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I close my eyes, focusing on the cock sliding in and out of my sore, reddened asshole.

Sissy Cumslut Stories

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Name: Chrystel
Age: 39
Ethnic: Ethiopian
What is my body type: My body type is quite overweight
Smoker: No

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Take me as an example. I have now become transformed into the stereotype of the sleaziest, trashiest, sluttiest female slut one could even fantasize, and I am being aggressively pimped out for free by my Mistress to any who want to use, abuse, humiliate and degrade me.

On occasion Mistress has allowed me to organize and host for Her amusement bukkake-style gangbangs, in which as many men as possible are invited to come over and fuck me and make me suck them off, cumming all over me and in my mouth, and having me collect all their cum in a bowl, Futanari x male reader lemon fanfiction I must then, Sissy cumslut stories they are all done, eat the entire contents of with a spoon, in front of any who care to stay to watch.

Often these sessions are captured on video, too, which Mistress then sells on the internet to augment my tribute to Small cock humiliation stories and to Sister gloryhole story my total, abject, public humiliation and debasement.

Lately, Mistress has been threatening to make me get all done up in my sluttiest french maid Sleeping blowjob story slutty schoolgirl outfit on garbage day, and go out and seduce the garbagemen, inviting them in to fuck me in the face and ass and cum all over my face and in my mouth.

She even talks about making this a standing invitation, whenever they stop by on their route, to pop inside for a quick, nasty fuck and suck.

I am afraid that I will start getting garbage pickup every day of the week. Mistress is so clever, Gay facesitting story and adept at psychological manipulation that She never even had to ask, muck less command me to start whoring myself out as a sissy cumslut, but rather She directed the entire flow of the years of my servitude to Her to the Stories of women pegging men where I willingly, imagining it to be on my own initiative and of my own volition, started whoring myself out to total strangers for Her pleasure and amusement.

Surprisingly quickly demonstrsating what a nasty, sissy fag slut I really am I became habituated to this, and learned to associate sexual pleasure with servicing a hot, Sex arcade stories, throbbing cock, and I may now have become one of the nastiest, sleaziest, horniest whores on the planet.

As a further extension Gay ballbusting stories Her turning me into a remorselessly insatiable cockwhore, Mistress Wedding night stories christian to it that I virtually always have a dick both in my mouth and up my ass. I have a huge eight inch dildo which I am required to stick up my ass, strap in as a butt plug and wear all day every day, at work and play, and I am required to spend at least an hour a day fucking it wildly while sucking deeply and madly on Sissy cumslut stories dildo of equal size, to ensure that I am always in practice as a fuck and suck toy in case Mistress wants anyone to come by and use me.

Additionally, whenever I am at home I must wear How to breed a cave dragon in dragon story cock gag, and She has even made me devise an entirely internal cock gag from the end of a dildo which I must keep in my mouth whenever possible, even out in public, even at work, so that often when I encounter people from my straight life, I am confronted with the humiliation of looking them right in the face knowing that my sissy ass is plugged with a huge artificial cock and my mouth is stuffed with a little toy penis to remind me of who and what I am; a filthy, nasty, dirty-minded little sissy faggot cockwhore and cumslut.

As an added favor, Mistress is always teasing me about how much money She could be making off of me if She were to whore me out for money, but She says that since She knows how much I love Tickle monster story humiliated and dominated by Her, She does me the kindness of pimping me out for free, to remind me of my utter chapness and worthlessness, and underscoring Her total domination and merciless humiliation of me.

With hormone therapy, my breasts are developing nicely, and I am pretty sure that several of the men who have used me, especially recently, have left totally unaware that it was not a genetic girl that they had just Husband shares wife stories.

Most frightening of all, I have recently heard murmerings from Mistress about having my sissy clitty removed and an artificial pussy installed, Cousin blowjob stories that I can be fucked by one more guy at a time! Please support this web site by: Share your erotic stories submit to contact00 RealSissySchool. Bookmark this site Boys wearing panties stories use our links if you purchase from one of the stores listed below.

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