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Sexy Pokemon Stories

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The only thing that belongs to me is Ashley. The people and places belong to their respective owners as I make no money by writing this story. I have a whole host of different ideas, but I want to have her journey in order starting with Kanto then moving through the Slut wife creampie stories areas.

The original fic is awesome, and I wanted to try my hand at it as well, with a few changes such as the personality of the girl involved and a few other small details. I also try to keep them using attacks they can actually use in the games, but again sometimes you just need to use artistic licence. Not too much, but a little if I think it will make the story Sexy pokemon stories. Not all of them happen in the first chapter but you never know what might happen later on.

EDIT: I changed the end of this chapter Read penthouse forum. Though I enjoyed writing it at the time, looking back I feel it was a bit to much so I changed it to make myself a bit more comfortable with it. Ashley nodded her eyes dipping down to the Pokeball on her belt.

‘pokemon’ stories

Their last, until Ashley returned home, which could be months or maybe even years in the future. Ashley released her mother giving her a final smile before turning away from the home that had been hers for the last 14 years ready to face the wonderful world she was about to experience. Ashley walked down the road that led out of Viridian City enjoying the nearly cloudless day with its warm sunshine.

She smiled as she watched the Pidgy and the Rattata playing in the grass. She focused her eyes forward to the tree line of the Viridian Forest that could be seen rising from the horizon. Ashley sighed to herself; her eyes Mother son incest mind control story listening to the sounds of the Viridian Forest around her. It was so peaceful.

Opening her Sexy pokemon stories she continued walking every now and then catching sight of a Caterpie from the corner of her eye. Ashley hesitated on the path, knowing that as soon as she waded into the long grass in search of one, she could encounter much more. After a moment she decided Closet fetish stories risk was worth it and leaving the safety of the forest path she made her way into the grass.

After a short time she pushed through the grass and into a small clearing.

In front of her was a single wide tree, from which there were many Kakuna attached to the bark. But it was their evolution Beedrill that had her concerned. Severely territorial Beedrill were known to attack humans who wandered into areas of the forest they had claimed as their own, and growing Gay rape fiction stories over 3ft in height they were a serious danger.

As she stepped back a brittle twig crunched loudly under her shoe, making her gasp in fright as the sleeping Kakuna immediately awoke at the noise. She froze where she stood as dozens of eyes darted in her direction. Ashley backed up, but it had Tagalog gay sex stories a mistake.

The moment she had moved all five rushed her. She screamed reflexively and turned to run but barely made a few steps before one of the Beedrill impacted with her back sending her crashing to the ground an easy victim of its Pursuit attack.

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Ashley groaned at the pain of grazing her knees on the ground, her mind regretting the choice to wear a skirt rather than pants on her first day on her journey. She rolled over onto her back, tears pooling in the corner of her eyes as she looked up at the circling Beedrill. I mean you no harm, let me go. The one in the centre hovered closer to her.

It was a bit larger than the other four and by the way it held itself, she could sort of tell that Sexy pokemon stories Sexy cheerleader story hive it had more Truth or dare stories embarrassing than the others, who were staying back as though waiting for instruction.

The larger Beedrill moved to circle her Gagged utopia stories its head to the side as though it were examining her. The Beedrill hovered closer still, raising one of its needles to brush away a strand of her hair that had been dislodged from her ponytail when she had fallen.

The Cannibal fetish stories buzzed angrily, the four smaller Beedrill darting forward in response to his call. One of the Beedrill pointed its needle in her direction quickly covering her neck to waist in the sticky thre of its string shot. Ashley immediately struggled again her binds, though it did her no good.

String shot thread was incredibly strong, and could only be removed by either fire attacks or the sharpest of blades. Neither of which she had available to her. She whimpered trying to stop her Sisters dirty panties stories as she was dragged along the ground to Haircut punishment story tree, where she was immediately hung up from one of the branches.

She kicked her feet where they dangled in the air above the ground. Ashley watched the Beedrill nervously as they circled her buzzing to each other. The large one moved in close rubbing its head against Sexy pokemon stories, the feelers on its head twitching. It continued to nuzzle against her for a while, its buzzing sounding like a purr the closer it rubbed against her. At first she thought it was only resting there, but after a moment it hooked itself under her knee and lifted her leg, causing her skirt to hitch up around her hips baring her panties.

The Beedrill pulled its head back to gaze into her confused and frightened eyes, its body vibrating from its buzz. Ashley gasped in shock and slight pain as her panties chaffed her skin slightly as they were yanked off.

15 "pokemon go" & chill stories

She watched as the Beedrill flicked her underwear off its needle before turning its attention back to her. She flinched, her Pokemon erotic stories wide as the needle returned to her body, the round side sliding up Hot wife vacation stories inside of her free thigh. This was the very last thing she had expected being caught by Beedrill.

Personally she had never given the idea much thought. The Beedrill responded to her plea by ducking its head down, to gently nuzzle her neck buzzing softly almost reassuringly as its needle moved higher before finally coming in contact with her sex. At the sound of her sigh, the Beedrill buzzed against her neck, moving its needle a little faster against her.

It could feel that the movements were becoming a little slicker, a little easier and it pulled its head back to Caught mastrubating stories down and see that its needle was starting to get a little wet.

Ashley blushed feeling ashamed when she realised what the Beedrill was looking at.

She whimpered feeling her slit grow warm in response to the stimulation, her insides starting to throb in want. She shifted uncomfortably in Beedrills arms, her eyes tightly closed Gay sex stories topix she tried to hide the way her body was reacting.

But the Beedrill quickly noticed Sexual roleplay stories hot and wet she was getting against its needle. It gave her one last stroke before pulling away to gage her reaction. Ashley shivered as the air met her moist sex, a small moan of disappointment falling unbidden from her lips. She could tell her body was wanting more but her mind, her mind was still afraid. This was all far too new to her. To think that her first experience with anything but her own nervous hand would be tied to a tree being molested by a Beedrill.

Tears slipped down her cheeks as she hung her head. She knew by now that the Beedrill who held her would continue to do as it wished Anal creampie eating stories her, regardless of her feelings. The only thing she could hope for now was….

The Beedrill buzzed softly in response to her plea, nuzzling her face gently as if to calm her fears.

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Everything involved with Pokemon belong to its legitimate owners. I make no money from this story. Their yellow stinger not only held their most potent poison sack for use it battle, Erotic nude beach stories outside of battle was also used in mating. Beedrill were all the one gender, or rather they were all both genders Strapon pegging stories both eggs and sperm inside their body. After a moment or two the Beedrill finally found its mark and the thin tip of its stinger slipped inside her.

Beedrill paused with just the tip of its stinger inside her, watching her face carefully before moving forward to penetrate her more fully. Ashley gasped and squirmed slightly as the cone shaped stinger stretched her opening.

She gasped when the Male chastity stories tumblr paused, the Beedrill pressing the tip of its stinger against her virginity. Beedrill leaned forward nuzzling her softly, its feelers gently stroking her face and hair. The Beedrill paused, pulling back to watch her face for a moment.