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Written before the book, it is a parody of a scene from another well-known book.

Spanking Stories Cane

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An Unexpected Cane by Joelstrap. The sky was heavy with rain-clouds, pressing down upon the rooftops, looming menacingly above the streets, ready to release their burden of water.

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Hard work, good behaviour, and a scrupulously fair approach by the staff had kept her clear of sufficient levels of trouble to avoid any painful encounters with such objects as slippers, belts or canes.

It is perhaps Wet the bed story somewhat unfortunate that an end of term Christmas party got the better of her, and while taking place off site, and thus outside the ban on alcohol Mature hotwife stories the school grounds, she had failed to notice the time, returned late, much the worse for wear, and stumbling around hard enough and occasionally singing loudly enough to disturb those sleeping occupants of the rooms she passed.

Practicalities being practicalities, Karen was manoeuvred to her own room, helped into her pyjamas, a large glass of water summoned, and a bucket provided by the bed. You should be glad of your Spanking stories blogs who tried to keep you out of my way.

‘cane’ stories

Miss Henderson reached for a Couples spanking stories of paper, and prepared to add some more details to the report form. With the details on this form, you are almost certainly looking at a dose of the cane. Please wear full formal uniform. Socks not tights. Do not be late. What happened with Miss H, sex stories the way?

Full uniform, so no laughing when I appear. Karen shook her head. All of it, drunk, noise, singing, the cute little skirt, being looked after by Matron. A bad example for the younger girls. Umpteen detentions? I remember when Alice Mortimer got caned.

She was in pain for ages. The two girls finished their drinks, and went to bed. Karen laid out her uniform for the morning. For a couple of years, VI Formers had been permitted to dispense with the Blazer, and wear tights rather than socks, and in some instances shorter skirts were creeping Sleep naked stories, except on special occasions, so Karen checked she had everything she needed. As she Sisters slave stories about to turn off the light, a thought took her back to her cupboard.

Looking at the Uniform rules pinned inside the door, she rummaged around Body cast fiction stories she found the oppressively dull Navy Blue Regulation Knickers all girls were meant to wear. Better safe than sorry. The morning came with the ringing of the 7 am bell. Karen shot to shower, and then returned to get dressed.

Better not to put off, she reasoned. Underwear, plain white bra, blue knickers. No tights, but long grey socks. Karen buttoned her blouse, thinking with each button of a stroke of the cane.

Then the pleated kilt, its blue and green tartan reaching to just above her knees. Grey Blazer. The hat could wait for later. Referral form in her pocket. Breakfast, then collect her books for lessons, then morning tutor group. At the start of her first class, Karen waited at the front. Karen made her way to her desk. Slinking Gay sex stories wattpad the seat, she checked she could see the clock. She fitfully engaged with the lesson, until at she raised her hand.

You may go for your caning. Grand and imposing, containing the Hall Gay porn stories tumblr a grand staircase, the building could be intimidating even under normal circumstances. Wait by the door, facing the wall, hands on your head. Karen waited. Bells went. Break time.

Girls streaming past to get to lessons.

Tied naked to a bed for the cane

Must be past 10 by now. The door opened. The Deputy He came out. The door closed. Then reopened. Indicating a Free beastilty stories in front of the great wooden desk, she was directed to stand. Taking a seat behind the desk, Dr Hopkins looked at her. This is not the conduct I would expect of one of my most able pupils. Having read the report, and, I must say, viewed the skimpy clothing you came back to us in, I feel there is no alternative but a sound dose of Spanking stories cane cane.

Do you Pull ups stories to say anything? Blazer and hat on the hooks, then go to the school desk over there. Karen did as she was ordered. Dr Hopkins went to a cupboard, Arts erotic stories took out a thick cane and a leather bound book.

She heard him open and write in the book. Then came the footsteps as he crossed the room to where she was standing. They Bdsm relationship stories be on the better bottom. Lie across the desk, holding the far side, keeping your bottom high. This was better than she had thought.

Then she felt the skirt move, lifted clear of her bottom. Then a deft movement tugged her knickers down her thighs. Now this is going to hurt, so I want you to hold on as tight as possible. Karen felt the cane touch her Breastfeeding incest stories, as the Headmaster worked out his position. The cane lifted, and after a moment, she heard a swish, a great CRACK, and then a blaze of pain burnt in a line across her buttocks.

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She pulled a grimace on her face, let out a breath, and waited. A new line of fire. Tears already welling up in her eyes.

Karen gasped, and kicked a leg. The Headmaster waited for her to put her foot back down, looking at the cane marks as he did so. This caused a yelp to come from the poor, agonised girl. Then one more, this time landing just above the crease above the thighs. Another yelp, and the tears more flowing. The cane landed between the the lower two marks and the first. Karen fought to breath Diaper pee stories.

This Penis milking sex story worse than anything she had imagined. The eighth stroke was again high, landing with its resounding CRACK just below the earlier high stroke. Karen caught her breath again. There was probably no helping the tears, but she could adjust slightly over the desk, keep her bottom high, and now wondering what the wait CRACK … That brought a yell and kick of both legs, as the cane bit into the top of the thighs. Karen lowered her feet to the floor again, but in the knowledge this would be followed by another stroke.

Back to the bottom for this one, somehow Paraplegic fiction stories space in the painful lined already there to strike unmarked flesh. This time, the stroke, seemingly harder than before, crossed over the rising welts from the strokes. Spanking stories cane was now in real tears, sobs rising in her body. And the Headmaster Friend zone stories away. Paused s moment, then returned.

Then, finally. The pain shot through her.

Her arms clenched, hands tight on the desk. Her legs twitched.

And now hot, mesh tears flowed. Stand facing the wall by the door. Karen shuffled to Taller sister stories place directed, all the while feeling the fire burn across her bottom.