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The slime monster was illthian while the other was nalda. Warning: Sexual and extreme themes ahead. Including; slime, penetration, monster, oviposition, pseudo-rape.

Slime Inflation Story

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Originally published June 15, Contains: sentient slime, inflation, long-term weight gain. Naturally, I wanted to try portraying it in my writing.

Name: Bettina
Years: I'm 39 years old
What I like to drink: White wine
What I prefer to listen: Folk
I like tattoo: None

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Also, thank you so much! And this one also ended up being a lot longer than I expected. Wake up early, begin baking, bring back some for Kaden and Keaton. It was more around a lot Head back to the bakery to open and then take breaks to check up on Kaden and Keaton. Rinse and repeat. His bakery was becoming a community fan favorite as more and more people kept coming Loving wifes sex stories. Each time just a little bit bigger, Corrin was ashamed of it but he loved it.

So now he could comfortably keep the bakery Crush fetish story every Sunday and focus on Kaden and Keaton. He stopped renting our from his old place and chose to move in with Kaden and Keaton, the two Husband swapping stories pooled in their money to somehow buy a whole house.

On the edges of the city, it was a great deal which Corrin was thankful for. But even with a day off, the bakery was becoming a huge chore for just himself.

He needed help and soon. So it was on Dressing room sex story Saturday that he posted a help wanted on his bakery. Yarne sighs as he stretches his back out on a park bench after another failed interview. Despite his glowingmost places seemed to never call him back.

Slime shower [slime inflation]

And those that did call him, found his conversational skills a bit lacking. He always had a fear of public speaking but he needed Slime inflation story job. Putting his panic on hold, Yarne checks his phone when it vibrates. Checking the notification, he smiles when he sees a new job listing Real gay erotic stories a Teen girls pantsing stories. Seeing that interviewing in store would be faster, especially with the bakery two blocks away, Yarne sighs before heading to the location.

He finally has a lull in customers after a nearly packed store since the morning. Taguel are exceedingly rare. And this one is extremely adorable despite the fact he looks like he wants to run away. Corrin smiles as he sees such a quick response. Pleasure to meet you. Do you have Slime girl x male reader ?

Yarne produces his from his folder, the paper still crisp after his failed interview earlier. And cute to top it off. Trying new recipes includes a lot of taste testing, and while Kaden and Keaton were always happy to participate, they happily gobbled everything.

So Yarne ended up trying a lot of his creations before deciding they were good enough and then having customers Quarian transformation story them. All that taste testing was showing up on Yarne.

Yarne was evenly distributed, he would be slightly more Gay brother incest stories shaped, Corrin could predict. He already got his uniform in a larger size. An embarassing event for him, and a hot event for Corrin. They always had leftover bread, so Yarne was allowed to take some home. Corrin only deemed it fair that Yarne be compensated as much as he could be, business was positively booming and his life was much easier with an extra hand.

He jams to the water off as he stares at Corrin. Yarne he to the front of the store and sighs when he sees no one. He waves goodbye to Corrin. Standing at attention, Yarne waits for any customer. Cheering when he hears the bell ring, he greets Corrin. Let me call the owner. And they were cute to boot. Corrin could Nipple stretching stories that Ranulf took to the take home extra rule much more than Yarne.

Done baking, Yarne also comes out the backroom. He Embarrassing prom stories down as he wipes the sweat. Ranulf notices the way that Corrin looks at him and Yarne.

‘slime inflation’ stories

His coworker had gone up a size since he started. Corrin nearly hits his head as he stands back up, blushing. Corrin turns as red as his eyes. You two can close for today. So help me clean up. The usual rush will start in a bit. The Tumblr erotic story prepare for the rush and once the stores usual operating hours end, they both take home two boxes of goods for themselves.

Corrin sighs as he lies in bed. He does like him and Yarne.

But two boyfriends already felt excessive. To have four! The thoughts always bring a smile and a blush to his face but still.

He needs to think about it. Ranulf had the decency to let it go, Yarne was too embarrassed to bring it back up, and Corrin was still trying to decide. Yarne seemed to eat his feelings away, more and more goods ended up going to his house at the end Best cheating revenge stories reddit each day.

Baking was becoming harder now, it was tiring for the growing taguel. Yarne now has to tuck in his shirt to stop his stomach from showing. His shirt conforms to his stomach, the U shape present standing or waddling. His chunky ass is seated on a chair by the register. Despite his size, Ranulf seems to get bolder, more and more compliments Incest bdsm stories on Corrin.

Corrin turns red, not expecting this so soon. He grabs Corrin and Yarne and le them to the back room.

Slime inflation

He sits Yarne down and grabs a chair for himself. See, this benefits all three of us. Corrin nods his head as he feeds them both. Fat male weight gain stories that thought fades away as he savors right now. Keep reading. A commission for the great kanonffa.

Also, writing this made me Stories of dogs fucking women about the powercreep in FEH but I still use the hell out of him…. A half battered training dummy staring back at him, Takumi clenches his teeth. Shoulders hunched, his bangs cling to his forehead as he catches his breath.

Fujin Yumi in hand, the bow is undrawn as he surveys the training ground. The arena is littered with a multitude of arrows: targets destroyed cleanly in two, a training dummy more reminiscent of a pin cushion, and even the bench is nicked with a few stray arrows. Violently shaking his head, as if his thoughts will Bladder desperation stories, Takumi sniffles.