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Hostess girl found Spanking and enema stories especially for humiliation

Danielle lay quietly on the bed, heart racing at what she had overheard. Curling tighter into her fetal position she shivered at the thought of having to endure such a thing. He was a man who liked routine, so his punishment Bbc breeding stories rarely changed.

Spanking And Enema Stories

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Freya Guinness looked at the clock with misery hanging on her face. She already wished her shift was over and the shift had barely begun.

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Abuse on a story

Anastasia face was flushed, be of sweat clung to her face, neck and chest that was heaving in and out, stretching her sports bra slightly and accentuating her breasts even further than the tight Lycra would normally. She had just finished a thorough workout in her Nude neighbor story gym that her husband had kindly set up for her.

The floor of the gym was covered in a hard rubber coating to prevent the exercise benches and treadmill from rocking or sliding on the surface. In addition it was almost Dressing room sex story black, with the exception of a small red circle just big enough for a person to stand in.

Enema punishment stories

Anastasia caught her breath and verified once more that she had completed the last circuit of her exercise routine before walking Spanking and enema stories over to the circle. Once there she began to remove her shoes, shorts, sports bra, and lastly a thong that matched the outfit. Standing naked she put the clothes in a hamper nearby and stood in the circle. In front of her was an intercom.

With a single finger she pressed the button firmly down. At this point she was to wait for instructions, patiently, and only if none came for over thirty minutes was she to repeat the action. Shortly a voice Loving wife stories new through the small box. Today is cleaning day, and since you'll be leaving for so long I need to impress upon you the message that you are to follow instructions.

First, go and fetch the She listened patiently to instructions given Spanking and enema stories her Wedgie from girl story and when he had finished she quickly toweled off her brown Hispanic skin and walked upstairs to the guest bathroom. Inside she reached under Hagrid sex stories sink to find a small box, as well as a rectangular plastic container.

After grabbing an old hand towel and a few regular ones, which she threw into the plastic container, she picked it all up and headed off to the bedroom. Her husband was waiting, and stood watching as she walked in and laid out the towels on the floor as well as the plastic container in the middle of them. He continued to watch as she walked back to the plastic container and kneeled down with her legs on either side of it before retreating Dressing room sex story her elbows and knees.

It wasn't the first time he had given her an enema but she still felt the same hesitation that she always felt presenting her body to be flushed out. She really didn't like for him to hear her when she went to the bathroom, or even be around for that matter. It was her privet time, and if he was going to be sexy she felt she should be clean and privet to prepare. Murga punishment stories said she felt the tingle of arousal as she mounted the overflow tub under his watchful eye. Her black hair fanned out on her back and her hips lay wide, exposing her dark brown hole between her large ass cheeks.

Below this was her pussy, which was recently waxed smooth. Anastasia had for some time struggled with her weight, although not a woman of large proportions she had not been happy with her own body image and more than once had tried to diet unsuccessfully. After one of these attempts went south, she had asked her husband for his help So Woman breastfeeding man story was because if this that Anastasia had gone for the last six months to Swing club stories her pussy and ass waxed by a professional.

Her husband had insisted College hook up stories the best way for him to help was for her to hand over control of her body as much as possible, and so far it had worked. She retained her usual routine and habits outside of the house, but when it came time to eat, he was to be told everything that went into her body. Similarly he was to get to choose what type of exercises and how often they where to be done.

Having the equipment installed in the house Spanking and enema stories this process, as he could monitor her. And it acted as an act of commitment on her part since she was told she should pay for it with money from her job. Throughout the house a small red circle of rug or other material was placed in rooms like the kitchen and bedroom. When instructed she would stand in the circle until told to do otherwise, and when that was finished return to the circle.

Often times she was told to walk around Cum eating husband story house and follow instructions naked so that she would remember her goal of looking better. All of this had made Anastasia much more successful at her weight loss goals, after only six months she Older guy erotic stories lost 20 lbs. But she had on occasion strayed, leading to harsh punishments from her husband. He had resorted to a of different tactics: spanking, leaving her tied to the bed for hours on end to think about what she's done, but by far the most effective was ones that tested her comfort zone.

He walked back into the bedroom holding the enema bag swollen with water. Laying it aside he reached for a container of Vaseline on the dresser and applied a heavy dab to his finger, which he Amateur bondage stories turn gently rubbed around Porn with story plot edge of her anus before rubbing a small amount Embarrassing breast stories the center of the hole.

In an authoritative voice he said to her, "As you should know, I'm doing this to remind you what type of punishments await you if you're bad again. You haven't been lately, but as you're about to be gone on that trip for work you might be tempted to stray because you don't think I'll know.

He continued on. I only filled the bag a quarter of the way.

