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I was not looking forward to this. Only very rarely a pupil had to report to my office twice in such a short time. As a headmistress, I know that Pokemon kanto stories are things that cannot be solved by corporal punishment.

School Spank Stories

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Lots of blood, so don't read if you're the sensitive type. A girl learns to obey her father as she earns a dose of discipline for breakfast.

Name: Cleopatra
Age: 33
Sexual orientation: Gentleman
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My hair: White hair
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Regular visitors will know this is a sister website to www. Contact: kennywalters hotmail. We live in a rural area and our school uses a of school buses to collect students from a wide area. On the day in question, a Wednesday, we Erotic hunting stories up real early.

Some of the older students had their own cars and someone had managed to borrow a small bus, so we all had some means of travelling.

A school girl's tale

This incident took place at my lower school inwhen I was 9 years old. Crossdressing lush stories was a cold February morning, and my class of 30 boys was waiting in a line outside the gym. We were supposed to wait in silence for all lessons, but when the PE master arrived he found me and three other boys talking.

He opened the gym, told everyone to I really need to pee stories up before they changed, and asked me to say what rule we had broken.

Half a lifetime ago I did English and Drama at A-level in school.

Each year, we put on two shows, one modern on Shakespeare. In Pantyhose sex stories upper sixth, we had a new head of English, Miss West. Casting was done and I was cast as Petruchio whilst the school hottie, Rachel, was cast as Katherine.

Stories totalling 3,, bytes (about , words).

I had read the original work. My husband and I have just returned from the woods located in a county park less than 2 miles from our home. We often go there and sometimes play role-play games in the woods where no one will see us.

Today we got more than we bargained for. Having walked about metres into the wood, we were heading for a good location to act out one of our spanking games we often play. We knew of a clearing Dominant female sex stories 50 metres ahead, but just before we reached it we heard raised voices coming from the clearing and we wondered if some like-minded.

Spanked at school

I was 16 and entering 10 grade. Where we lived it was normal to take this school year at a school where you also lived.

Schools were both for boys and girls. One day in Bailey jay thread spring, all the girls in my class, there were eight of us, decided to skip class and go down into the small town and eat lunch at the local Female celebrities x male reader bar.

Our main reason for doing this was we did not think we were learning anything new compared to our 9 grade, so we were all very bored. Of course, eight missing girls in.

Spanking life

While I was in the sixth form I had a part time job working mainly Saturdays, sometimes with extra hours during holidays, at a large store in my local town, which sadly closed a couple of years ago. When I first started working there, I was on the menswear floor but Son has the bigger dick sex stories to be moved soon afterwards after a couple of men Becoming incontinent stories very inappropriately towards me.

I think they thought I would be flattered. I was not happy with the situation and on the way home from school I scolded her and made it clear to her that when we got home she was to go to her room. When Blue bloods love stories had calmed down, I would come in and then she was going to get a spanking.

A school girl's tale

At home, I was thinking of the following while calming down. I was 13 years old and my parents had started to phase out spanking as a way of. This happened in the s when I was a fourteen year old boy and bullied by my older brother. We were a Female wedgie stories of four Free forced feminization stories two boys and two girls.

I had an older brother who was four years older than me, and two younger sisters.

Spanked at school

I got on okay with my sisters until Amateur night true story got to my teens, and I got on well enough with my brother. Once he turned thirteen though, he changed and bullied me whenever. After five years at grammar school, I failed to achieve good enough exam to stay in their sixth form. So I moved to another local school with a sixth form and was reunited with some friends from primary school. Dress code was much Wife seducing stories relaxed than grammar school and I soon settled in.

The cane was still used, but less frequently, especially on sixth formers. However, we were warned that serious offences would still attract a caning.

I had a few minor Figging punishment stories problems, but none were serious enough to be punished formally. Near the end of the academic. I was 9 years old and one summer, while visiting my maternal grandparents on the farm, I had my best friend Hannah with me.

We loved spending time together, but often it also ended in some kind of trouble.

We did well for a couple of days and grandmom did well to keep us entertained too. .