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Jake tried to go to sleep, but his mind was racing. Who did this Sylvia lady think she was? Why was he so incredibly turned on by the way she treated him?

Sissy Abdl Stories

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Tuesday, May 14, Substitute for Mommy. A Substitute for Mommy Taking the Swifer mop tool, I ran it across the kitchen floor, making pass after pass to clean the wooden parquet. Mommy was away for the afternoon and evening so she had tasked me with cleaning the house, as usual. I was wearing an outfit she had picked out for me this morning, a frilly pink sissy dress with white lace and ruffles throughout, white knee-high schoolgirl socks, pink Mary Janes, and last but not least, Role reversal sex stories soft, thick, fluffy diapers with pink nursery print plastic panties covering them. From time to time, Sissy abdl stories would Mother in law incest story into Mommy's room or my nursery to admire my reflection in the full length mirror that both rooms had. As I finished my job in the kitchen, I went into the former to make her bed, pausing long enough to gaze at my prissy profile.

Name: Barbey
My age: 36
My sexual orientation: Hetero
Tint of my iris: Misty hazel green
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Many of these will be older ones, apologies to the more current writers. They left a mark! In my humble opinion, the best AB story ever written.

I read this in college inin my college library, having no idea that things like internet history existed. I can only imagine Force feeding stories the librarians or the students who followed me thoughts. Babydoc re-edited the piece recently and it has been reposted in full; for a long time much of this story was missing when people would post it online.

This story is very long and if you jerk off to it you will never make it to the end without splooging.

Diaper sissy stories

Another classic from Babydoc. College boy gets taken in by landlord, turned into a big baby stuck in diapers.

A lot of stories borrowed from this idea but this original remains as good as it gets. Bea sadly passed away a few years ago.

Fictionmania and asubmissivesissy will have a lot of her stories to explore. This is just a tale of an exec whose wife uses his diaper desires against me.

The part with the cleaning woman becoming his nanny always le to jizz. Poor thing.

Sissy stories

A sissy meets his demise. Diapers of course!

Another female diaper victim, but incredibly hot as she is taken to the mall to suffer for her past shopping sins. An idiot sissy baby tries humiliating himself in public in his diapers only to have a cruel woman turn his dreams into a nightmarish reality. Bad for him, Bondage mummification stories for us.

Is it really what the sissy wants? Posts Likes Following Archive. Favorite diaper, sissy stories.

Sissy stories

Tough fate. An especially hot Hooters scene. Pretending to be a big boy. See this in the app Show more.

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