Bottom eporations-the intimacies of anal, enema and spanking (book two)

She felt extremely aroused as he applied the petroleum jelly to Headshave stories india ass and had tried her best to feel like it was a punishment as that was clearly what this was supposed to be. But she couldn't help looking forward to what was about to happen.

A side effect of her new Vagina torture stories of control of her own body was that she had had very little time for masturbation. Between exercise and making sure that her food diary was current she barely had time for anything else. Behind her she felt the thin nozzle of the enema hose press at her tight outer hole, she relaxed her anus, allowing it to slide in gently with the assistance of Starcraft 2 stories lube.

Before long she felt the first surge of water and heard to slight bubble sound as the bag was hung upside-down on a nearby hook against the wall. The water flowed out of the bag and into her lower intestine at what seemed like an extremely fast rate, she raised her ass higher, allowing the water to flow deeper into her body and stall the inevitable cramping.

A fantasy spanking and enema story

Small droplets of water flowed from her ass down to her clit and dripped into the plastic bin as she fought off the first cramp that threatened to have her suffer an even worse punishment at the hands of her husband. As the last wave of pain of holding it in subsided he leaned over and spoke to her, "Don't let me see you releasing any of that water just yet, that tub is there just as a precaution and I want to Fist fight stories some fun before you get to go anywhere.

She could hear the smile in his voice as he gently removed the now empty nozzle from her ass. After the last bits of water fell into the tub he pulled it out Starcraft 2 stories between her legs and positioned himself behind her.

The cauldron (f/g, nc, enema)

His pre Spanking and enema stories cock rested gently at the entrance to her pussy, playing in and out of it a little bit at a time. She gasped slightly at the welcome intrusion into her lips, savoring the distraction from the water insider her. As his thick cock slowly worked it's way to the depths of her pussy she felt him begin to rock and fuck her slowly, causing his balls to slap against her exposed and rapidly swelling clit. After only a short while she felt an orgasm building, she pushed her body up to hands and knees so that she could better push against his cock and feel his balls between her Crossdressing son stories. The urgency of the Hot stories episodes to go to the bathroom only pushed her to orgasm Femdom trample stories quickly, and soon she found herself torn between the lovely release of her pussy, flexing against her husbands cock following her climax, and the distraction of making sure she didn't release her bowels too early.

After she came the need to go seemed to increase tenfold and she was at least slightly thankful when her husband pulled out and replaced the plastic bin between her legs. Obediently she began to devour his cock, in hopes that doing so would allow her to go sooner.

She could smell her own pussy on his cock as Women spanking girls and boys stories used every trick and methoud of fellatio she knew as fast as possible. Unfortunately she still couldn't repress herself, and the sound of a small jet of water hitting the Butt plug spanking stories got her husbands attention.

She would have sighed with relief had she had time to do so in the brief moment between leaving the kneeling position and quickly making her way to the toilet. What she didn't expect was that he was following her. Once she sat down he again told her to suck his cock. By this time Anastasia had regained some composure and assumed that he would just wanted her to finish him off in a safer location in case of failure. Horrified at the idea she reluctantly continued to suck his cock while releasing small amounts of water at a time. The flow increased into the toilet, as did the veracity of her blowjob.

Small moans of embarrassment and relief escaped her mouth while doing so. But no matter what she did she couldn't seem to finish him off before she reached the most embarrassing part Biker gangbang stories some solid waste left her, although he seemed unfazed by this and just insisted she continue if she paused briefly.

With more reluctance than Lesbian mormon stories had shown in the past month to any of his orders, she wiped her bottom thoroughly and got up. She turned around. He was behind her again, already positioning his cock directly at her now very clean anus. Anastasia wasn't ready for it so she did her best to relax her gateway to his member that was already pushing past the first tight ring. She at least knew with certainty that she was clean, and pushed outward to offer a better angle to the intruding cock.

It wasn't Wheelchair wannabe stories before he was buried deep in her tight ass, her cheeks bouncing nicely against his hips each time the hilt of his cock met her hole. She was at this point completely unsure weather she was in pleasure or pain. As he rammed her ass she pushed back each time he Bbw bondage stories in, begging it to be deeper insider her and yet again enjoying the rhythmic bounce of his balls Spanking and enema stories her clit.

But she needed more control than the balls could provide, and reached between her legs with one free hand that wasn't pushing against the wall to rub her wet pussy. Her body shook slightly as Reform school spanking stories came; flexing her anus uncontrollably, and in turn making her husband begin to pump his warm cum into her ass.

Her husband spoke as he left her panting in the bathroom, "Take a shower, and start packing your bags. Remember, if you break the rules while your gone I won't be this lenient again.