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I liked Sex stories playing doctor woman that like chatlines

It was my friend Sally who first told me about Dr.

Sex Stories Playing Doctor

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Note: You can change font size, font face, Gay bdsm slave stories turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. My Kaley cuoco sex stories and I had always had a great relationship. I was the younger "protective" brother and she was the older "troubled" child that always had me on my toes. You see my sister and I were the only ones we could count on after my dad died in a plane accident. My mother was a local gynecologist, and always busy with patients and rarely at home.

Name: Claudelle
Age: 22
Ethnic: I was born in Vietnam
I like: I love male
Eye tone: Warm blue eyes
Zodiac sign: My Zodiac sign Capricorn
Figure features: My body features is fat

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Post by PhilMarlowe » Sat Brady bunch porn stories 29, pm. Users browsing this forum: Bing [Bot] and 4 guests. Playing doctor with boys - Ended naked! Share your stories. Post Reply. Contact PhilMarlowe. Send private message. They took us to a tree house and told us we had come for a checkup, It was quite fun at first as the boys pretended to be doctors examining us.

They did the usual t tests using Smoking stories net as a great excuse to look up our skirts etc. My friend wouldn't let them properly as she was very embarrassed, but I let the boy not really caring if they got some glimpses of my panties or touched my leg as it was all a naughty fun game.

This was until they got angry at her saying she needed to play properly.

I was stunned as after a lot more bullying she did indeed remove her dress leaving her in Free literorica mom son incest stories her bra and panties. The boys did their usual check ups getting a good feel of her exposed flesh. She was wearing a pair of green and orange floral panties and a plain white bra.

She was red and embarrassed as the boys did their examinations touching her exposed flesh. I just stood there grinning at my friends embarrassment thinking it served her right for not playing along to begin with. That was then they turned to me. The boys started towards me. They looked very cute and i could tell the boys were happy to see them properly. The boys had their fun with me copping a feel and examining me, this makes me blush a deep Wife first time shared stories but I also slightly enjoy the whole naughtiness of it as I could see clearly the boys boners under their clothes.

I was hoping it wouldn't get any worse but boy was I wrong! It was then the boys grabbed me. My friend nodded. I was worried but thought how bad could it be with my friend examining me. I froze Sex stories playing doctor was one thing the boys seeing my panties but my nakedness?

The boys had me held fast face down on the floor as my little naked bottom case into view as she pulled down my knickers. I was crying now as I felt Hucow porn stories panties pulled all the way off leaving me naked from the waist Odd sex stories.

I was butt naked on the floor but still luckily face down. Despite me trying to fight I was then turned over exposing both my little naked breasts and naked sex to the boys. To my shame the boys then told her she needed to Adult impregnation stories me, they made her spread my legs and to my shame she did, they made her feel up my little breasts making my nipples go hard Tumblr slut stories the attention.

Spanking stories

If this wasn't bad enough they threatened to strip her naked as well if she didn't start to play Gay rape erotic stories me. It started with her simply rubbing on top but quickly escalated to her fingering me until I started to moan. They told her to go faster and faster or this would happen to her. I was lost in ecstasy no longer being held as the boys.

Friend’s sister role plays doctor-patient

Soon after they forced her head down in between my legs. Shortly afterwards I came moaning loudly my shame coming rushing back as I lay there naked with my friend on top of me almost as breathless. erotic stories hollywood celebrities blackmailed drug couldn't believe what Older women masturbation stories had made me do in front of the boys.

But it had happened. My step brother and his friends were hanging around, one turned up with a bag filled with medical tools, his dad was a doctor and he had snuck it out. I remember everyone being amazed, I was really curious and wanted to look too. The boys had started to play doctor testing heart beats with a stethoscope and using a thermometer to see temperatures.

I remember lots of "Wow! Looking back Anal pegging stories think they was bigging it up to pull me in. The boys agreed but I had to act like a patient first. Foolishly I agreed and was laid down quite uncomfortably on the family dining table.

At first it was all fun as they asked me question as if he was a real doctor and looked into my eyes and ears with the various tools. Grinning my step brother Tommy then got the stethoscope to check my heartbeat. He slid it and his hand down the front Bride rape stories my dress and ended up copping a feel of my small bra covered boob!

Foolishly I allowed him to continue, I remember still blushing as he found my heart and the cold on my exposed skin. Girls first orgasm story warning he lifted Wife pays debt porn stories leg up which caused my little summer dress to flick up exposing my panties.

I tried to get up to stop him but a couple of the other boys held me down. He purposefully kept one leg down and lifted the other up at funny angles to get a view up my skirt. I squirmed and tried to kick him. I tried to fight but my Sex stories playing doctor and legs where pulled to the corners of the table and I was tied with some washing line like that. I was mortified as my step brother and his friends got a great view. I cried out again but no one but the Clit pumping stories were home to hear me.

They continued to pull my dress up until my matching blue bra came into view too.

Candy plays doctor

The dress was pulled over my head blindfolding me from the action. It was humiliating knowing the boys could see all of my private underwear. I tried to wriggle free but I was stuck fast. The boys got some marker pens and started plotting Liv and maddie sex story they would need to cut.

I know most of them used this as an opportunity to feel near my little boobs. They also drew near my panties making me really squirm must to their growing pleasure. Most of the other boys agreed this was a good idea. I remember laying there totally humiliated but also terrified that soon I might be butt naked Spanked over moms knee stories tortured further. Luckily then the phone rang and my step mother said she would be back in five minutes and was picking up KFC for everyone.

The boys moaned but knew they had to quickly untie me.

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I couldn't see but I'm sure someone pulled on the cup Teen mmf stories my bra to get a view of my naked tit but I can't be sure. They made me promise not to tell or they'd get me next time and do lo of awful things to me butt Pokemon kanto stories with the medical supplies.

I agreed and luckily wasn't the victim of similar pranks in future. I heard they also True pegging stories it to one of the other boy's sister and made her strip to just her knickers before performing breathing tests and CPR on her I just knew the perverts would have loved that getting to feel naked boobs, I heard she agreed to let them do it as they had threatened to strip her butt naked and give her a full exam and an enema.

I can't help thinking they could have been my fate if luckily my step mum didn't come home early. Janienudiepants wrote: Nice story I enjoyed it so much DerpyGirl wrote: Re: Playing doctor with boys - Ended naked!

Playing doctor

Me and Asmr scripts to read friend a girlwere playing at my house. She then asked, "wanna have sex? She pulled me into the closet where she pulled down my pants. She did the same to herself and told me to touch her "kitty kat" aka her vagina. I did as she touched mine. She put her fingers on it, and I rubbed hers.