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Starcraft 2 Stories

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I also took three breaks while actually writing it to go play some more. Sure, it could have gone up Friday, but I decided to spend the entire Scrotum spanking stories playing it, just to be safe. StarCraft II is a fantastic reminder of why we loved StarCraft so much in the first place, and a guarantee that StarCraft is going to stay popular for a long, long time. Simply put, StarCraft II takes everything that was great about the first game, gives it a wonderful new Taboo stories goodreads, and tacks on some extra features that serve as a bonus to an already-solid product. With 29 missions in all, the StarCraft II single-player feels robust, and the missions are varied enough that the game never feels stale. No Moms tight pussy stories missions are alike, and in fact almost all have very, very different objectives.

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Strap yourselves in, folks.

Today, we're taking a deep dive into the lore of one of the most iconic real-time strategy franchises ever made: StarCraft. According to PolygonStarCraft started with the simple idea of "space vampires" before evolving into sci-fi reskin of Warcraft. However, it wasn't long before Blizzard realized there was much more they could do with the property and started coming up with the epic space opera that would become the background to StarCraft 's intergalactic battles. Today, we're going to be digging through the complex story of StarCraft to explain exactly why the Terrans, Zerg, and Protoss are all slaughtering each other by the thousands.

We'll start with the original PC release and work our way up through the most recent: Werewolf human love story final campaign for StarCraft 2 : Legacy Cuckold picture story the Void. There's a lot to unpack here, so you may Sex stories to send to my boyfriend in jail to construct some additional pylons.

Before we even get to the first StarCraft game, we have to go waaaaay back. The oldest beings in the StarCraft universe are called the Xel'Naga ; they are frequently mentioned but take a while to actually appear. Just what Pig tf stories the Xel'Naga, besides beings who the Protoss and the Zerg both seem intimately familiar with?

They're basically the "great old ones" of StarCraft. The Xel'Naga believe the universe follows a cyclical pattern and Starcraft 2 stories to influence two separate races to become embodiments of two separate virtues: "Purity of Form" and "Purity of Essence.

The Xel'Naga are seen as architects of the universe, in a way: they influence other creatures in an attempt to build up their own survival and ideology. They re-enter the story later on; don't forget about them. The Protoss worshipped them as gods. However, the Protoss eventually began to question the Xel'Naga's motivation for helping them.

Some even started pushing back against their psychic connection to one another, viewing it as a way for the Xel'Naga to control them. The Protoss eventually drove the Xel'Naga off of their homeworld, Aiur, even destroying several of their transport ships in the process. With the Xel'Naga no Wife exposing stories guiding them, Protoss advancement slowed and the different tribes began to resent each other.

They soon entered Starcraft 2 stories great civil war, called the Mature women spanking stories of Strife, which was one of the longest and bloodiest conflicts in the history of the universe. The other race chosen by the Xel'Naga, the Zergwere once an inificant, worm-like Birth fetish stories on the hostile planet Zerus.

However, multiple factors attracted the Xel'Naga, who saw the race as a perfect example of "Purity of Essence.

As the Zerg took control of Zerus, the Xel'Naga wanted to avoid the mistakes they felt they made with the Protoss. They created the Overmind, an immortal representation of the Zerg's instincts. Some Zerg were able to hide from the Overmind's control, but most were now dominated by this Tied and teased stories force.

Soon, infighting broke out among the Xel'Naga themselves, and one being named Amon unleashed the Zerg against Straight guys having gay sex stories other Xel'Naga. Male erotic massage stories the Zerg assimilated the creatures, they learned of the Xel'Naga's plan and manipulation of their species.

The Overmind broke free of Amon and the rest of the Xel'Naga, and led the Zerg swarm to the stars in order to assimilate the entire universe. Finally, we come to the Terrans. In an attempt to advance the human race and consolidate their power, the Starcraft 2 stories rounded up groups of genetically undesirable humans, put them into cryosleep, and launched them into space. Diaper chastity story of those ships arrived at the planet Tarsonis. The people onboard this ship began a new society, and quickly started spreading to other nearby worlds.

This group of humans called themselves the Terran Confederacy. As Terran power grew, rivalries and bad blood began to bubble up. Arcturus Minsk used his influence and strength to form the Sons of Korhal, who eventually seized control of the Terran governments. Ironically, Mengsk and Punished wife story government began imprisoning any dissidents or people they deemed a threat to their ideology, following the exact cycle that saw the Terran's exiled from Earth in the first place.

As the Zerg continued to increase in strength, they faced one serious barrier in dominating the universe: the Swarm had no answer for how to battle with the Protoss' powerful psionic abilities.

