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Repopulation Sex Story

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for Free! Repopulating the World "Allie, Rich and John are the only people to survive when a meteor hits earth. Score 4.

Name: Diann
Age: 34
Ethnic: Swedish
What is my body features: My figure features is slender
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Breeder rape future - repopulation recovery act

Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Sat 11th of April Report. Introduction: A Sci-fi themed story through the eyes of John Bartnet.


Prologue: January 1st, Washington D. I have a little theory of my own you see. I believe that the end of the world is NOT going to happen at all. People have believed these prophecies all through out history. Why should this date be no Dolcett snuff story I am not one of those people, in the least.

The Free World is still free. The polar caps are still frozen.

The world is FINE. Totally Erotic short stories lush. Thank you Dr. Brassion for putting our viewers minds at ease. The last few who were vaccinated were captured by the major Governments of the world and put to use repopulating the world…this is one such very lucky man. Brown hair and hazel eyes seem to have a touch for the ladies, but I never Lesbian gyno stories dated much in high school.

I heard about the virus but it never really bothered me. I guess this virus only affected guys by making them sterile. I remember getting tested every year and coming up negative for the virus so naturally people saw me differently.

After the apocalypse

When I got vaccinated I was the only guy on the floor of my office building. They tried to segregate the healthy from the sick and I guess it worked.

I got a letter in the mail from the government one day asking me to their program of repopulating the earth. I went to this office downtown ready to get my big bonus. I walk in and see the receptionist as she greets me warmly. How could Kidnap fantasy stories know me? I guess I must be one of the few guys left.

The virus 1

There is a lot to cover and little time Slut teacher stories do it in. She was looking over the railing smiling warmly at me. I take some stairs and get a better look at her as we walk to her executive office.

She offers me a seat and closes the door. Tarek, What am I going to do about my apartment and my car and things? Sound good to you?

Mom & son repopulate earth - extended preview

Or my remaining lease? They must be very desperate. I was escorted to what Wife sharing true stories a laboratory and a bunch of nurses and scientists with clip boards looking me up and down. The nurse shook her head yes.

Repopulate stories

I answered all their questions and after that they took me to a cleaning room of some sort. I was instructed to disrobe and shower myself. I did as instructed Drunk wives sex stories from then on there I never wore those clothes again, or any street clothes for that matter. I was then taken to a room where nurses laid me down on the bed and asked me to part my legs.

I was embarrassed that they were looking at my six inch penis, but they were professional about it and B&d stories followed their instructions. They made me close my eyes, but from the pain I knew they stuck Female blowjob stories with a syringe full of something and injected it into my testicles.

After the apocalypse

Immediately I felt the strongest urge to Hairless pussy story but it subsided within a minute, but the feeling of my balls going to explode stayed quite a bit longer. They assured me through my discomfort by saying it was only brief.

To add to my discomfort I was starting to get an erection from the injection. One of the nurses lubed up her gloved hand and stroked me. It felt so good that Forced breeding sex stories was almost ready to blow my load right then.

While I was being rubbed they injected something into my hard cock that made it feel completely numb and the sensation of my balls close to bursting was gone. They helped me off the bed and the lead nurse escorted me to a room where Lisa was standing in Nonconsentual sex stories of a big door.

She subtlety licked her lips at the sight of No underwear stories now 7 inch cock. I could tell she wanted to suck it and I was begging in my mind for her to.

After all the ministrations from earlier Dog fucks wife story really noticed her figure. She had a decent sized waist and a nice round ass, her tits were probably about a 38D. She explained to me what was going to happen in the room behind her.

The numbness will subside any minute now so let me make this quick. You are to step up to the platform of each woman and enter them. As we speak the amount sperm in your balls is multiplying at an incredible rate. The feeling of ball-splosion started coming back and she could see the Bare ass spanking stories on my face. I Erotic pirate stories the room in pitch black. Instantly a spot light illuminated one platform with a restrained naked woman in what looked like some sort of a pod.

Her feet were spread apart and lying face down with her bare ass in the Fucking my baby sister stories. The scene was so exciting I almost came right then, but I knew I needed to fill her pussy up with my seed. I walked up to the platform as the numbness had completely disappeared and I could feel the urge to fuck overwhelming me. I Repopulation sex story onto the platform and examined my first mate. She was white with medium legs and had a shaved pussy. This pod concealed everything but her ass, pussy, legs and feet.

I grabbed my cock and rubbed it against her exposed slit. She jumped at the touch of my tip, but soon became wet at the heat of my rod sliding up and down her slit. I entered her with ease due to her lubricating juices and some residual lube from the nurse earlier. It felt so good to finally be inside of a tight pussy. I plunged my entire length inside of her and stayed motionless for Girls stripped naked stories few seconds.

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Then I began to withdraw and enter again at a slow and steady pace. Her pussy began to stretch to fit my size so I picked up the pace. Before long I could feel her moving inside the pod and I assumed she was getting close to an orgasm. I held Erotic stories brady bunch as long as I could before the feeling of cumming was too much. Fortunately she came just before I unloaded my balls into her. I felt her pussy spasm on my cock as stream after stream of thick cum was shooting into this girl i've never met.

The feeling was so amazing and long overdue I thought as I looked down at her milky hole.

Repopulation (part 2) - sex stories

I withdrew my softening cock and stepped down from the platform. I watched this unbelievable amount of cum dribble out of her wet pussy and it was making me grow again. When I was about ask Erotic short stories rape where the next mate was the pod shifted forward and turned the girl upside down.

I assumed it was so the cum would run into her womb and add to the possibility of impregnation. The pod lifted into the ceiling and Gay insest stories. Another spot light kicked on over another platform.