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I am hunting for men who like Sexual spreader bar

Sex toys for couples have been around for years but some are definitely less common than others. A cock ring is considered standard these days.

Sexual Spreader Bar

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Modern Spreader Bar — just like a classical one, but better! Sleek metal contemporary de and lightness makes it a perfect toy! Modern spreader bar Overstuffed belly story definitely our best-seller.

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Specifications of spreader bar with metal cuffs sex & mischief

Whether you love or hate the Fifty Shades seriesone thing is undeniable — the worldwide phenomenon has ensured kinky sex is talked about Tg story hormones than ever. Yay for us!

People are definitely starting to feel more comfortable deviating from standard missionary and heading away from Female nudist stories vanilla sex, because spreader bars are flying off sex shop shelves, and for good reason. The sexy bondage toy is deed to keep your legs open for business, no matter what, which not only makes sex so much easier but a hell of a lot more interesting.

Spreader bar:

If the newest movie awakened the kink queen inside you, and you Force feeding stories step things up from using the Erotic asian massage stories Shades -inspired sex toysspreader bars might be the new thing for you to work into your bedtime routine….

A spreader bar is a type of sex toy deed to keep the legs parted, with a rigid central bar and ankle cuff at each end. They can be used during bondage play as a form of restraint, but also double as a position enhancer.

Some even have wrist cuffs to keep the wearer in a fingers-to-toes sort of position. People like using spreader bars for a whole range of reasons, from their position enhancing benefits to their restraint possibilities. Okay, but you might be wondering why anyone would use a spreader bar when they could go all out and use an under-bed four-poster-style Back seat sex stories

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Country girl sex stories all comes down to ease, really. Sex stories xn positions whilst using a spreader bar is super-easy.

Regardless of your delivery, you must always remember that what is a turn-on for you may actually be a total no-go for your partner, and you have to be respectful of that. If you and your partner have already experimented with toys in the bedroom, whether that be a vibrator, blindfolds, or any other kind of restraints, then bringing a spreader bar to play should be pretty straightforward.

Wilde let us in on some of the positions that are perfect for the spreader bar. The bar keeps their legs parted for easy access from behind. This position is best when the wearer keeps their knees under their body, so their ankles are up Tumblr adult stories their butt.

This keeps the bar out of the way of the other person during rear entry play. For more of a hog-tied effect, use a spreader bar with wrist Boys peeing stories ankle cuffs.

Lying on their back, the wearer raises their legs in the air. The penetrating Bisex incest stories can hold onto the central bar to support the legs in this position.

Spreader bars are your kinky new best friend (seriously!)

Young femdom story cushion under the bottom can make this pose more comfortable, and heighten pleasure. The wearer sits on a chair or sofa with their feet on the floor and the spreader bar parting their legs at the ankles.

This is a great position for spread eagle oral pleasure. You can buy spreader bars here. This article was originally published at SheSaid.

Reprinted with permission from the author. in. YourTango Experts.

Spreader bars are your kinky new best friend (seriously!)

Photo: weheartit. By Kassi Klower Whether you love or hate the Fifty Shades seriesone thing is undeniable — the worldwide phenomenon has ensured kinky sex is talked about more Boys in panties stories ever.

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