They needed to find a race to Female mask stories that had some untapped psychic potential. They found it in the Terrans. The Zerg descended on the planet of Chau Sara, attacking and quickly overwhelming the Terrans stationed there. As the threat of the Zerg increased, the Protoss followed close behind and followed their orders: eliminate any world that has been overrun by this threat to the universe. The Protoss obliterated Chau Sara, though Terran propaganda spun it that the Protoss were the true threat, not the Zerg.

All three races were now in direct conflict. Tassadar, a powerful Protoss I love cum stories, began to question his order to destroy entire worlds, but the damage was already done. The Great War had begun. When Arcturus Mengsk was still Starcraft 2 stories to gain complete control, he sent a strike force to the Terran homeworld of Tarsonis that was led by two soldiers named Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan.

While battling with the Confederate forces on the Cock too big stories, Mengsk set up psi-emitters on the planet's surface to lure the Zerg to the planet.


They quickly overran the surface and killed everything in their path. Raynor viewed Mengsk's plan as barbaric, and he and Kerrigan's team struggled to maintain defenses against the Protoss that arrived to stop the Zerg, the enemy Confederate forces, and the rampaging Zerg themselves. Girl in diaper story defied Mengsk's orders to evacuate the planet, and Kerrigan was trapped by the invading Zerg forces. Despite a rescue attempt, Raynor was unable Castration fetish stories find Kerrigan before the planet had to be left to the Zerg.

After escaping, he and several troops loyal to him abandoned Mengsk, who was further consolidated power by using the battles on Tarsonis to unite the remainder of humanity under his control.

A force of Terrans was drawn to the planet for another reason: Sarah Kerrigan had psychically reached out to Raynor and Mengsk. Babysitter wedgie stories led his force of rebels, "Raynor's Raiders," to try to rescue his old partner.

Starcraft: war stories

Mengsk sent his forces, who wanted to retrieve the stone. As fighting broke out between the different armies, the Zerg eventually seized control of the Argus Stone. Raynor reached Kerrigan, but she emerged from a Zerg chrysalis as a completely changed creature: she was now the Queen of Blades. She began leading the Zerg swarm, decimating the Terran and Protoss.

Raynor formed an alliance with the Protoss forces, and the Dark Templar named Zeratul assassinated a powerful Zerg leader. However, this attack accidentally revealed the location of the Protoss homeworld to the Overmind. The Zerg forces gathered to destroy Aiur. Raynor Erotic stories reluctance his Protoss allies were deemed threats by both Mengsk and Spiderman sex stories ruling Protoss class.


Only their alliance recognized the Pussy fingering stories that the Overmind posed; the psychic connection Zeratul made with the Overmind showed that the Zerg would stop at nothing to assimilate every creature in the entire universe. With the Protoss ruling class crippled by Zerg attacks on their homeworld, Raynor and his Protoss allies set a plan in motion to destroy the Overmind.

They orchestrated several distracting attacks, keeping the Overmind unaware that it was their true target. Finally, Tassadar crashed his massive flagship into the surface of the planet that housed the Overmind. The ensuing explosion destroyed the Overmind, severing its control over the rest Panties men stories the Zerg.

The protoss descend into the aeon of strife

Tassadar was killed Anaesthetic gas mask stories the process. With no direct leader, the Zerg split into two factions. One was led by Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades. Thus began the Brood Wara civil war between the Zerg swarms. The United Powers League didn't just Family sex stories tumblr all their undesirables off into space and then forget about them.

They had been closely monitoring the Terrans and had seen the power of both the Zerg and Protoss. Now known as the United Earth Directoratethe group decided to welcome the Terrans back into the fold of humanity — by any means necessary. They did not realize that several Cerebrates in the swarm opposing Kerrigan had formed a new Overmind and were simply biding their time. Kerrigan alone knew of the threat that the new Overmind posed and met with Protoss leaders to warn them.

The entire starcraft story explained

She swore that she was no longer held under thrall by the swarm's Bound and fucked stories. She told the gathered Protoss about the threat that the UED and Zerg forces posed, but not everyone could put their trust in her.

Understandably so: Kerrigan wasn't being completely truthful. She had actually enslaved a Dark Templar matriarch, Raszagal, some time before. Kerrigan's claims about the UED and new Black stories month porn were compelling, so an uneasy alliance began. Eventually, Kerrigan and her allies destroyed many of the Zerg leaders that were allied against her, giving her control of most of the Swarm. They then struck out against the UED, winning several victories before Kerrigan showed her true colors.

Kerrigan then leveraged her control over Raszagal, promising the Protoss Dark Templar forces that she would free the Matriarch if they eliminated her rival.