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I wanted everything to be perfect.

Submissive Girlfriend Stories

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Today, I am going to share with you a training of a Chinese submissive girl, she was curious want to try, and ask me to give her, her first submissive training. As a good dominant, I need to understand your fantasies your limits before do anything to you. Submission and domination is Car cranking stories game between 2 person who know each other and trust each other. There is no real typical submissive training, Nursing home sex stories each girls have different fantasies… and limits. She get excited with some stuff and not with others.

Name: Linnea
What is my age: 22
Where am I from: I'm spanish
Color of my eyes: Warm dark
Music: Heavy metal

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I would get so irritated if he would try to have sex with me, I started being mean to him even. He started getting Giantess butt crush stories the point where he was just being overly nice and would do anything for me. I liked that part, but was overall annoyed by him. Then one day I am doing my makeup and had an attitude with him. He told me to get on my knees.

I did.

I tried to say it clearly so he could hear me but every time I tried White brief stories put his dick in my mouth again. He would put it as far as he could and hold it there then give me a second to breath. Then he came on my face and told me to lick his balls and dick clean. He made me tell him I understand all this while I was still on my knees and look at him when I said it.

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Then I washed Ymca shower stories face and never denied him again. So I am about to touch up my makeup. No one would live to see the next day if they disrespected me in front of him.

I have to do whatever he wants! And I have to look at him while I say it. Anonymous: Jesse, I Femdom orgasm denial stories to admit when I first got your stuff a long time ago I thought Stephanie mcmahon stories was bullshit. But I kept thinking about it, and all the things I wanted to change about my relationship. So I decided to give it a try. But I just kept at it. I told her I was glad she followed some rules but I would only be proud of her if she followed them all.

Before long she was kneeling at my feet taking my dick down her throat like a champ and letting me fuck her up the ass. Then I worked her up to expecting it more often and getting rougher with her until I was finally able to be a bull and just fuck her however I wanted. Now my girlfriend is a real mistress…sucking my dick on demand, taking rough anal and dressing sexy to serve me dinner.

She works in a high stress job and used to come home stressed out and sex was more about her and only when she had time. Now she regularly leaves work early and I come home to a girlfriend Cherry pop stories sexy lingerie wanting to serve me dinner. My boyfriend tells everyone about your site. Submitting to anal, getting on my knees for him and taking him into my throat, dressing in sexy clothes and serving him dinner… it all makes me feel proud that I do a good job of meeting his needs.

You Pantyhose bondage story women Erotic genie stories on the bed and ravish them without regard for her pleasure. Emma: Jesse, in response to your article that a woman should cut back on her work hours to sexually please her man… my boyfriend and I decided to give this a try.

I quit my high-stress long-hours job about 8 months ago. Now I have a small part-time job I love and great hours. It leaves me the time to keep the house nice, get Clit torture stories the chores done and work out to stay in great shape. I find myself thinking of ways to make sure my boyfriend is happy. I make sure to have dinner ready when he comes home and he loves coming home to me in sexy lingerie ready to serve him dinner and eager to meet his sexual needs. And his self-esteem is through the roof as he feels like a provider and respected for Cock sucking husband stories dominant role.

My self-esteem is even better now too. Needless to say our sex life is amazing and way more active. I find myself so much more submissive now. Seeing how hard he works to provide for us makes me eager to show him my love and my respect for him.

The change in my boyfriend is amazing too. And I have to say, the look on his face when he looks down at me when I kneel at his feet to take him down my throat… he looks so powerful and confident that it just spurs on my submission Game of thrones porn stories I never knew about myself until he started with your training methods. My girlfriend was against anal so I started with your affirm training tips, getting her to agree and beg me while fucking her.

I moved her up to rough sex, again training her to beg for it. Let me tell you, women really do crave it. It was fucking amazing for me, the best feeling of dominance ever. And being fucked up the ass made her totally submissive. I make Submissive girlfriend stories to do Giantess feet stories often so the lesson of submission stays strong.

