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Spanked by daddy stories am pick lady that loves figure

I walked into the kitchen and my Daddy had a funny look on his face. Daddy had never made a spanking reference before in all my 19 years.

Spanked By Daddy Stories

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Her father was a strict, old-fashioned disciplinarian. There was no way out. Caught in a lie conspiracy this mother and daughter pair are stripped naked for a hand spanking followed by a sound strapping. I saw what you made Billy do, and Erotic stories of rape heard your nasty threat.

Name: Fianna
How old am I: 27
Gender: Girl
What is my favourite music: Pop
Hobbies: Cooking
My piercing: None

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I knew I was a goner as I soon as I tripped the first time. I landed on the stairs just near the landing and felt two sharp slaps on my ass as my dad caught up to Great dane sex stories. I cried out and went to run again but he grabbed hold of my nightie and I fell on my knees just on the last step. At this point I gave up the futile escape and tensed my ass cheeks for the next two swats that Polyandry sex stories delivered.

Daddy gives me a humiliating spanking [incest] [humiliation]

I did I was told and stuck my ass up and out in a final show of submission hoping for some leniency. My dad responded to this surrender by flipping my nightie up to the middle of my back. Knowing that my dad could see all my holes in what must have been perfect detail caused my nipples to harden Crush fetish story my pussy begin to pulse in time with my elevated heart rate. My breathing quickened and I felt my asshole involuntarily relax as my body prepared for what it thought was going to be a mind blowing fuck.

I wonder if my dad had seen Fallout vault 69 story had just happened.

Daddy gives me a humiliating spanking [incest] [humiliation]

The thought of him seeing my asshole open up for him made my pussy even wetter. I knew this was a natural reaction. I was kneeling on the top stair of my house sticking my naked ass out for Self hanging wedgie stories dad about to let him spank me and was making no attempt to run. I adjusted my knees spreading them a bit wider and then bent my back inwards sticking my ass out as far as I could.

Daddy spanked me

I Dominant shemale story feel my clit swelling with what I had just done. I wonder if my dad knew I had only done that to show complete submission and expose myself as much as possible.

The first spank hit my right cheek and I cried out. As the barrage continued I got progressively louder. We lived in a small apartment and the walls were super thin.

Before long my brother would be coming Femdom ass worship stories to investigate the noise; I wonder if the neighbours could hear? It was the same face I made when my boyfriend was fucking me from behind.

Daddy spanked me

Surely my dad could hear the similarity between my cries and the sounds someone makes when getting nailed. The doorway in the hall opened Gay incest storys and my older brother poked his head out.

He rubbed his eyes and watched as I got my spanking. I made sure we made eye contact for an uncomfortably long time before looking up at the ceiling and crying out.

What was wrong with me? Somehow my brother watching me make these faces was more Spin the bottle sex stories then it would have been had he been able to see my holes.

The increased humiliation drove me to do what I did next. My knees hurt.

Daughter spanked by father

Hurry up! I hurried into my room and took my nightie off before rearranging my pillows against the wall. I lay down on the bed and waited for my dad to come in and stand next to me. My brother was now The hun erotic stories from his door, which was directly opposite mine.

Do you want me like this? In fact, Rob come here and watch from the doorway!

That should teach you a fine lesson. Now spread yourself for me and your brother!

Daughter spanked by father

I smiled inwardly Crossdresser stories erotic I opened my legs up and made a show of biting my lip and looking down as my shaved pussy slowly split open, the lips parting to reveal my pink slit and engorged clit. Rob now much closer shifted his sleeping shorts which had started to tent obviously. I alternated Swinger club stories looking my dad and brother in the eyes and then craning my neck to look down to watch my dad spank me.

This continued for a few minutes before he finally stopped. I brought my legs down but kept them spread open and raised myself on my elbows to look at my dad.

Spanked by daddy

I tensed it openly Femdom forced chastity stories he watched and had to stop myself from laughing as he noticeably grew uncomfortable. The loud wet clicking noises surely the last thing he heard before shutting it completely.

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Spanked by daddy

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