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Rousey quickly became a household name and was featured everywhere from television, magazines and even appearing in films. Now that she is retired after suffering a brutal loss Shelf bra stories really rocked her psyche; we still love her all the same.

Ronda Rousey Sex Stories

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This story is not to be viewed by anyone under the age of This is an original story and plays off of events that took place in my "Oh, Bayley! Please enjoy, Truth or dare stories embarrassing your thoughts in the comments and rate what you believe is fair!

Name: Pia
Years: 25
Orientation: Male
What is my sex: Girl
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, Futanari transformation stories events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the celebrities, people, places, organisations, events etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

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As Rousey, clad in familiar training gear of MMA footwear and fingerless gloves, slightly baggy shorts and a black UFC sports bra that hugs nicely to her shapely tits, he around the side of the full size caged MMA training ring of the facility, she notices one person still around. Speaking of sparring Crew cut hair, and all the usual MMA Sex stories audio books gear like she has but a T-shirt up top, and from what she sees nicely built as well.

Not someone she immediately recognised however so she Lesbian sex stories with pictures he must be a rookie fighter training here. He was preoccupied with sending some body blows into a punching bag, so at first didn't notice as she changed course and headed towards him. You made it look all too easy there. I do hard work, every time and those ladies found that out.

If I wanted to I could have locked on an armbar and added another limb to my Tamil porn story But I was in a good mood so I let them off easy. Well, I'm just getting in a couple of rounds before I get going. Coach says I keep this up, I'll be ready for my first fight in Dragon mating stories couple months from now, so Sounds like you're putting in a bit of work Take from the undefeated champion of UFC right here So listen, kid What's your name?

Darren Malcolm!

Why is this important?

We've got this place to ourselves, so how about we have a little Lesbian teen seduction stories match just now in the ring back there? Not sure I'm ready to get my arm ripped off from me just yet!

Narrowing her eyes, she suddenly grips his shirt.

Rookie, you'd better Beating off bob stories damn ready any time to step inside the Octagon and give every fight your all! Otherwise you're gonna get eaten up alive in there and get tossed out! I never said no to you!! I'll spar with you! I don't think you could last a minute against me.

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In fact Here's the deal. You and me, in that ring. Let's Erotic stories ped how you handle yourself. You last a minute against me, and Well, you'll see. If I don't last the minute? Let's just say you'll have to put off that future fight, since you'll be spending the School masturbation story few months applying ice to your arm.

With little choice in the matter, indeed both the rookie and the vastly experienced and trained MMA fighter are in the ring, with Malcolm having ditched his top so he's just in his shorts, gloves and footwear. Glancing across at a large clock in the training center, Ronda waiting until the second hand hit the top mark, before Ronda rousey sex stories to start the "fight". Both sized the other up, fists raised and Tall sister short brother stories stepped in first to throw a punch he wisely blocked, but as he stepped back she came forward after him, the classic tactic to backing the opponent into the cage wall.

Knowing that himself he sidestepped, throwing a punch himself that she dodged, and seemed to flash a smirk at the attempted shot, as if she liked the fact he was taking her seriously. Reading his actions, she came in towards him, and when he tried the sidestep she lunged in, gripping the waist and the leg and with superior technical skill hauled him down to the mat of the ring.

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Grunting he covered up as she switched from the waist to the mount position, aiming about the head to ready a shot and slamming a fist into his arms, then a second to try and force through the block. Taking the risk he tilted his head to side, a desperate punch thrown up but easily blocked, and a fatal mistake as she grabbed that arm, Chasity belt stories for her infamous armbars to punish him and end this.

Quickly he clutched his hands together just as she rolled them over on the mat, looking to get into position, fighting the armbar being applied as he tried to Wet cunt stories up to relieve the pressure as she pulled back, showing her own power that's made her be named as He/s a mom read online free world's most dangerous unarmed woman.

Just as his grip felt like breaking and pain was heading his way Suddenly she let go completely of him, releasing and letting him fall back as she sat up.

One minute You Femdom trample stories going to sit there or what? Ye-yeah, sorry You are definitely undefeated for a reason! But I promised you something, right? Might not have been a full UFC timed one, but you lasted a "round" against me. But you did it. And I'm a woman of my word. Just ask any of my opponents. I don't think I'm No fucking way My hunch was right I know a decent fuck when I see one So kid?

You've earned the right to go Cuckquean wife stories on one with me again So, think you can last more than a "round" against me? Hell yeah I'm down for this! With eyes closed she eases her back along his stiffness, easily taking in half of his size already and even working her tongue along the underside for Teacher sex storys measure.

Why is this important?

Oh wow This is Looking up, she gives him an intense but sexy glare, using her hand to twist around the base while her mouth focuses on pleasuring the top part Pantyhose seduction stories him.

It's not too long before she has her oral hole doing the same motion, lifting to the head and turning her head slightly in order to grind her lips against his member before once again pushing down to the sucking motion.

Holy Hell Ronda Fuck, this is Fucking awesome!! Oh yeah Awwwww fuck!!

Ronda rousey vs. danica patrick

Wisely shutting up, he only lets out a moan of appreciation as her head once again bobs away on his pole, making it look all too easy as she takes him in deep without any hint of gagging at all as her saliva continues to drip down but only slightly seeping Wife and sister sex stories from past her lips that stay wrapped like a tight seal around that nicely thick and lengthy dick of the hunky man.

Delivering another deep suck, Ronda lifts her mouth completely off from his cock, allowing her hand not to take fully over to stroke his rod. Not bad rookie You lasted longer than a minute However it's not punishment coming quite yet as she takes the left ball into her mouth, giving it a strong couple of sucks while her hands also keep working his shaft and nuts over at the same time for an erotic triple team.

Awwwwww shit Then it was the other ball taken past her lips so she could suck on them, moaning herself as she did so and continued to work her hands over both those balls as his still stiff rod. All the while her tense eyes stared up at the groaning, handsome man she was literally making weak at the knees from her incredible oral talents, making him grip the walls of the training cage they were in Dog tf tg story support to keep himself steady.

Still fucking hard Guess I Ronda rousey sex stories more than a few minutes, huh? I think I deserve a little credit. Move" The woman seen by many as the most dangerous unarmed fighter in the world warms him with a glare, unsurprisingly have the instant effect of making him freeze on the spot so she can adjust herself onto him, one arm stretched over the shoulder to grip the sparring cage wall behind them and the other reaching down so she Amateur night true story line up his cock with her snatch.

Feeling the crown brushing against her entrance she sharply dropped herself down, causing them to both moan as she almost bottomed out onto him in her aggressive eagerness to get onto the proper fucking stage of his "reward" for surviving a brief "match" several minutes ago.

You'd better be ready kid Then she drops down sharply to make both of them groan out, before raising back upward in order to repeat the motion, fucking herself with his long dick and already establishing a swift pace that doesn't give any time for him to adjust or ease into things. Like fucking that Oh shit Ahhhhh yeah Lds love stories Ronda!!

You hanging in there kid? Don't be tapping out on me now We've got Plenty more rounds to go For the moment, she's more than happy to keep testing his Medallion of zulo stories with this swift, steady and stiff bounces onto his shaft, making the slapping sound of her snatch hitting Enforced nudity stories crotch sound out every time she lets that gorgeous and perfectly curved body land against his desirable body.

Oh, I'm I'm fucking still in this fight Ronda