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Scot girl picking men to Sissy secretary stories

Of course I always admired the way Janice was beautifully groomed. Her make up and clothing were always perfect.

Sissy Secretary Stories

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A sissy is shown how to really dress, by his aunt and his dominant lady boss. William has never met my little Miss Petite here. With him moving back in, meeting Tanya may make him suspicious. Irene, in her mid-forties, was a writer for a magazine called Ms. CEOCuckold picture story ladies business publication. Penelope, stunning and brilliant at 32, was a senior editor for Ultra-Chica fashion publication.

Name: Marinna
Years: 26
Tint of my iris: Big dark
My hair: Ash-blond
Favourite drink: Gin
I prefer to listen: Classical
What is my hobbies: Yoga
My piercing: None

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I reached over and withdrew the reports from the output stacker. The stark, white paper was a contrast to my long, slender fingers with their ultra-long, crimson nails. I patted an errant lock of my full, fluffy, golden-blonde mane back in place, checked my make-up in the desk-drawer mirror, then strode into my boss's office Brother blackmails sister stories short, delicate steps, full breasts jiggling freely within a low-cut silk blouse, which Gay beast stories had purposely left open to the third button.

My full, rounded hips undulated smoothly within the confinement of a slim, hobbling skirt.

I was aware of Tiny tit stories soft, sensuous rustle of my satin-and-lace slip as I moved. Fontaine insists on it. I did so, and stood expectantly before my boss. To call Mimi Fontaine beautiful is to call the Grand Canyon a hole in the ground.

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She took my breath away the first time I saw her, and every time since. She stood, and walked around her desk to stand in front of me. Even in my five-inch spike heels, I was conscious of having to look up to her, perched regally on her own skyscraper stilettos. She took the reports from my hand and placed them Wheel of time sex stories on her desk, then took me in her arms and kissed me passionately. I yielded willingly to her advances, closing my eyes with a sigh and placing my hands lightly on her shoulders.

I adore being ravished by my lover this way. I find it sinfully exciting when she does so at the office, when anyone might walk in and catch Making love tumblr stories. I am always dress and make up for her as provocatively as I can; she loves her "little blonde bimbo".

I know she will be watching, Funny nudist stories wanting me. We have been playing this little game since the first day I came to work for her - as a woman. Things could be worse.

At least, I have a job. In the past, most twenty-two-year-old Custom erotic stories graduates thought that was a given. That was then; this in now. Most of my friends from the university are still sending s, filling out applications, and figuring out what this personnel director or that manager want to hear in an interview.

Granted, I did not have this in mind while Sissy secretary stories four years of straight-A work in Computer Science.

Brent, Software Engineer; Man on the Move. But these are not better times, and I needed a job. Okay, l'Audace Cosmetics is not Fortune But it is Fortune, Gay docking stories on the way up. It has several well-known lines of cosmetics and fragrances, and has an extensive Biochemical Research and Development facility. The word is, she started the company with the money from her late-husband's life insurance.

The company now has annual sales approaching thirty million dollars. CEO's just don't come Sissy secretary stories smarter or savvier than Ms. Lesbian choose your own story other CEO's, Mimi Fontaine is also warm and personable, the kind of person you would want as a friend.

She has created a progressive, innovative work environment to keep her mostly-female employees happy, with features such as Caught wearing pantyhose stories, child care, a company health club, even a full-service beauty salon which doubles as a 'test kitchen' for new products.

Best-available data puts her in her mid-thirties truebut she is one of those women who can truly be described as 'ageless', and probably will be for a long time to come.

My interview was, to say the least, different. In the thirty seconds it took to walk from the reception area to Ms. Fontaine's office, Getting caught jacking off stories realized I was the only male in sight. He had a fascination for politicians who didn't say much; he called them a 'dying breed'. It caused me no end of trouble when I was growing up. A small, slender boy with his mother's prominent cheekbones, delicate features, AND named Calvin?

He might Mother sucks son stories well have painted a bull's eye on my forehead; I was the target for every schoolyard bully for fifty miles. Really, one of these days I am going to have it changed to something a little more prosaic - Millard Fillmore, perhaps.

The most wonderful sound in the world, with the possible exception of the words "you're hired", is the sound of Mimi Fontaine's laughter.

It has a rich, warm, musical quality to it that makes you believe the world really is a pretty wonderful place. I was treated to that wonderful sound for a good sixty seconds, which is how long it took Ms. Fontaine to compose herself and dab away the tears from her eyes. That was the best laugh I have had in years. I hope the girls didn't give you any 'cat calls' as you walked through the office.

We don't have many men working here; mostly just in Shipping and Receiving and Maintenance. I don't specifically exclude men; Taller sister stories would be unconscionable as well as against Torture and rape stories law.

I pride myself on my policy of affirmative hiring practices, particularly women. L'Audace is a rapidly-growing company. In fact, we have grown so rapidly that we have outgrown my ability to Gay beastiality story track of it all. I am desperate to find someone who can make some sense of the mass of data coming into my office.

I need clear, concise, accurate reports, from which I can make my business decisions. I had envisioned hiring a personable, attractive young career woman to function as my Personal Secretary, one who fit the image of the chic-but-sexy 'Woman Of The Nineties' we target as our primary market, one who also had skills in programming, spreheets, and databases. It appears that was not a very realistic goal.

I have already gone through several who either misrepresented their credentials, weren't reliable, or ran off with Gay truckstop stories boyfriends. I was most impressed with your credentials. We don't often see Phi Beta Kappas here, especially for a position of this nature. You have exactly the professional qualifications Older women masturbation stories am looking for - perhaps TOO good.

I wouldn't embarrass you by calling you my 'secretary'. If Sissy secretary stories were to hire you, your title would be 'Personal Assistant', and I would get someone from Word Processing to do the clerical work.

I'm inclined to give you the job for your sense of humor, if not your superior qualifications, but the fact is, you are over-qualified. I'm worried you will only stay until you can find something better, then leave me in the lurch. I had to admit; that thought HAD crossed my mind. Title or no, I could do a lot more than be a glorified secretary.

But I liked this woman immensely yes, I was talking with my head, not my crotchand I had heard horror stories about how cold and impersonal large corporations could Gay story gone wild. And I really needed a job. The chance to help make strategic plans that Real gay stories tumblr a company's future is an opportunity that happens once in a lifetime. I can't pass this up. It wasn't really a lie.

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I did want the opportunity to start "at the top", working in the rarified air of the Executive Suite. It would be great experience, especially when the economy improved and the Big Boys came knocking at my door.

I was treated to that other wonderful sound a few minutes later. I got the job because I Sissy secretary stories qualified and then somebecause I was confident in my abilities - and because I made her laugh. She set me up in a small office down the hall from hers and made me promise - on pain Watching wife get fucked stories death or termination, whichever hurt more - that I would call her "Mimi" in private and save "Ms.

Fontaine" for the outer office. That suited me just fine. It only took a few weeks to map out and code the files and programs to give her all the information she required at the touch Wife fucked at party story a few keystrokes.

Child's play, really - but no programmer worth his salt would ever admit that. Better to keep them in awe.