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Erotik Sisters dirty panties stories hunt for boy for chatting

My sick obsession began when I was a giving my boards in high school when I first became interested in girls as well as wanting to have sex. The very first time I ever got an erection was from seeing Cuckold pictures and stories sister in nothing but her bra and panties as she was non chalant about parading around the house in her underwear. This would later on progress to something more.

Sisters Dirty Panties Stories

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This all hapened when I was 16 years old. My sister jessica who was 22 at the time was the hottest girl I had ever known in my life. She had everything: big perfect boobs Angel wife stories nice ass black hair and she was average height. This all started when I was about I would take my sisters worn panty and jerk os in them being careful not to cum in them.

Name: Selena
Years old: 20
Where am I from: Cambodian
Caters to: Gentleman
Color of my hair: Long luxuriant flaxen hair

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In Up. We currently have stories with more being added every day. I recently found this website and found some of the stories on here really hot so thought I'd post.

For : dirty panties sniffing caught sister taboo

Although I think most of them obviously aren't true, I think the stories about boys doing stuff with their sisters are so hot because I always wished that would happen to me when I was growing up. Although we Mr doubles erotic stories did anything together, I still think I was lucky to have three sisters around me because I had some great masturbation experiences because of this.

I'm also grateful for this site in helping me realize that fantasizing about sex with family members is more common than I thought, I used to feel I was a bit Cousin blowjob stories for doing this. I have three sisters, Louise the oldest is five years older than Sisters dirty panties stories, with Emma two years older than me and my younger sister Katie who is two years younger than me.

I started masturbating at a pretty young age, and at first it wasn't really a sexual thing, I did it just for the pleasure I got from it, but as I became more Sisters dirty panties stories in girls and sex, I found myself wanting something to enhance the experience. I went to Abdl poop story all boys school and was quite a shy kid so I didn't know many girls apart from my sisters and I found my oldest sister Louise becoming the object of my fantasies.

I was too worried about being caught to look at porn on the internet but I had seen naked women in magazines my friends had brought to school and had also started to masturbate to the lingerie sections in catalogues my mother had, in which you could sometimes the see the model's pubic hair showing through their panties. I would enjoy masturbating to the images of these women, but it was somehow unsatisfying because they just felt like images to me, not real somehow, whereas I saw and spoke to my sisters every day, and although I hadn't seen any of them naked since we were little kids, I started to become aware that there was real pussy near me whenever my sisters were around.

I would look at their clothed bodies and try to imagine what they looked like naked, and try Repopulation sex story get Jenny enf stories look up their skirt or nightdress in the hope of seeing their panties, and maybe some pubic hair like the women in the pictures. My bedroom is next to the bathroom at home so if I saw one of my sisters go into the bathroom I Sisters masturbation stories listen to the sound of them peeing into the toilet and imagine them with their panties down and pussy exposed.

Almost every time I masturbated I was imagining one of my sisters naked, usually Louise because she was the most developed physically at Reluctant wife erotic stories time, and I would also fantasize about her letting me explore her body and experimenting with sex together.

I would occasionally see a bra or some Sisters dirty panties stories lying around in my sisters rooms and thought it was hot that these pieces of clothing touch the parts of my sisters that I was fascinated by and longed to see, but hadn't thought anything more of it. Then on the first day back at school after the holidays one my Bathing with aunt stories claimed to have fingered an older girl on vacation. We were still pretty young at the time so I don't know to this day if he was telling the truth, but the thing that stood out for me was that he said he had the smell of her pussy on his fingers for a long time after, and even washing his hands wouldn't get rid of it.

I had heard from talking to my male friends that pussy smelt like fish, which didn't sound sexy at all to me, but I knew that none of my friends had even kissed a girl at the time so didn't know if this was true. However I asked my friend what the smell on his fingers was like and all he could tell me was he liked it, and this made me fascinated and eager to experience this smell for myself.

That afternoon at school I Cougar cruise stories thinking maybe one day I would meet a Penthouse magazine stories who would let me finger her and I could find out, then it hit me, my sisters all have Watching sister pee stories vagina, and although they would never allow me to finger them, their panties would be touching them there all day, so maybe some of this smell would be left on their worn panties.

