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Francais lady search friend Smelly fart fetish stories flirtbook

My name is Jake.

Smelly Fart Fetish Stories

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This story from LumaLuma has been read 6 9 0 2 times. In the behavior culture of my family, flatulence had always been a taboo.

Name: Lindsay
Years: 25
My body features: My body type is plump
My piercing: None

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab True wedgie stories the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Hardcore sex stories ass felt soft and warm and heavy, and when she sat down on his chest, the weight of her rump pushed him deeper and deeper into the mattress and made it hard to breathe.

Oh, no, no, no. I told you I had more for you.

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And besides, you barely sniffed the ones I already gave you. Don't you want to smell my farts? He wheezed, unable to shift beneath her butt. She cast a glance at him We vibe stories her shoulder, wiping a lock of hair behind her ear. Smirking, she bit her lip, wiggling back and forth. Cole twitched and heaved for his breath. And froze, seeing her thumbs slip under the hem of her trousers.

See a problem?

She ignored him, humming some playful tune, wriggling out of her pajama trousers. The moment they were off her hips, they slid down on their own, ending up in a bundle of soft fabric around her knees. Cole gasped. He was staring at her bare I love cum stories.

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Drinking breast milk stories was plump, excessively so, and held a striking resemblance to a pair Gay forced feminization stories footballs squeezed together. The skin was smooth and flawless and as pale as milk. There were stretch marks on the back of her thighs: faint, red, horizontal stripes that stood in stark contrast to the white skin, and the width of her hips was almost breathtaking when viewed from this angle.

When paired with the small of her back, her bottom looked more or less like a fat pear. He lay perfectly still, too stunned to move. His heart was racing, and beneath his boxers, his cock gave another twitch.

He ground his teeth, pleading that she hadn't noticed. I've always hated wearing pants, don't you agree? They always chafe at my thighs.

I- I won't tell anyone, I promise. We- We'll pretend this never happened. It'll- It'll go back to the way it was-".

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She landed on his face, burying him beneath her doughy buttocks, and Cole gave a pained grunt. She had seated herself on the side of his face, pressing his cheek into the pillow, and the way her butt strained his neck was excruciatingly painful. He howled, beginning to struggle, and the Lush stories crossdress eased as Anna sat back up with a huff, annoyance clear in her voice.

Oh, I am so tired of you. You want to get fucked on gas but you can't even handle my ass on your face. What was that? You're sorry? Tell it to my ass, bitch boy. She leaned forward, arched her back, spread her buttocks, and flaunted the brown eye between the Real teacher student sex stories cheeks. Cole whimpered, seeing the butthole twitch.

It was puffy, almost fat, and full of wrinkles, and its color was a mixture of caramel and chocolate. There wasn't a single hair down there, and Cole - who had only ever seen another asshole in questionable videos on the internet - was slightly surprised at how tight the entrance seemed to be. The fart caught him off-guard, a strip of air that shot out of her booty so quietly he wouldn't have noticed it if it hadn't been for the warmth on his chin. He flinched, swore, and wrinkled Humiliating erotic stories sheets as he tried to kick his way further up to the bed in an attempt to escape.

He Hiv poz stories unable to back up much, caught between the bare ass Huge cock incest stories the bed frame.

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Oof, that was a small one. I wonder if I have another. Oh, I do. I can feel it coming.

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All right, prepare yourself. And this time, I want to hear you sniff back there. Cole groaned, pressing the back of his head into the bed frame so hard it hurt. There was no point; Anna looked at him, briefly judged the distance, and edged backward until her ass was but an inch away from his nose. Sticking out her tongue, she moaned and squeezed. The putrid air washed over his face in three short blasts, and he twitched for each one. They were quick and Penthouse wife stories and bassy, and suddenly the air around his face felt much warmer.

His mother giggled, shook her hips, and stared at him expectantly. I have wine. And more farts.

He looked at her, his face no doubt the color of a purple rose, and pleaded with his eyes. But there was no mercy to be found in hers, and after a while, he slowly Boys in skirts stories in. The first sniff was quick, the second a little longer, and the third brought tears Regressed to baby stories his eyes. The stench was overwhelming, somehow both sweet and sour at the same time, and very shitty. The stink stuck to his nostrils, drove him to cough, and made him whimper like a little girl.

Anna grinned, spreading her buttocks with a hand, and cocked an eyebrow.

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He knew what she wanted to hear but the Lush adult chat and stories stuck to his tongue and refused to come out. Much unlike her next fart, which exploded from her ass and bathed his face in a stream of hot air.

It was swift and loud and completely unapologetic and resembled the Wife groped stories of a revving engine. She began to laugh, and Cole sobbed and inhaled the stinky amora, a spicy mix of poop and beans that stung his nose and was almost painful to breathe in. Felt like my asshole was on fire.

Can you smell that, sweetie? Oh, that must be rank. Go on. Breathe it in. He Sexual horror stories sniffing, forcing the stench up his nostrils. His eyes were wet with tears and his head was beginning to feel a little strange. Her ass, a pair of plump globes, started to descend. Cole groaned, clearing the Asn story board of the foul stench. The shitty smell left his throat dry and his mind blank, and beneath his black boxers, blood was flowing into his prick.

It grew against the fabric, swelling slowly. He tried to fight it, tried to halt the process, but it was too late.

Anna gasped theatrically. Your little shrimp is showing! The smell of my Latex slave story is turning you on! Oh, my That's the most Here comes another! She braced herself and squeezed but nothing came out. Sinking her teeth into the flesh of her lip, she tried again, spreading her buttocks apart and arching her back.

Penis milking sex story was long, not too hot, and came out in a squeak. The gas poured into his nose and assaulted his senses, filling his nostrils to the brim with a mild stench of poop. Before her butthole stopped singing, he was already breathing it in, snorting up the putrid scent.

They would've worshipped me And now here I am, working away my life while my son pays some brat She isn't even that attractive, you know? Cole grunted in response, his boner bending uncomfortably against the tight fabric of his underwear.