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Commissioned by musclelover Dan leaned lightly against a tree, his ears straining for the song.

Satyr Transformation Story

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Name: Jobyna
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Written by and There come hard times in everyone's life where home is not the sanctuary it should be.

When offering to let someone couch surf, though, be careful if they are of an ancient, mythical race if you want your life to Breastfeeding adults stories as it is That very Foot growth stories finally managed to make him do the last step he needed to reach his climax: squished between his now rock-hard abdomen and the now damp mattress, his huge and improved satyr dick unleash projectiles of white cum, soaking his chest fur in man juice After a few seconds, though, his balls had been emptied by the last of his human sperm, and a new, thicker and richer yellow semen started being sprayed out, potent and emanating an intense and fruity aroma not unlike Pan's nectar.

The load of a true satyr.

Sage grinned wide and deep, burying his face in Ryder's hair. His thrusts became ragged and random, uneven and lost in lust As satyrs, the two were bound to enjoy the depths of their afterglow for hours to come.

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The two had been quite inseparable. Neither could count the of times they had sex each day, but it was heaven. Even now, in full view of the public, the two had Watching sister pee stories the fly of their pants and were humping cock to cock.

Life was truly good, an amazing bond that had been forged by the simplest act of allowing a satyr to come over for a sleepover. Posted 24 Apr 11, views 75 faves 5 comments 22 votes. Social Networks. Satyr Sleepover Written by and There come hard times in everyone's life where home is not the sanctuary it Dominant husband stories be.

Satyr in the woods part 2

Frank Star's Deepest Desires:. Sereverus 7 years ago 2. I Young friends sex stories this story, and would love to see it become a series actually, I think it has a ton of potential, and already has an amazing start!

Zeeme 7 years ago 1. Loved it, you always do such great satyr storys leo :D.

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Antichrist 7 years ago 1. Agree with Zeeme.

The best result with best kind of friendship and satyrs. Apollo Wolf 7 years ago 1.

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