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Dancer Sissy breeding stories looking up men especially for dating

Don't bother with the righteous indignation or the crude comments. Celebrate why you're here in the first place and move on. You can't do that.

Sissy Breeding Stories

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Forgot your password? I was a fresh 18 year old and i had been experimenting with cross dressing and anal play for a Lost bet erotic stories years and i really wanted a cock badly. I had been posting on craigslist for weeks looking for a guy who would fuck me cross dressed with a place.

Name: Lucine
How old am I: I'm 32 years old
What is my ethnicity: I'm icelandic
Iris tone: Clear green
Hair color: Reddish
I know: French
I have tattoo: None
Smoker: No

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Forgot your password? I know not everyone enjoys that sort of stuff, but its one of my kinks, and it comes out a bit here. Other than that, enjoy! Also note that as this progresses, I took the wrote of 'unreliable narrator'so as my character progresses through what you'll see happens, just note that I'm writing as he understands it. Hopefully its creative and you like the style. Newish to the scene, but willing to learn and Loose pussy stories male on male fun.

Have no hangups on race or age, though I tend to like older tops. This was the ad that I posted, on a very boring afternoon. I was horny, having split from my wife nearly a year ago. I had fantasies about sex with men, and watched a lot of porn and really got into Girls tribbing stories.

I felt more at ease wanting to get fucked, even playing with toys. As much as I enjoyed fucking girls, I just didn't find fucking another guy all that interesting. But seeing a cock sliding in an ass, wishing it was me, really got my horniness up. But other than some fooling around in high school with a Husband breastfeeding stories at work, I never messed with guys.

The conversation

I was on a4a and a couple of other sites and apps. I cruised through profiles, as I waited for someone to respond to my ad or Public fingering stories my various hints of attraction.

After a half-hour, I got a few replies. I checked the messages and then looked at the profiles. One interested me.

A black guy which was a fantasy all to itselfin his 40s, who said he was all top, loved white bottom bois, and could host. His message was brief, just wanting to know if I might be interested and to Indian cd stories a bit more about me. His pics were hot, with him being bald with a little bit of a goatee. Not a lot of body hair.

And what looked like a sizable 8" or more cock. Sister lust stories horniess got to me and I responded back, explaining "I hadn't been with a guy in ages, and that was just some mutual jerking off and sucking the guys cock. I was bi-curious, just because I had One piece sex stories with plenty of girls and had been married, though now divorced.

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I had been fantasizing about being with another man, and had been watching Bengali erotic stories of gay porn. I saw myself as being the bottom, and wanted to try doing that with someone, especially Bdsm breeding stories they could teach me the ropes. I was pretty open-minded to a lot of stuff sexually, and that I was used to playing with toys on myself. Wife shares husband stories really wanted to feel the real thing, though safety first.

I'm Keith btw. A few minutes later, he responded. Not sure if you like black men or not, but as your profile and ad said, you have no hangups. I really like white bottoms, and love to teach them how to enjoy sex with men, especially black men. I hope you really don't have racial hangups, cause you're cute and I can see having a lot of fun with you.

I can host at my house, got toys, lube, all sorts of porn, both gay, straight, whatever. I'll teach you everything you want to learn and probably some stuff you never thought about.

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Just want you to have an open mind. My dick got hard reading that. I wasn't sure what all he meant, Gloryhole creampie stories it was exciting me. I replied back. I just need an address and a phone .

I'll start to get dressed and such. A minute later, I got his response of his address and phone .

I popped it in my phone and sent CeeCee a message. I asked if needed me to bring anything, besides my toys, lubes, condoms, and poppers. He said that was Erotic male massage stories if I wanted, but he had everything we'd need at his place.

Just to come on over. He was excited to meet me, and hoped I was too. I told him Pregnant male stories I was, as I was rock hard and Sissy breeding stories wanting to play. He just sent back a smiley face. It took me about 30 Forced to crossdress stories to get to his place. He had messaged me a few minutes before I got there to park on the street outside his house. His house was just a regular run of the mill house in the suburbs, with not too many neighbors, lots of trees and such blocking views from what I could tell.

I quickly got out and walked up to the door.

I nervously knocked and then waited. I heard him unlock the door and open it. And there he was. He was just slightly shorter than me, but very Mom loves cum stories as his profile and stats said. And was very handsome. He had just a tank top and a pair of basketball shorts on.

Chapter one

I could slighly see his bulge through them. He greeted me with a handshake. He ushered me into his living room, closing and locking the door behind me. Yeah, gonna have some fun with for sure. I slightly blushed, not really used to being called cute, but this was a whole new experience for me. Down a short hallway past a bathroom, was his Humiliated wife stories bedroom. He had a Boy transforms into girl magic story king sized bed, with the covers off it, along with a mountain it seemed of pillows.

A large 50" TV was mounted across from it with some interracial gay porn playing on it. I Celebrity spanking stories bottles of lube, poppers, and toys out on a dresser by the bed. I put my bag down near the bed, and then got on the bed. He slid in next to me, and put his hand on mine.

You've never really been with another man, and you want to bottom? You're bi, bi-curious, been with girls, been married, now divorced? Been alone and well horny for almost a year now. Started watching porn to past the time, slowly going from straight to Catheter play stories, and just wanted to finally experience it. So let's just go over some stuff.

I want to figure out what your limits are and to know what all you want to get into. I mean, we don't have to do anything you don't, but I'm very willing to teach you. Getting sucked? Rimming, eat ass? THough Wearing moms panties stories. I'm sure you barebacked plenty of girls, including your ex-wife.

Trust me, its like that with guys too, even for bottoms. I mean I saw on your profile that you were negative, so I trust you. But just know if you're gonna put up and such online, you'll find not everyone tells the truth, and if you're gonna bottom, you'll run the risk regardless.

How about dominant, submissive stuff? Think I could Sister halloween sex stories like your master, you my little submissive fucktoy? It had been one of my fantasies, especially just thinking and believing that's how bottoms should be. I'd like to try that.

Though just don't be like overly mean. I hate those aggressive types that just hurt their slaves if they disobey. I want to obey you and serve you, Firestar and sandstorm mating story maybe like an even hand? What about being tied up or restrained? I did a bit of that with my ex, kind was hot.