant? Dammit I love her! I have to take the chance and this is the time she need me the most. Even if it costs my childhood….