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Size Queen Sex Stories

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A side story from the TV show "Chuck" - complete re-write with much additional! Log In Up.

Name: Rubina
Years old: 24
What is my ethnicity: Malaysian
My sexual orientation: Hetero
Color of my iris: Huge hazel eyes
What is my gender: I am woman
What is my hair: Black
I can speak: Russian
What is my figure features: My figure features is quite slim
What I prefer to drink: Vodka
What is my hobbies: My hobbies yoga

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If you are here because you are looking for the most amazing open-minded fun-spirited sexy adult community then you have found the right place. We also happen to have some of the sexiest members you'll ever meet. up below and come us. Most Liked Posts. ed: Feb 22, Posts: 9 Likes Received: 4. My wife and Incest lesbian granny piss stories met our junior year at a small-town college. The rumors began my freshman year after some guys on my hall saw me in the communal shower.

At my college, there was a group of guys who were infamous for their competitions. Would I lose my pride? However, I would just as easily lose my pride and bragging rights if I refused.

Erotic stories

Many of the guys commented that I was larger soft than they were hard. As time progressed I became an arrogant show-off. Everywhere I went I stood as far back from the urinal as possible with one hand on my hip proudly Fucking my grandma stories my donkey dick to whoever might want a peek. I walked around completely nude in the gym locker room and my college shower room.

The entire time we dated she never saw my cock although she talked about it and the rumors she had heard quite frequently. The most fun she would let Mf spanking story have was to climb in the backseat of my car where she would take off her top and let me suck her perky little tits while she would feel my cock with both of her little hands through my jeans. When we got into our room she told me to strip to my boxers while she went to get ready in the bathroom.

When she reappeared she was completely naked except for a thong and she was holding a clothe measuring tape. For several minutes she Gay highschool sex stories knelt there admiring me. Our sex was a little rough that night and she cried out with a mix of intense pain and sensual joy.

Your cock is so fucking big, fuck me with all 8. After breakfast my wife and Forced to be a sissy stories two other newly-wed wives who had been staying on either side of us the Forced corset stories before went out to talk on the porch.

Later that afternoon as we were driving Schoolgirl erotic stories our next destination on our honeymoon, my wife told me that the other wives had commented how awkward she had made it for them. My husband is 5. Little did I know what the next year had to bring. Rubocop likes this. During the first year of our marriage, my wife learned more and more why I was so proud of my size.

She had never been with another man but one day when I came in from work she found a legitimate website that reported that LifeStyles condoms had done research and found the average penis was between 5. Another Size queen sex stories said that anything over 6 inches was larger than average.

As she began talking with her other newly-wed friends she got another affirmation that I was much larger. All of this helped to make her obsessed about my size.

She bragged about it to all her friends, an old lady at her workplace, as well as her sister. I work out at a gym in the city Garter belt stories we live and I still like to show off in the locker room and shower room. Of course, she works out there as well so she likes to know how the other men stack up as well.

The same thing goes for urinals. She always wants to hear about any interesting looks I get at the urinals and also Athlete sex stories to know if I ever see any big dicks while there.

I realized that my wife Zac efron gay story obsessed with penis size about a year after we Bi sissy stories married when my mother-in-law came by herself to stay with us for the weekend.

I thought the incident was over until we got back to our apartment that evening. Are you okay? That thing is colossal! The next morning, before my mother-in-law went home she made a comment comparing my penis to a large banana she was cutting up for her cereal. Leta wanted to start challenging me.

She knew how much I loved comparing my dick with other dicks so she told me that from now on every time she bought bananas that she would compare them with my penis. If I was bigger than a particular banana this resulted in a blowjob for me and if the banana Rambler sex story me this resulted in me eating her out. The only penis of thirteen inches belonged to John Holmes.

If I ever saw a man whom I thought had a cock larger than my own, we would try to arrange for her to have us compare if it could Kiss my feet stories worked out and she would blow the man with the biggest schlong. Well post some pics big man, I'm sure we all want to see! One day while working out I met a guy there who was also from my home state.

We struck up a conversation and he told me he had just moved up as a transfer student at local college. Several days later, on a Saturday, my wife and I went to the gym Fuck stories male to female transformation after working out we went to the pool owned by the gym. Billy, the guy I had met a few days earlier was actually working as a life guard there. He came over and chatted with me again Erotic stories forced wife I introduced him to my wife.

Although I am in good shape, I must admit that I was a little self-conscious with him standing there shirtless talking to my wife. He was very muscular, well defined pecs and arms and a six-pack, and tanned and I noticed that my wife noticed as well.

After he left she commented that he seemed like a really nice guy. The following week, my wife and I went to the pool every afternoon when she got off work and every time Billy would come over and talk with us a little more. Billy who was twenty years old my wife is 26 and I am 25 told us that his girlfriend from back home was coming up over the weekend and wanted to know if my wife and I would go out Free forced bi stories eat with them.

After this comment, as we entered the bathroom, I was ready to show Billy who was boss. The urinal was one long trough, currently occupied on either end. I took the very middle Nipple orgasm stories to show off. I unbuckled my pants and pulled my big floppy cock over the top of my boxers with my hands resting on my hips. He never spoke a word, but he stood almost shoulder to shoulder with me and slowly unbuckled his belt and buttoned his jeans, and flopped out a sausage Funny nudist stories made my steady stream of piss turn into a leaky faucet.

He stood there fully exposed, pissing like a horse with the biggest flaccid dick I had ever seen. Even the men around us stared unashamedly. While I am 6 inches flaccid, I guess that his was probably between inches flaccid. However, the most noticeable thing was his girth. I am only a little above average in girth 5.

The first of three stories from a girl who craves hung daddies

As we walked out of the Pulling a train stories into the air-conditioned movie theatre foyer, Leta was waiting on us with her perky, hard nipples showing through her shirt. Bikerchiki Expert Member.

What I would do to have a husband like that lol. Don't stop there!

After saying bye to Billy Leta and I got in the car. First, I wanted always to have the biggest cock that my wife knew of but even more, I was afraid to tell her because I thought she would demand the terms Bi curious girl stories her competition. His mushroom dwarfed mine.

Author's notes

It looked like a doorknob. Amanda is a very lucky girl. You know, while women like long dicks, like yours, girth is even more important.

Leta just looked shocked. Of course she wanted to know all the juicy details of our moment of comparison at the urinal.

She got a real kick out it when I told her the embarrassment I felt for the first time in my life when I noticed men admiring his cock and paying no attention to mine. That night when we got home Leta was especially horny. While we were having sex she kept saying Free otk spanking stories, so I would push further into her, at one point I pulled her butt towards me and opened her legs as far as I could and pushed all my 8.