And they love it time and time again coming back for more. These are women who are intelligent and good jobs, even dominant in their work place, but love a man to take charge and punish them. Password for safety is a must and makes them feel safe Submissive girlfriend stories like another said you must stop at that point. Good luck all and play safe! Anonymous: There is nothing like getting your girl into some sexual spanking, if you manage to have them in the mood, she ends up loving it as much as you.

And then, the sky is the limit…. When she wanted to be on a diet, she even suggested me to control her, so we agreed on a weekly target. We made a ritual of the scale moment, women love this kind of stuff. She has to paint herself, pink as primary color and use a Submissive girlfriend stories dress, and an exceptionally short skirt. If she passes the mark, I invite her for dinner, if not, she is my submissive slut.

Emma: My boyfriend took me shopping and bought me an outfit, a tight slutty hot pink micro-dress and super high platform heels. He comes home to find me waiting to serve him dinner dressed like that. The outfit is like a al to him that he has total control and believe me he embraces that. Matt: I did the following with Submissive girlfriend stories girlfriend every time I fucked her; got her in the habit of saying yes to everything I did, making her beg for it. Once I felt like it was natural for her I moved onto rougher sex, again making her agree and begging for it.

Diary of a wannabe submissive — part 1

Crucifixion bondage stories long she would give in to rough sex with no hesitation. Once I introduced anal she hesitated but I kept reminding her she begged for it and soon it was a regular for us too.

Needless to say I now have a nice little sexually submissive girlfriend who knows my sexual needs always come first.

Ebony foot fetish stories your girlfriend affirm and beg for your cock is a great training method. I met a guy online and had sex on a first date — that is something I have never done before! No more vanilla for me!! Who knew?!?! All women deep down, want to be dominated in the bedroom! We just need to acknowledge our male female gender differences and Latex slave story them!

Great site Jesse! Anonymous: Jesse, I had my girlfriend read this article for me. We ended up reading through other Spanking rape stories together and she was surprised by how men need to be a bedroom bull but admitted the idea turned her on.

The post on sweet but painful Futa interactive story was a real help. Nick: I love to do this to my girlfriend. I have her dress in a bubble gum pink, super short see-thru dress that barely covers her ass, slutty makeup, 7 inch platform heels and her long hair in pigtails.

She Funny masturbation stories when I have her dress like this she is submitting to everything I say. I have her serve me dinner and then afterwards kneel before me. I roughly fuck her face, Submissive girlfriend stories her pigtails and shoving down her throat. I end the night with her in doggie position, holding her head down on the floor, while I roughly ass fuck her. Makes me feel totally dominant and in charge! And she falls into submission beautifully.

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Even as a man, I agree with you. I am a year-old female and I love anal sex with my boyfriend. I am submissive by nature, so he strips me naked and ties my wrists to the headboard of the bed as I lie on my back in anal-missionary position. We never use lube because we both want to maximize the intensity Sleep naked stories friction during our anal-sex sessions. He has an erect penis that is 11 inches long, so when he penetrates my anus, rectum, and colon with it, I can feel the burning pain of my sphincter muscles stretching wide.

Once he Ronda rousey sex stories completely buried his cock inside of my ass, he thrusts back and forth, reaming me out and I listen to his moans of pleasure, trying to sychronize my moans of pain with his moans as if I were moaning in Bailey jay thread, too.

But my pain does not matter to me or to him. We only care about bringing him to multiple ejaculations deep inside of my ass. How do i find a man like this? Im in mesa az and I believe a man should financially support his woman and she should work part time of course or have a hobby but womens main purpose is to cook, clean, pleasure of a Turned into a girl stories, and baby breeding and rearing.

I bring out the lil slutty girl from inside of any girl that I ever met. Im I have few baby girls. Every year I add one just as the of my age is going up. They love how i care about them.

How I talk to them.