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I am hunt for lady Spanking party stories wants crossdresser

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Spanking Party Stories

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Name: Clovis
Years: 25
Sexual identity: I prefer guy
My figure features: My body type is plump
Music: Folk

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This was likely the most difficult contest judging to date. I Md/lg stories you enjoy it, and all the rest, as much as I have. I got out of my car, collected my purse and workday tote bag, and walked toward the steps to my second-floor apartment, pointing the remote behind Stories extramarital affairs to lock the car.

I unlocked Ronda rousey sex stories mailbox, retrieved my mail, and started up the stairs. I paused, turned, and saw Sandra Barnes, my three-doors-down neighbor, who was climbing the stairs a few steps behind me. Just the thing to wind down from a hectic week. I reached the top of the steps and looked Slut teacher stories at her.

Sandra paused. Sandra cocked her head and looked away for a moment, her brow knit in concentration. A smile played at the corners of her mouth as she again looked in my direction.

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Come over to my place for a minute. I followed as she walked to her door. Unlocking it, she invited me in. Want some tea?

Ellee gets spanked

She opened the refrigerator door and reached for a pitcher Erotic drowning stories the most refreshing beverage on earth, setting it on the counter. She took two large tumblers from the cupboard, added ice from the freezer bin, and filled the glasses with tea, setting one in front Tied up naked stories me and the other across the table.

She returned the pitcher to the fridge and sat down. As before, Sandra hesitated, evidencing the same suggestion of a smile, but her gaze was steady. Some of them spank, some get spanked, and some do both. Some people, especially new ones, do neither. I realized my jaw was nearly on my chest. I mean, people besides me?

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Now it was Nurse handjob stories turn to stare. As close as we were, as much as we knew about each other, she was as surprised as I was.

I like to be whipped. Spanked, you call it. It was kinda rough, but I wanted it. Hair perm stories I liked it. It was not a game. It was consensual, but not sensual.

Sandra brought me back to the present.

Sandra smiled an acknowledgement of the pun. We do this because we enjoy it. Bottoms enjoy getting spanked, and Tops enjoy spanking them. If it gets unpleasant, the Bottom says so, and the American dad porn story changes tactics. Either that or the Top is asked to leave. Well actually, told to leave. You can just be an observer. Sandra laughed. This group meets at the home of some members, a married couple.

More like a mansion, really. This house has eight bedrooms, six bathrooms, two large living rooms, and the usual den, dining room, kitchen, etc. And My nudist story four-car garage and ten acres.

And indoor and outdoor swimming pools, one of each. I was amazed. That sounds like quite a mansion, all right. What do I do? You go shower and get something to eat if you want to. Either way, brush your teeth. Be back at 7 and we can ride together, or you can follow me. The party lasts till 2 in the morning, but I usually leave about Oh, and just wear something vanilla. Sandra laughed again, this time Really need to pee stories my lack of knowledge.

Not a costume or anything suggesting spanking.

Flashing her panties to the boys

I walked the thirty-odd steps to my apartment, thoughts spinning Bladder desperation stories in my mind like it was a blender. Okay, Randy. What have you gotten yourself into this time?

Well, she said I could just observe. What did she call it? Yeah, an hour ago, and a year ago, and twenty years ago. I unlocked Bdsm breeding stories apartment door and went in, relocking the door behind me.

I parked my tote bag and purse in their usual places and headed for the Wetting pants story, kicking off my shoes. A long, satisfying drink of tea went a long way toward slaking my thirst. I padded around in socks, shedding an article of clothing every few steps.

These I gathered up and tossed into the dirty-clothes basket in the corner. I stopped in front of the closet, whose doors were always open unless company was coming, and gazed at my wardrobe. How about dark slacks and a casual top? Yeah, that would be fine. I reached for hangers containing navy pants and a blue and white Forced crossdress story shirt with a straight hem and hung them on a hook on the bathroom door.

I went to my bureau and opened the underwear drawer. But if I change my mind, Car cranking stories I going to undress? Will I keep my panties on?

Should I choose attractive undies? Will anyone care? Probably not. I took panties, a bra, and socks from the drawer and laid them on top of the bureau. Then I went into the bathroom, Lesbian stripper stories to turn on the shower, and stripped off my remaining garments. Checking that the water was warm, I stepped into the back of the tub and closed the sliding door.

I quickly scrubbed all over, using the bath brush on my back. Turning under the shower head to rinse off the residual soap, I contemplated what the Making love stories romantic night would be like, noting that my body was already intrigued by the idea of a whipping.

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I turned off the water and slid the door open, pulling a towel from the towel bar on the outside of the door. I took the shower cap off and shook it, replaced it on its hook, and stepped out onto the bath mat. I dried off, hung the towel back on its bar, and went into the bedroom. After the warm shower, another swallow of tea cooled and refreshed me. I put on the undergarments and Butch lesbian sex stories I had selected.