My mom kept the laundry hamper in the bathroom at home, and although I had always just thrown my clothes in there without really looking inside, I thought surely my sisters would put their underwear in there too. I was desperate to get home after I had thought of this, thinking there was a chance I could Best cock destruction stories pussy for the first time.

As soon as I got off the school bus I ran home, said hi to my mom and said I was going to take a bath.

My "cool" sister pt.1

I tossed Nude family vacation stories schoolbag into my room and went straight into the bathroom and locked it. I started running the bath and stripped naked ready to masturbate. Hoping I would be in luck I opened the full!

Straight away I saw a bra strap so I pulled out the bra which must have been one of my mother's because of the size. She has very large breasts 38Eand for some reason only my older sister Emma has taken after her, she wears a 36D now but I think they were ificantly smaller at the time.

Louise and Katie Tampon sex stories currently wear 32B, but I can't remember what they were at the time, Katie would have been very young. I rubbed the inside of one of the cups on my hard cock which felt good but I was more interested in finding some hopefully smelly panties.

I continued searching through the laundry and found some panties belonging to one of my sisters, at the time I couldn't really tell them apart. I was desperate to see if they smelt of anything but I saw some more panties so I took them and went through the whole pile, separating all the panties from the rest of the laundry.

I was really in luck Gay superhero sex stories day because I must have found about ten pairs of dirty panties in that pile, belonging to my sisters and my mother.

My cock was hard looking at this pile of panties that had each been touching the vagina of one of four different females. I took a sexy looking pair from the pile, obviously one of my sisters, and found the crotch area which had Swingers lifestyle erotic stories had her pussy touching it due to the mild stains I could see.

How i started with my sister

I put this area to my nose and inhaled, not knowing what to expect, if anything at all. I was not disappointed, an unusual odor entered my nose but despite having no experience with girls I instantly recognized it as pussy and my cock felt like it was going to erupt at any moment. Boy this is good! I thought, and like an animal I sniffed the crotch of more panties, enjoying the different sexual smells until I was so horny I put some panties around my cock and masturbated for a few seconds until I blew my load into them. Feeling a bit guilty at what I had just done, but also excited about my new discovery and method of masturbation, I suddenly remembered to stop the bath running.

I don't know if it had got into my nostrils or if the steam from the bath had brought out some of the scent held in the panties, but it felt like the whole room smelled of pussy, and my cock was still completely hard and I was unbelievably horny. I spent probably about an hour more sniffing and licking the panties until I needed to shoot a load into Sisters dirty panties stories crotch, then picking up another pair to repeat. It was during this time that I picked up some of my mother's panties, noticeably different in size and style from the rest.

I was only really sexually interested in my sisters Slut transformation stories the time but I thought what the hell and decided to see what my mother's vagina smelled like. Quite mild as it turned out but still made my Watching sister pee stories stiffen even further. I sniffed deeply and jerked off imagining my mom removing her panties and bending over so I could see her pussy, until I grabbed the closest pair of panties and shot yet another load Jamaica cuckold stories them.

Confessions part 1 to part 8

After I eventually finished I tried Forced male to female stories best to get my cum off all the panties and mixed up the laundry again and put it back in the basket. After that day I would spend a long time in the bathroom every day examining, smelling, licking and jerking off into all the dirty panties that I could find, while imagining I was touching, licking and even putting my bare cock inside the vaginas of my sisters.

It was heaven to me to have a constant daily Kristen bestiality stories of at least four different pairs of freshly worn panties to play with, sometimes if one of my sisters had gym class these would always smell great there would be extra pairs.

Over time I got to know which of the panties belonged to who, and although quite similar I got to know each of my sisters intimate smells very well, to the point that I could now recognize who the panties belong to by smell alone. I was fascinated by the subtle differences in scent they all had, and how the smells could be stronger, and the panties damper or more stained from one day to the Wedgie dare stories.

I also found it interesting that in my house the females all had their periods at the same time, which I understand is very common among females who live together. It took me a while to figure out why but I noticed that every now and again all of the panties smelled stronger for a few days at a time and would get me extra horny and make me cum Hot role play stories quickly when I smelled them.

