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Erotik chica Sissy baby humiliation stories boy especially for love

Pants down, her bottom is closely inspected to ensure she is fit to be punished. Bent over, the entrance to her anus is cleaned with a large dollop of alcohol. Then her temperature is Brothers wife sex stories for a good few minutes with a rectal thermometer.

Sissy Baby Humiliation Stories

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Chris makes the wrong choice Real life cuckold stories picking what girl to go home with. After a long night of drinking, Chris ge After a long night of drinking, Chris gets himself stuck in a situation fulfilli Another hour passes, and Chris starts to feel cramps. The laxative are begining to work. Another ten minutes and Chris feels like he's about to fill his diaper to the max, yet he finds it disgusting.

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Sissy stories

Return to The Story Circle. Advanced search. Humiliation of a Sissy A place where users can post their wonderful stories. Post a reply. Humiliation of a Sissy Liv and maddie sex stories Miki Yamuri » Mon Apr 13, pm Title: Humiliation of a Sissy Special Request story for littlepissy51 Characters: John Alexander: 18yo Sissy in diapers Jamie Rivers : 18yo Ababy girl friend Scene: In a lonely stretch of the local park John Alexander was 18 years old and only 4' 8" tall.

He weighed 89 pounds soaking wet and his parents kept him in diapers because of his incontinence. They had been unable to potty train him, and the doctors had said he would be stunted and never grow very large.

Embarrassed nude stories course, his parents were Giantess shemale stories pleased about this and gave John lots of grief every time he wet himself.

John was walking through the short cut from the Library to his home one day when the local psychopathic bullies came upon him in a lonely stretch of the park. John looked around After catching up to him, one of the boys says in a haughty, nasty tone, "Well, well, well Lookie what we have here.

If it isn't that sissy girl Alexis. John was truly afraid at this point. The last time he had an encounter with these hoods, they had beaten him. His parent had even put the oldest one in Jail over it The largest one said sharply, "I know just what we're gonna do too.

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Grab him and pull his pants down. I'm gonna see how absorbent his cute little girl diaper is. He helplessly struggled as his shirt disappears, his pants fall, and his diaper is bodily removed. John just whimpered as they took his diaper off. He was a lot smaller than the boys and Enema bondage stories was nothing else he could do. They all started peeing on his diaper, watching it swell up and the wet indicators turn color.

After they were done peeing on it, they pushed him to the ground, put the wet, soggy diaper back on him, and redid the tapes.

Like pvc and plastic pants — favorite diaper, sissy stories

John whimpered as he felt all the warm pee surrounding his crotch causing his diaper to sag in the back after they yanked him back to his feet. The largest boy laughs loudly as True camping sex stories says, "Look there, his ass is drooping. All the little lambs and kitties turned blue when we pissed in it. A smaller boy says, "Yea, those are the same kind my baby sister wears alla time.

After looking all around, John realizes they took his clothes and he has to walk home Female boss sex stories a soaking wet diaper. He knows his mom is going to furious about his diaper being wet. They always yell and punish him. As he self-consciously tries to sneak back home, he runs into his crush Jamie Rivers. Jamie was and lbs.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She was a very pretty Cowtaur tf story with cute perky breasts, shoulder length dishwater blond hair, and a wonderfully round and shapely bottom. She had on a cute, powder blue romper that tied behind her neck and a matching baby T underneath. She wore a pair Stories extramarital affairs white slip on tennis shoes that looked the world like a pair of booties to John.

She was such a cute girl and he knew he was in love He had only wished she was too.

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He sighs at the fantasy. Jaime giggled Human cow transformation stories herself at how cute she thought John was in his pink sagging diaper. John was so nervous about talking to Jamie he started peeing in his Huggies I think that would be so sweet.

This made John blush as pink as his diaper. John had forgotten he Flat top haircut stories wearing only a soaking wet diaper until then. He looks down at it and begins to feel tears welling up in his eyes. Jamie giggles softly as she coos to John like he was a baby, "Aww, sweet heart," Male inflation story pats him on his hinny reassuringly, "It's ok to wet in your diaper.

It's why your supposed to be in one I think it's kinda cute you have a droopy bottom.

He also started to wet his diaper some more he was so nervous. John managed to say in like voice, "It's uncomfortable It describes it perfectly. She has kept a secret from John for a long time She hopes it makes him feel better. Jamie takes him by his hand Unwanted haircut stories she le him towards his house. I can't help it either. On special occasions, mom even dresses me like a very little girl.

She holds his hand all the way. Just as they get to the Dragon Fountains at the entrance by his house, Jamie turns and kisses him gently John can feel her wiggly tongue as it enters his mouth and Sibling wedgie stories with his own.

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He is totally stunned. She says, "I just want you to know, I'm gonna ask mom if you can come to my house and spend the night. She'll take good care of you while you're there John was seeing stars as he was walking home, Jamie Femdom sounding stories totally bamboozled him. Suddenly, John heard a familiar mean voice growling, "Stay away from Jamie.

He tries to run away, but due to his sagging diaper he trips and falls and the boys surround him, sneering viciously.

The largest boy kicks John in his butt as he says in a snarl, "You're a sissy boy in diapers Stay away from girls Without warning, there is a loud POW!! The largest of the boys falls over on the ground, his nose Necro sex stories and bleeding profusely. There stood Jamie She had a large purse in her hands and was swinging it at Fist fight stories next closest boy to her. By the time John had looked up to see what was going on She walks over to the largest one and kicks him in his butt hard.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The boy screams like a girl and begins to cry in pain as he grabs between his legs and rolls on the ground John cringes as he hears the tump! She says in a furious tone, "If you bother this boy again, I'll have you arrested I'm callin Pregnant by a married man stories law!

The older one had obvious trouble running John said as he was getting up, "Thank you for saving me.

I was so scared that they were going to hurt me. I'm too scared to walk home like this. She is so furious with those bullies. She wonders if the medicine her mom gives her Mother daughter bondage stories possibly be given to them somehow.

She muses over many possibilities. I told the dispatcher you would be at my house anyway and we need to give a statement about the attack. He knows what happened the last time In the back of one of the cruisers, were the 2 boys with the Stories of sex with sister noses in handcuffs. Jamie could see one of the Officers talking with her mother as they walked up.

Did those hoodlums hurt you?

What they did do Human pets stories disgusting They then left him and stole his pants, making him walk home like this. This is horrid Hold ur horses n back up a bit. It seems ta me you did a fair amounta attackin on yur own.