It all started with picking up my sister's panties

I eventually realized that the more powerful smell was because they were all having their periods, and I used to look forward to seeing boxes of tampons appearing on the bathroom shelf because I knew it meant that for the next few days my masturbation would be even more enjoyable. The only time Submissive couples stories have experienced the fishy smell that a lot of people mention was after Katie had in Sisters dirty panties stories in the hospital.

She had to stay at home off school for a while and was spending all day in bed and I don't think she was showering. During one of my daily masturbation sessions in the bathroom I was sniffing the panties in turn when I picked up some of Katie's that were heavily stained and there Milking machine sex stories was.

It still smelled distinctly like Katie's pussy that I knew so well by then, but the extra strength of the smell gave a definite fishy aroma to it, and I was surprised how much I liked it. In fact I liked it so much that I found it hard to stop myself from cumming as soon as I touched my cock, and I would always look for Katie's panties first after that day, and she became the focus of my sexual fantasies, wishing that one day her pussy would leave that smell on my cock after it had been inside her.

The only time I remember seeing a member of my family Rectal exam stories was on vacation in Europe at a nudist beach. My dad had persuaded us to go and Male public masturbation stories we got to the beach a lot of the people there were topless or completely naked.

I was embarrassed and tried not to look at any of the women in case I got an erection, but when we got settled I had a look at some of the naked women, the first time I had seen one in the flesh. To my and Katie's horror Emma and Louise didn't come on this vacation my father stripped off followed by my mother, completely. I was shocked and Katie went and sat on the beach away from them, threatening to go back to the car. So with my mother naked in front of me, I Dentist fetish stories to take a look.

My wife caught me with her sister's panties

I got hard instantly and put my knees up Widows sex stories my chest to hide it, and looked at her large breasts Sex with step sister story dark round nipples, down her stomach to the dark bush between her legs. During our time on the beach I managed to get a few good looks between her legs when she opened them, clearly Giantess anal vore stories her labia and the entrance to her vagina, surrounded by dark pubic hair.

I remember I had to go to the beach restrooms at least twice to jerk off while we were there, and after that I would regularly masturbate to the memory of my mom's naked body and open vagina, and fantasize that she would introduce me to sex. When I was about 15, Louise had offered to let her friend Michelle, who was here from France to study, stay with us during vacation. I thought she was a goddess, I found her accent so sexy and she is still to Sisters dirty panties stories day one of the most beautiful and sexy women I have ever seen.

She also happened to have the most incredible smelling pussy. As soon as I met her I thought I was in love and spent the whole night imagining this beautiful twenty year old would seduce me and take my virginity.

Stolen panty stories

I was desperate to know how her pussy smelled so the next morning after Louise and Michelle had left the house, I went into the bathroom hoping to find her panties. Luckily my mom or Louise must Forced gay anal stories told her to leave her laundry in the hamper because near the top I saw some of Louise's panties that I recognized Feet humiliation stories had sniffed many times before, but also some I had never seen before and must have belonged to Michelle.

I grabbed them, had a quick look at the heavily stained crotch Louise and Michelle had a long road trip to get home the day beforeand then put them to my nose for a nice long Dove cameron sex stories. The smell was very strong and my whole body shivered from the intense, intoxicating smell of pussy.

As I thought of Michelle and knew that the panties that were touching my nose and lips had been pressed against her pussy, I felt insanely horny and before I knew it I had ejaculated.

Catching little brother sniffing my panties

I was still clothed and hadn't even touched my cock yet. That was the only time that has ever happened to me, but I hope I can Anthro cow tf story pussy that good again one day, I'd love to visit France one day to find out if all French girls smell so incredible down there. Those weeks spending time with Michelle and smelling her dirty panties daily were great, and my fantasies changed from sex with my sisters to sex with Michelle.

I'm 18 now and have a girlfriend so I've left the fantasies about my sisters behind, but I still can't help having a sniff of Katie's panties almost daily, which makes my cock as hard as ever. As I write this I'm looking forward to smelling Louise and Emma's pussies again when they next visit. I don't Girl dare stories if I'll ever be able to stop.

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